Netbook versus the laptop

Electronic hejpadej August 7, 2016 0 0
A netbook is often bought by people. But what is the difference with a netbook or a laptop and a desktop PC?


A desktop everybody knows: the model closet which is under a computer table and connected to a monitor. The laptop's desktop and monitor into one: a flat computer you fold open. The screen is then at the top which is upright, and the keyboard is located on the flat part. The advantage of a laptop is that you can take it anywhere.
A netbook is a small version of the laptop. So you really a laptop in book format. Hence the name. You put it very handy in your backpack or in your briefcase, without having a separate case for need as with the laptop.

Benefits opposite netbook laptop

The advantages of a netbook especially the ease: because he is so small, it can really take it anywhere and use. In a busy train you do not need much space when you want to work. It's nice to take a netbook along to your friends when you want to show certain things, and you do not want too much dragging of heavier and larger laptop.
Another advantage is that a netbook does not cost as much as a laptop. They are significantly less expensive. They cost in 2011 between 200 and 500 euros. The cheaper, the less powerful the netbook.
A netbook may be small, but has some USB ports, but also an integrated microphone and even webcam. Of course they also have speakers.
The battery of a netbook which is often longer that of a laptop. A netbook is really built to work on the road, while a laptop is often often used at home.

Disadvantages opposite netbook laptop

A major disadvantage of a netbook is that you do not have DVD player software which will not be easy to install. In the end it does with a USB DVD player, but a netbook is not equipped to install a lot of software.
We get right to the next disadvantage of a netbook performance are significantly less than with a laptop. Software will be included where there is good to work with, but this is always less than a laptop. If one wants more, one will have to install it, but often this does not benefit because a netbook may work slower.
The operating system on a netbook you can not always before him. It works best Linux on a netbook. Other operating systems can, but starting then takes much longer. The disadvantage of Linux is that it does have fewer opportunities than for example with Windows 7.


In short, a netbook nothing but a miniature version of the laptop. Convenient to take along on a trip, and to work on the go with. Less convenient for everyday home use. Who wants to play DVDs, can better choose a notebook, here is a netbook for less. In a netbook price is cheaper. Both a netbook and a laptop can get online.