Museumkaart / museum pass: affordable art and onions

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Go to a museum, most people do most when they are on vacation in another city or abroad. With the Museum go to one of the more than 400 museums in the Netherlands. Viewing art, learning about science and technology, a fun outing with the kids or some culture and history sniffing.
  • The Museum, formerly Museum Year, what is it?
  • What does the Museum and what costs more than a museum visit?
  • More than art: also open-air museums, activities and science
  • Unknown art know
  • Have something to say and stay informed
  • Exhibition view partly, next time again
  • Free getaway: on the bike to the museum, food and drinks
  • Incentive often go to a museum
  • Even more unusual 'museum'
  • Castles and palaces
  • Gift giving
  • For children: activities and gain knowledge

The Museum, formerly Museum Year, what is it?

Art comes in all types, from prehistoric to contemporary, and everything in between. Something for everyone, you might say, or: for each museum. However, not cheap in the Netherlands, a museum visit. An entrance fee is quickly towards the 15 euro each time. Unlike many other countries, where museums are firmer subsidized and thus provide much cheaper access. It's no different, fortunately there is the Museum. This card is issued by the Foundation Museum Pass offers free entry to many of its member museums.
The Museum is still known under the name Museumjaarkaart, although that name as is officially no longer used since 2003. Also abbreviated to CSA: Foundation Museumkaart, MJK: Museumjaarkaart or MK: Museumkaart.
Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

What does the Museum and what costs more than a museum visit?

The more than 400 member museums usually open their doors for the Museum. Sometimes a little small amount from a few euros will be charged extra, such as a special exhibition.
The card costs 49.95 euros. One-off administration costs 4.95 euros. If you count it better known larger museums soon ask 15 euros for a ticket, you will have four museums with the costs of the Museum already out. That is one museum per quarter, or four per year. That should be fine. Up to 18 years costs 25 euro card.

More than art: also open-air museums, activities and science

At the word museum you usually think of old paintings in a large building. But nothing is less true. Museum is a collective term for many, what to see but also to do. For example, the science center or Nemo Science Center in Amsterdam, where kids do scientific and technical experiments and all are playfully wiser. Or outdoor museums, entire villages you explore in the open air, like the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen or Museum Park Orientalis / Holy Land Foundation in Nijmegen. What we are talking more about museums and art, we mean that in the broadest sense.
Nemo: children and science

Unknown art know

The threshold of unknown art is much lower if you which to go free. Unknown is often unloved, and so can also be art. Virtually all affiliated museums offer regular temporary exhibitions or expositions. Precisely these are often more interesting and less 'dusty' than the regular work. Look beyond your nose. Actually, it's just like with other "kunst' forms, such as music. Unknown music can also surprise you. It is the same with art. It can be very refreshing to see an unknown master exhibition. They are often based on a specific topic within the entire oeuvre of the master. In the Museum you can easily gamble, because if you took the money out once you visit card with a number, the further visits are free. What keeps you so against it? Actually nothing.

Have something to say and stay informed

You are sometimes a topic shy? Are you ever stop talking about your work and the weather? Also, this is a museum visit useful. You learn always something new with each visit. Nice to tell about a birthday. And it will surprise you how many people find that very interesting. Which perhaps also sought just a conversation topic ... or also just been to the exhibition, or get interested by your stories. Fun anyway then discuss the Dutch weather.

Exhibition view partly, next time again

Another advantage of the Museum is a very fine: you can leave the museum whenever you want. It does not matter if you were only halfway, because you just go next time to watch the rest. No conscience that you should get your money out. Viewing an exhibition is tiring. All those impressions, read texts, new things in your mind to process. Major museums such as the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, offering just too much for one visit. So no problem with the Museum.

Free getaway: on the bike to the museum, food and drinks

With the Museum make a cheap summer getaway from there. Take sandwiches and drinks along. Get on your bike to a museum in your area. Ironing after visiting the museum in a park close down or another cool location. A bench on a beautiful spot is also acceptable. A rest from the impressions of the exhibition and enjoy the consumption brought. Rested bike back home, and you're gone for hours for little or no money.

Incentive often go to a museum

You'll sometimes in a museum? Or do you say "I'll accept that, but it does not like." With the Museum will have a big stick. Visit with a friend once another city where there is a nice exhibition. After four museums you have the map of the money out. And you have often gotten a taste below. You will be more alert to announcements of exhibitions. And you realize you do not even have ever visited the museums in your own hometown.

Even more unusual 'museum'

There are still more special visits. Think of the Anne Frank House, the Secret Annex where Anne Frank in the World War II Hitler was in hiding with her family. A must for every Dutch citizen, because who would ever war in our country. The Liberation Museum Zealand in Borsele also provides much information about the war and the liberation.
Castle De Haar in Haarzuilens

Castles and palaces

There are some real castles to visit with the Museum, such as the 17th-century Castle Amerongen with a castle of up to 10 hectares and the massive Castle De Haar. Also fun: a real palace, as Het Loo Palace in Apeldoorn and the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. Please note that the Royal Palace can be closed for official occasions. When King Willem-Alexander's example. So check the website first before you are armed with your Museum Pass, go leave.

Gift giving

The Museum is also a nice gift to give. The year can decide which museums s / he will visit them, perhaps together with you as a giver. That is double fun: you give a useful gift and speak more often with the receiver. You buy the Museum indeed one of the participating museums, or online at the Museum website.

For children: activities and gain knowledge

Children want action. Fortunately museums understand that nowadays better than before. Many museums organize activities for children. Thus, a visit to the museum a fun family outing for parents and children. Especially for the children there is a separate website about the best museums and exhibitions for children.
Consider the site of the Museum, which museums would you visit?