My printer does not seal properly! Why is that?

Electronic erwinman August 8, 2016 32 0
You have a printer and the print is not to see it? Each print is streaked or even blank page comes out of the printer? Big chance that the print head of the printer is clogged. To be able to solve that problem, you must know what your printer uses printhead.

What is a print head

A print head is the part of a printer which causes ink from the cartridge ends up on your page. This can be done in two ways: Either the print head is attached to your cartridge or printhead is loose in your printer. In the former you so automatically replace the print head when you insert a new cartridge in your printer. In the second print head is part of the printer and is not replaced when you replace the cartridge. This allows the print head is longer used and is therefore subject to wear.
Permanent printhead
Advantage: This is so regularly and will be less subject to wear. If a cartridge plugged by little use touch then this problem cheaply solve by buying a new cartridge.
Disadvantage: You can not lay a few weeks in the case of a used or refilled cartridge to use as a spare cartridge. Once there is a drop of ink through the print head has passed the cartridge runs the risk of getting clogged.
In these cartridges is always a sponge to hold the ink. This sponge can dry out and the quality of the cartridge will be effected negatively.
The color cartridge is always one cartridge that holds the three colors of yellow, magenta and cyan. It may be that you often use a particular color as the other two colors. When reporting one of the colors is empty, the printer the cartridge is empty and you must refill it or buy a new one while there is still ink inside.
Loose head
Benefit: You can safely put some cartridges in the box as spare cartridges. These will not dry up or become blocked because the nozzle is so big and the ink liquid in the cartridge. You can see this as a small ink cartridges containers where nothing can happen.
Each color has a separate cartridge. When one color is empty, you just need that cartridge to supplement or replace. This allows you use the color cartridges optimally.
There are cleaning cartridges that contain a cleaning liquid instead of ink. This liquid may contain small clogging remedy simple and inexpensive. Just do not wait too long because if the blockage is too heavy, this will not work anymore.
Disadvantage: If the ink remains in the printhead will dehydrate the printer uses too much and cause blockages. Buy a new printhead is an expensive affair. In some cases, even as expensive as buying a new printer.

How do I know if my printer a fixed - or has loose head?

You can easily see if your printer uses a fixed or loose head according to your cartridges.
Is there in your cartridge mounted a copper plate then it is a 'fixed'
printkop.Heeft your cartridge at the bottom no brass plate than it is a single printhead.
  • Epson: All printers have a separate printhead
  • Brother: All printers have a separate printhead

  • Canon: works with both systems
  • HP: Works with both systems

  • Lexmark: Always a permanent printhead
  • Dell: Always a permanent printhead

My prints will deteriorate! how can I fix it myself?

In case you use a cartridge 'vaste'printkop you can try the following:
1 - Perform a deep cleaning on your printer. During this process, the printer drives with more force ink through the print head so that there is a possibility that the clogging is pushed out of the print head.
2 - Take the cartridge out of the printer and pat on the bottom on a wet tissue. If all goes well come at the tissue to see a printout. When the black cartridge you should see a completely filled black print. This is rectangular. When the color cartridge you will also see a rectangular imprint consisting of three colors. Namely: yellow, magenta and cyan.
3 - Use distilled water and put it on a saucer. Once the distilled water is lukewarm, you put the cartridge in the bottom of the saucer. Watch out! the water should not be deeper than half a centimeter. After half an hour you will print on dry paper towel. If all goes well you will see an imprint on the tissue as described above.
In case you are using an ink cartridge without printhead you can try the following:
1 - Perform a deep cleaning on your printer. Side note: this operation on printers with single printhead uses a lot of ink!
2 - Make sure you have at all times a cleaning cartridge at hand. Once your printer shows signs of constipation you print some of this cleaning cartridge. Wait for an hour so that the cleaning liquid can do its work. Easy to apply piece :-)