Moving with a dog

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Moving means usually do a lot in a short time. If you have a dog, you also think in advance about how you will approach it during the move. The dog have with you when jobs can for both the owner and the dog cause dangerous situations. In this article you can read more about moving with a dog.

All think the dog upon purchase

If you already have a dog and you move, you think immediately about the situation for the dog. For example, you can look for dog or:
  • there are enough uitlaatstroken
  • you can let your dog run loose at an appropriate distance
  • there is an outdoor area is present
  • the house is large enough
  • there are many stairs in the house

If you are in a new neighborhood is going to look, you might start a conversation with a dog owner. So you can be right out how suitable other people with dogs around and find where there are good walking areas.
Once you have a dog, you can also look at the establishment. Thus, it is not advisable for the joints of dogs to take a parquet floor.

The day of the move

On the day of the move itself, you can bring the dog is best for someone who can fit even on the dog. During the move itself will be in one house because probably not much more and be in the new house should be classified all yet again. The dog will hereby else can get in the way and in the process it may be dangerous for the dog. Perhaps it is even useful to consider whether he / she can stay a few days so you can safely jobs.

Dog stuff

To the dog as quickly as possible to get used to his new environment, you can take stuff with the smell of the old house. His own basket will be familiar to the dog, as well as his own toys. Feed him at the same time as you did that normal always. Try to keep it as much as possible just so that the outside of the house and the surroundings are not too many changes for the dog.

Just let the dog

The dog will probably be a new environment does not make such a point as long as you're there. Finally comes the dog more often with the boss to unknown places and likely nothing to give them. Once the dog for the first time in the house leaves only can it be that he will react differently than in the previous house. Then let the dog in the first place if it could be a few days, not only so the house feels more like home.
Building on the only possible again as the dog as a puppy has learned to be alone. All dogs are obviously different, one dog will be easier to deal with a move like the other. If you have multiple dogs will get used probably be easier because the dog is not quite alone in a new house.