My Venetian Highlights

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Venice is a city that speaks enormously to the imagination. Very pretty and atmospheric. Very unique with all the canals and gondolas. But also very crowded and touristy. Yet even here find very beautiful places where you can not walk on their heads. To taste the atmosphere is very nice to sail along the Grand Canal and stroll through St. Mark's Square with the homonymous Basilica, the Doge's Palace and the Campanile Clock Tower. And not to mention all the pigeons. The Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs, where prisoners last could look out before they went into the dungeon. These are the real attractions of Venice.

Gondola Yard

But Venice also has places that are not so overrun by tourists. The gondola shipyard Rio San Trovaso in Dorsoduro is so ?? s place where you do not encounter all nationalities in the world. This is one of the oldest shipyards in Venice. Here you see the Venetians at work and on a still fairly traditional way to make gondolas.

Burano and Murano

If you have more time in Venice, it is definitely worth the vaporetto, go to one of the other islands such as Burano, Murano and San Michele. Burano is known for its lace, bobbin lace techniques and brightly colored houses. On Murano you'll find glassworks, a glass museum and you can buy all sorts of wonderful Muraans glass. Muraans glass is known worldwide. These islands are a little less touristy and here you can see some more of everyday life in Venice. For example, we saw a bridal procession which was sailed in gondolas to church.

San Michele

San Michele or full Isola di San Michele is a very special island. This was once a prison island, but since about 150 years the Venetian cemetery. The vaporetto has a stop here. The cemetery covers the whole island. Here are buried several celebrities like the composer Igor Stravinsky and the Dutch writer Eduard Douwes Dekker and his wife. It's a beautiful cemetery surrounded by cypress trees, with lots of greenery and a surprising amount of flowers on the graves.


Who has the opportunity during the carnival in Venice, because it takes twelve days, ending on Tuesday before the Ash Wednesday, to be, can experience a very special carnival celebration. The Venetian carnival has a different theme each year. For 2012 is that ?? la vita è teatro. Tutti in maschiera. Or: life is a theater and everyone is masked. Dressing has a completely different meaning here than in the Dutch carnival. The Venetians then wear masks, complemented by beautiful costumes. Carnival also has a number of rituals, like an opening procession is led by the winged lion. The first two days are mainly dances where participants in period costumes are expected.
Another ritual is the dell ?? il volo angelo. From the Campanile in St. Mark's Square is flying angel ?? a ?? down. It is always a big secret who the angel ?? ?? is of the year. Often they are celebrities, such as actresses, movie stars or singers. During the carnival there are everywhere in the city celebrations, theatrical performances and dances. But the heart of these performances is located on the San Marco square. Very nice to see is the parade gondola across the Grand Canal. The costumed and masked participants are in a long procession of gondolas on the canals to St. Mark's Square, where the closure of fireworks.
Venetian masks are world famous and are available all year round sales. Prices vary greatly, greatly depending on where you buy them. The original masks are made of papier-mâché, but also sees a cheaper plastic.


Also very nice to see once is the Vogalonga. This is a boat ride that takes place annually in May in Venice. Anyone can participate in the event with a non-motorized craft. This race is about 30 kilometers in the mid-seventies originated as a form of protest against the inconvenience of powerboats. The trail starts at St. Mark's Square and performs on different channels and through a variety of historic buildings, reaches halfway Burano and ends in front of Saint Mark's Square.
Once started locally it now attracts participants from around the world. In recent years were over 1500 boats with it. The Vogalonga is not a race; All participants receive a certificate and a medal. It is a tribute to the city and the lagoon. In 2012, the Vogalonga on 27 May. It is a wonderful sight to see so many rowing together in the lagoon and definitely recommended to go.