Nepal, trekking in the Himalayas

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Nepal is a country in the Himalaya region in Asia, located between India and China. The bulk of the population is adherent of Hinduism, but there are also people who believe in Buddhism and Islam.


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General information

  • Continent: Asia
  • Original name: Sanghiya Loktantrik Gana Tantra Nepal
  • Language: Nepali
  • Currency: Nepalese Rupee

Cities of Nepal

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and also the largest city in the country. The city has a historic center with many temples and plazas. The town lies in a green valley between hills. Kathmandu is very popular with tourists, mainly by itinerant tourists and mountaineers. Because you can very easily in the Himalayas from Kathmandu. Kathmandu is also known as the city of temples. Many of these temples date back to the seventeenth century. Who visits Kathmandu gets the feeling that the city in the Middle Ages was the same as now. Thanks to the many old buildings and temples you can see Kathmandu like an open air museum. For example, a must is the temple of Pashupinath, which is a Hindu cemetery. Also interesting are the Kasthamandaptempel and Talejutempel. You also have the House of Kumari, the living goddess. Also recommended is the Royal Palace Hanuman Dhoka. Kathmandu has grown considerably in recent years and it shows. The narrow streets to the large amount of cars and trucks ?? s not well. There is a lot of pollution in the streets and some riders will see with a mask. According to locals it all so bad and is not comparable to the pollution with some Western cities. And they are right. The pollution is limited in Kathmandu because only a few spots.
One of the other major cities of Nepal's Patan. This city is among others known for the Jagannaravan Temple and the Temple Kumbeshawar. The city is located almost exactly in the middle of the country and is therefore very important for the industry. It is said that traditional Patan was founded in 299 BC. There are in the city than many historical sites. There are many temples where you can go.
Other cities
Bhaktapur is a medieval city, with many beautiful sights. The city Phokara is known because it has a beautiful location in the mountains.


Nepal has four mountain ranges, namely Chure Hills, Mahbharat Range, Himalayas and Tibetan Marginals. Of the ten highest mountains in the world, eight are in this country. Similarly, the highest mountain in the world: Mount Everest. There are also wide plains and fertile valleys. In Nepal live more than 800 species of birds. There are also found exotic mammals such as the Bengal tiger and snow leopard. There are also bears, deer, elephants, monkeys and rhinos for the country.

Best time

Nepal can be visited throughout the year well, but it is the best period from October to May. Are you going to make mountain hikes during your tour? Then the best time in the months of October and November, because the day is still not extremely hot, but it ?? evening still not very much cools. In the summer months there is the monsoon, some traveling in Nepal in the summer less appealing.

Weather in Nepal

Nepal's climate is very dependent on the region where you are. On the plains there is a subtropical climate, while in the mountains is often very cold. In summer temperatures are around 30 degrees and in winter, temperatures average around 18 degrees. From mid-June to September is the monsoon period. There are then almost daily rain showers and some areas are inaccessible because of flooding.

Travel documents for Nepal

If you travel to Nepal, you need a valid Dutch passport, after returning to their own country for at least six months validity. Also, do you need and visa. This can be arranged with the Nepalese consulate in Amsterdam. Many travel companies can arrange a visa for you for a small fee. For this they need the necessary data of the passport.

Vaccinations and malaria

Vaccinations are recommended against DTP, typhoid and hepatitis A. It is also wise for departure always contact your GP or the GGD to hear what the latest developments in Nepal for health. Nepal is also active mosquitoes. Malaria tablets are therefore a must to carry. Please also include a mosquito repellent that contains DEET.

Hiking in Nepal

Walking in the Himalayan region can be very tiring because you have to deal with steep mountains. Therefore, make sure that you go with a good fitness journey and along the way you take plenty of rest. It's also wise to eat well and drink. Do not forget the drink, for you during a walk can lose a lot of moisture, especially at times when it is very hot.

Nepalese Rupee

Nepal is paid by the Nepalese rupee. In Kathmandu and in Phokara its ATMs. Furthermore, the credit card is widely accepted in major shops, hotels and great restaurants. If you are going to exchange money and plan to hike in the mountains, no banknote is advisable to exceed one hundred Nepalese rupee inherits. In the cities high notes not usually a problem.


In Nepal, many different population samples. In general, the Nepali language is spoken everywhere. English only reasonable spoken on the tourist spots. It is therefore advisable to purchase a dictionary with standard phrases, allowing you to clarify what you meant. If you want to greet someone you say for instance ?? ?? Namasté. When you say goodbye ?? Pheri bhetaulaa ?? and to thank someone ?? Hoenchha ?? dhanyabaat ?? or ?? sufficient.

Clothes for women

It can occur in tourist areas that you come across a Nepalese woman in a miniskirt, but in most of Nepal is seen as ordinary. It is therefore to be regarded as Western women's councils to deal properly dressed, by covering the legs and shoulders and no clothes to wear with a deep neckline. Also watch out for wearing a bikini or swimsuit. Nude or topless sunbathing is also strictly prohibited.