Myo-balance: a dress size in less three weeks

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With Myo-balance are achieved with a course of ten treatments within three weeks, the same result as if you were training months in a conventional manner. On average they lose 21 centimeter size. Without sports, but by using your own muscles, you burn excess fat and your muscles become stronger. Ideally you combine treatments with working on a healthier diet and lifestyle. Here you will be individually coached. After the treatment you going to regular exercise or follow a maintenance program. So you go to the famous yo-yo effect and you ensure that the results are sustainable.

Medical background

Around 1990, the device Myo-balance developed by British scientist Gerry Pollock. He examined the effect on the South Bank University in London of muscles and how they are controlled. Under his leadership, the device was used for the treatment of MS patients. By applying the Myo-balance to the relevant muscle group, so that direct signals were transmitted to the muscles, increased blood flow and the muscles were considerably stronger. Pollock noticed that the fat around the muscles burned through the use of Myo-balance. After further investigation arose from the Myo-balance as weight loss system.


The Myo-balance searching the nerve that runs across the muscle. Pulsating waves allow the muscle to contract. The fuel required for this, the muscle gets saved from the surrounding fat. For example, the muscle is trained and strengthened, while the surrounding fat is burned.

Results and medical applications

One treatment with the Myo-balance is similar to two to three hours fitness. The most goals related to weight loss: the achievement of the desired body weight and figure correction. The device operates in specific areas, you can choose yourself. In addition to treating overweight Myo-balance is used for firming the skin and combat cellulite.
In the medical field Myo-balance can help pelvic instability, repetitive strain injuries, fibromyalgia, muscular rheumatism and back pain.

Combined with a healthy diet

By treatment with Myo-balance is your corrected figure, reinforced skin, cellulite countered and decreases blood sugar. During the course become clients average 21 centimeter lost a dress size less. Do you want to lose kilos ?? s, it is recommended also to work on a healthy diet and lifestyle.
In this area of ​​Gerarda Oosterbosch is the expert in the Netherlands. The slimming method they developed in conjunction with the Myo-balance is body control. Do you do a course at Body Control, you become individually coached. Together with your supervisor imagine on a feeding schedule and learn how your body reacts to different foods. The aim is to stay a long time at your goal weight.

Course of ten treatments

The advice is to do a course of ten treatments within three or four weeks. Two to three times a week you go to a salon for treatment. A course of less than ten times is not effective.
During the cure you going to detoxify because the body removes waste. So you will be around fifth and sixth treatment notice that your urine smells stronger, and at the sixth and seventh treatment changes your skin. Which is first loosened, but then firmer. Losing inches you notice during the cure: the real results you can expect in the seventh and eighth treatment.

For whom?

If you have difficulty with sports by obesity or a chronic illness, Myo-balance works very well. Optimal results can you expect when you combine the treatment with healthy diet and this also after the program continues. Even if you have no time to exercise, you can try Myo-balance. So your muscles are still put to work.


The target ?? 325, - for a course of ten treatments. In this course you will be guided personally. Moreover, the Myo-balance is used where you want it: waist, hips ...


  • After the course you should plan regular maintenance treatment, or work out regularly so that the results are sustainable;
  • During the course you will have two or three treatments per week, this should schedule in your calendar.


  • Quick results because the Myo-balance figure corrective works;
  • In conjunction with your coaching process is closely monitored and you work towards a healthy diet that you can maintain after the treatment.