New concept for vacant shops

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Webshops, which are bundled together and show their products in a physical store. That is the concept of Monique van Rijt. The high product diversity makes shopping a pleasant pastime. In addition, organize entrepreneurial activities, such as a ladies night or a party. Make shopping a pleasant experience is important to maintain lively city centers. In addition, small entrepreneurs to start as a merchant using an additional sales channel.
  • Businesspeople working together
  • Investment and Promotion
  • Diverse offer
  • Beautiful under one roof
  • Rent retail space
  • Shophouse Africa
  • Vacancy shopping
  • Other ideas against existing vacancies

Businesspeople working together

In the Dressing in Boxtel an idea comes to life Monique van Rijt had for years. Along with several other entrepreneurs they share the rent for a shop where they sell their products together. Through this collaboration, there is every entrepreneur a low rent possible. Personnel are not there because the small businesses are part of the project. They only pay a commission of 10% on items sold by them. The Sisters ?? at ?? Oirschot, which started in January 2013 with the same concept, are participants in rotation in the store.

Investment and Promotion

Investing in a large stock of goods is not necessary because together entrepreneurs for a full store. Also, they run no risk because they can decide each month to join or quit. They are not tied to a contract for a long time. Both stores keep their customers via social media aware of the varying range. Because the supply is so diverse and the store is supported by many participants, each with their own store network attracts many visitors. This provides free promotion. Customers can also take their girlfriends out shopping hours come to shop under the house party principle. While enjoying a snack and drinks, guests are informed about the products. The hostess will get a discount if they buy something.

Diverse offer

The offer by The Sisters at Oirschot ranges from oilcloth to gift items and architectural consulting to a variety of workshops. When Dressing in Boxtel you can visit one month for jewelry, children's books, children's clothing and shoes, hand-painted leather handbags and women's clothing. But the next month can connect again other entrepreneurs. The offer for the customer is so surprising.
Layout of the store
The table that is in the shop is a small independent entrepreneur and therefore for sale. There also could include traders who supply cabinets, chairs, and lamps and so display and hopefully sell goods.

Beautiful under one roof

Already in 2009, started eight businesses in the beauty and wellbeing of their industry ?? Nice under one roof ?? in a business complex in IJsselsteijn. This concept was rolled out in 2010 to Eindhoven. For example, masseuses, nail salons and hairdressers ?? s located.

Rent retail space

For property owners it means a big change. In the past often worked with contracts for a longer period, such as five years. Now notice the owners that they need to be flexible. Boxtel sends the owner a month each participant an invoice for the rent and go each month into an agreement. However, he is assured of revenue. In addition, the retail property in use making it easier to rent or sell than a vacant building.

Shophouse Africa

In Africa, the idea has been around much longer. Since a so-called Big Mama has a shop where women from the area were selling their homemade. Big Mama collects the rent and divide the proceeds. Also all kinds of different things offered there. In the case of survival of the fittest ?? ?? is about who can best adapt to the circumstances. You have to use your creativity to keep their heads above water in times of recession.

Vacancy shopping

The vacancy rate in shopping runs in the next few years to 14% in 2020. There are several reasons for this. Among others, the limited opening hours of shops, lack of surprise by the large amount of chains and dilapidated shopping vacancies. There must be rapid intervention otherwise creates a vicious circle.
People have become more discriminating and sensitive to originality, sincerity and authenticity. These are important concepts for the shopping because shopping is a popular pastime. The concept of bundled entrepreneurs could be a solution to the increasing vacancy in shopping.

Other ideas against existing vacancies

  • Pop-up shops that provide temporary space for example, one shop.
  • offering an open diorama in The Hague city center and then where online orders can be done.
  • Loods5 offering space for wholesalers.
  • Of empty properties to use to organize events or debates.
  • Stores change in homes, office buildings or hangouts
  • Stores use to grow plants for food