Natural and spiritual leadership: what's the difference?

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Dr. John Oswald Sanders has written a lot about leadership, including Spiritual Leadership - Principles of excellence for every believer: "spiritual leadership - principles of good leadership to every believer. He explains in a clear and simple way these principles out. In this article series, we summarize. In this section we treat the difference between natural and spiritual leadership and we go into the question of whether you can be a leader.

Natural and spiritual leadership

  • The difference between natural and spiritual leadership
  • Can you be a leader?

The difference between natural and spiritual leadership

The essence of leadership is influence the ability of a person to get others to follow them to him. The British general and Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery said:
  • "Leadership is the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose, and the character-which inspires confidence."

According to John Oswald Sanders spiritual leadership is a combination of natural and spiritual qualities. Both come from God, because all good things come from God. There is no such thing as a self-made religious leader. A spiritual leader gives control of his life to the Holy Spirit who works through him.
The chart below shows the differences between natural and spiritual leadership:
People without natural leadership qualities are not suddenly great leaders as they return to God. But the Holy Spirit can be latent talents and qualities in someone loosen and cultivate. Spiritual goals can be achieved only by spiritual people who use spiritual methods. Spiritual leaders must be filled with the Spirit. Their gifts and talents need one hundred percent are subject to God's Spirit. God's Spirit must be given all the space in their hearts, so they can be filled with wisdom, understanding and knowledge.
The Holy Spirit is the secret
"It is not well with the church because we lack spiritual guidance. Real leadership and genuine spiritual guidance. In Redeemer amidst the skyscrapers of Manhattan, we met a Presbyterian church with remarkable growth. The stories and testimonials you can not but conclude here that is doing a special and powerful work of the Spirit in a span of 15 years. For He, the Holy Spirit, of course, is the secret. What started with a small group, has become a community of more than five thousand. "

Can you be a leader?

John Oswald Sanders writes that Jesus no prominent figures gathered around him. No, he looked more to the humble people who had low levels of education. He saw in them the qualities that saw others do not, and under his leadership it developed into talented leaders that astounded the world.
In the book of John Oswald Sanders presents a series of questions to determine whether you have potential leadership abilities. The following five questions are a short review:
  • Do other people's failures or chalenge annoy you?
  • Do you 'use' people, or cultivate people?
  • Do you direct people, or develop people?
  • Do you criticize, or encouragement?
  • Do you shun or seek out the person with a special need or problem?

  • Such tests are of no value if we are not willing and able to correct our shortcomings. Furthermore, leaders willing to learn from their mistakes and test them their opinions and views to those of others, where the Bible is used as the ultimate measure. But more importantly, a true leader in guided everything, build and corrected by the Holy Spirit.
    What is paramount in spiritual leadership?
    "It is essential in the assessment of people whether they are suitable for managerial jobs is not so much their technical skill, but above all their character, personal life and spiritual life are paramount, and only then their leadership qualities."
    "Take your Holy Spirit from me"
    "Famous is the prayer of King David in Psalm 51:" Take not thy Holy Spirit from me. " The best explanation will be have known David and his kingdom dared not go to him as God the action of his Holy Spirit would remember King of Israel was impossible without the anointing of the Holy Spirit. ".
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