Myths about nutrition

Health clezzzgamer August 7, 2016 1 0
There are few issues in recent decades more attention than our diet. New, promising diets follow each other in rapid succession, and one trend has not yet gone before the next one presents itself again. It's time to get acquainted with a number of frequently-heard facts and myths about nutrition.

Fact: vitamins can be very sensitive to environmental factors such as light, water, air and temperature.

 For example, vitamin C and folic acid will be nothing left in a moist, warm, bright environment. Keep your fruits, vegetables and dietary supplements therefore in a dry, cool and dark place.

Myth: fat you better minimize get inside.

 Not only are there only vitamins that dissolve in fat, such as vitamins A, D and E is fat an important nutrient for your body. So do not cancel that fat!

Myth: carbohydrates you get.

 In a healthy diet consists of at least 40% of daily energy intake from carbohydrates. There is even no limit! You come only when you take more energy to you than you consume. However, you do well to pay attention to the different types of carbohydrates. Fast sugars you should avoid and instead you more starch to take. Also it is good to have breakfast with carbohydrates. Your brains are not able to use fats or proteins as a fuel, so carbohydrates are a prerequisite for a good concentration.

Fact: too much protein is harmful to your body.

While popular diets such as the Dr. Frank diet would have you believe otherwise, too much protein is indeed harmful to your body. It is especially burdensome for the kidneys, but also the degree of acidity of the blood increases and there is a greater loss of minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium place.

Myth: vitamins in dietary supplements are as good for you as vitamins in fruits and vegetables.

Those of us who are not lovers of fruit or vegetables firm would like to believe that this is true. Unfortunately, vitamins in a pill by our bodies much less absorbed than vitamins from fruits and vegetables.

Fact: if you get thirsty, you are already too late drinking.

So try all day to take small amounts of water to you. A good daily amount of water is equivalent to 1.5 to 2 liters. For very active people is the greater.

Fact: There are drinks that can support the resistance.

 Admittedly, most of the so-called health drinks' in the supermarket will do little to nothing for your body. Yakult however, Activia and Vifit proven to some people it can work properly. If you get sick less quickly is another matter, but your bowel movements might just well on can go ahead there.

Fable: an excess of vitamins does not exist.

 An overdose of some vitamins can have nasty consequences. It is therefore wise to always adhere to the guidelines of the package when you swallow food supplements. Pregnant women should take extra care. For them, too much vitamin A of ensuring a congenital defect in their baby.