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News Israel May 2014. The peace talks have been suspended by the Palestinians. Israel opposes this to the renewed cooperation of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Netanyahu says Hamas does not recognize Israel and that it is therefore impossible to conclude an agreement with the PA. Also, the prime minister in early May indicated that there should be a new basic law that defines Israel as a Jewish state. For current news about Israel to the latest news.
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Shabbat May 31, 2014

No news is being gathered today because of the Jewish day of rest. Who wants to know more about the Shabbat and how it is celebrated, I refer to: Shabbat from A to Z. For Shabbat times in the article: Shabbat times. For Parsja of the week go to:

Friday, May 30th, 2014 - Cutting back on the air force is very unwise

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Top Pilot Says IAF Training Cuts Shekel-Wise and Pound Foolish)
The decision of the IAF to suspend training flights will cost the state a lot of money says top official of the IAF Ran Packer. Even one day loss affects a pilot. The systems of the aircraft require highly trained pilots. When there is insufficient training creates accidents by pilots who are not qualified to fly the aircraft. This is going to cost the state millions and also a lot of people's lives. A.s. Sunday training flights will be suspended due to the fact that the Ministry of Finance does not want to allocate more money.
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Forces thwart Attempted terror attack at Tapuach Junction)
IDF troops arrested at the intersection Tapoech a Palestinian who was wearing a bomb belt. The man wore a long coat and behaved suspiciously. When he was called upon to stop telling the Palestinians that he had a bomb. The bomb contained 12 tubes, which were connected to lead wire with each other. Further investigation showed that only one of the pipes were explosives. The past few years, dozens of Palestinians arrested with homemade bombs.
FW De Klerk: "It Is not fair to call Israel an apartheid state" - Full)
According to former president of South Africa Frederik de Klerk Israel is not Apartheid State. Watch the interview in the link above.
Israel in the Dutch media: current news and views
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Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Israelis spying on Facebook by Iranian hackers

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US Group: Iranian Hackers Targeted Israelis on Facebook)
According to a US security firm Iranians used social media networks to Israelis and supporters of Israel in the US and Britain to spy. Through Facebook, Twitter and other social media, the Israelis and their supporters were persuaded to commit to unsafe links on a fake news website where they were sent a virus gathering information about logins, passwords for emails and sensitive sites. There are at least 2,000 victims.
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Abbas asks Westbank PM to form unity government)
President Abbas, Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah asked to form a new government within five weeks. However, there is still a list of ministers published and that suggests that there still may still disagreement between Hamas and Fatah. There would mostly be disagreement about who Foreign Minister should be.
Soldier suspended for Nakba Day shooting)
The IDF has a soldier inactive put in connection with a shooting incident on Nakba day. There is no further connection with the two Palestinians were shot dead the same day. The IDF soldier belonged to the communication unit and was not authorized to fire rubber bullets. For that reason he is suspended.
PALESTINIANS supposedly killed by Israel do not bleed)
In the two shooting incidents in which two Palestinians on Nakba Day would have perished on the video recording not show any traces of blood on the ground. Watch the video at the link above.
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Mexico gets 3-0 win over Israel in friendlies)
The Israeli football team yesterday lost a friendly match against Mexico 3-0. Mexico practiced against Israel in preparation for the upcoming World Cup in Brazil.
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - Jewish emigration from Ukraine to Israel increases

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Israel rescues Ukrainian Jews stranded by fighting)
The Jewish Agency has two Jewish families who were trapped rescued at the Donetsk airport and safely to Israel. The six Jews were taken to Dnepropetrovsk and from there flew out to Kiev and then Israel. Since the beginning of this year, the emigration of Jews to Israel from the Ukraine doubled to 762. There are about 11 000 Jews in Donetsk and 130,000 Jews in Ukraine.
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Netanyahu tells Knesset: Jerusalem was reunited, and will never be divided)
On Jerusalem Day, Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered a speech in the Knesset. It is 47 years since Jerusalem was reunited. The prime minister praised the development of the city which is now accessible to everyone. Even opposition leader Herzog of Labor gave a speech on Jerusalem. According to him, Israel must continue to guarantee freedom of worship in the city. The poverty to be addressed in the town.
Arabs Attack Jewish Youth with Tear Gas at Old City)
Jewish students at the Yeshiva Hispin the Golan have visited Jerusalem today. They were pelted during their visit by local Arabs with stones and tear gas. Nevertheless, they continue their visit. In another incident, Jews were pelted with stones and fireworks at the Temple Mount.
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PM Netanyahu endorses Likud MK Rivlin for president)
Netanyahu supports Rivlin as candidate for the presidency. Netanyahu told Rivlin that he waited with his support for him until the entire list of candidates it was known. Rivlin has thanked Netanyahu for his support. Netanyahu's announcement came after it became clear that the Jewish House supports the candidacy of Rivlin. Finding the presidential elections on June 10, 2014 instead.
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Second Chief Rabbi of IDF History Passes Away)
Rabbi Mordechai Piron is deceased at the age of 93. It was the second Chief Rabbi of the IDF. He was actively involved in shaping the religious identity of Israel. He was Chief Rabbi at the time of the Yom Kippur war and made sure the soldiers were buried according to Jewish law. Piron was buried this afternoon.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014 - Char Diem urge the pope to missionary activity among Jews to a halt

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Haredim urge pope to stop missionary activity in Israel)
Yad L'Achim has urged the Pope urged to forbid his followers to spread their faith among people of other religions. Because the Catholic Church forbids missionary activity will Yad L'Achim that the Pope makes a clear statement. In Israel, thousands of Christian missionaries are actively trying to spread Christianity among Jews. Its focus is on the weak and that's a bad situation. Yad L'Achim hopes that the Pope put a stop to these activities.
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Report: Hamas and Fatah agree on makeup or unity government, especially ministers)
Fatah and Hamas will form a unity government. Appoint independent technocratic ministers. President Abbas will later this week announce the government after a minister for religious affairs is appointed. The current Prime Minister Rami al-Hamdallah will lead the cabinet. President Abbas will be the key decision maker regarding diplomacy and policy towards Israel. Hamas however says to continue its fight against Israel. The military branch will continue to apply even after the elections.
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Shin Bet Arrests Israeli Beduin for helping two men join Syrian jihadi organization)
The Shin Bet have arrested a 23-year-old Bedouin in April that helped two people to come to Syria to fight there for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria jihad organization. Abu Al-Kia'an from Hura in the Negev is connected to the Salafi Jihad movement. He kept contact with terrorists in Syria through social media. Earlier this month arrested the Shin Beth Ahmed Hiri Shurbaji who moved to Syria in January and joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria jihad organization. He participated in military combat training. He fought against the Assad troops in the border of Syria and Iraq. The phenomenon that Israeli Arabs to leave Syria poses a problem for Israeli security. They are exposed to anti-Israeli and hostile elements where they can attack Israel in return.
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Tel Aviv couple to be laid to rest; Brussels shooter still at large)
The couple from Tel Aviv Saturday which was shot at the Jewish Museum in Brussels will be buried this afternoon at the Kiriat Shaul cemetery. They have two daughters aged 17 and 15 years behind. The perpetrator has not yet been arrested. The Belgian authorities called the attack a terrorist act.
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Monday, May 26, 2014 - Pope visits Temple Mount and the Kotel

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Pope toured Temple Mount, Prayed at Western Wall)
The Pope this morning visited the Temple Mount. The visit went smoothly despite Muslim extremists wanted to avoid the Pope visited the holy place. The Pope met with the Mufti of Jerusalem and the Jordanian Wakf exercising control over the holiest site of Judaism. After the visit to the Temple Mount, the Pope went to the Kotel where all visitors previously had been removed by the police. The Kotel rabbi, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovich, gave a brief history lesson to the Pope who posted a letter and prayed. Furthermore, the Pope will have meetings today with President Peres and Prime Minister Netanyahu. He will also visit the grave of Theodor Herzl and Yad Vashem. Then the Pope returns to the Vatican.
Pope Francis in Israel - The First Day)
A short impression of the first day of the visit of the Pope to Israel.
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Turkish court asks Interpol to arrest former IDF chief Ashkenazi three others for flotilla raid)
The Turkish court asks Interpol for the arrest of former chief Ashkenazi and three other IDF commanders of the IDF raid on the Mavi Marmara in May 2010 in which nine activists were slain. Former IDF commanders were sentenced in absentia by the court. Besides Ashkenazi involves the former head of the navy Eliezer Merom, the former head of the intelligence service Amos Yadlin, and former head of the air force intelligence Avishai Levi. Initially, the case was stopped i.v.m. reconciliation between Israel and Turkey. But now ask the prosecutors to life imprisonment for four.
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What Troubles? 88% of Jerusalemites are happy withtheir Lives)
Data from the Israeli CBS shows that 88% of the inhabitants of Jerusalem was happy thinking with their lives and 64% that the next year will be better. While 75% are satisfied with their home and 51% with their economic situation, 70% feel safe in the city. Jerusalem is the largest city in Israel and is growing in all sectors. The Zionist sector is growing the last four years, after 15 years of continuous decline. In Zionist schools are 62 941 pupils in 2013/14. Next year, the number of students in the first class to increase by 5%. In the last four years, 30,000 people moved to Jerusalem. Most came from greater Tel Aviv or Jerusalem bigger. People who left Jerusalem went to Tel Aviv, Beit Shemesh, Modiin Illit, Beitar Illit and Bnei Brak. With the exception of Tel Aviv have these big cities chareidische populations. They are looking for cheaper housing and space outside the crowded capital. In 2012 approximately four million tourists slept in Jerusalem, which was more than in Tel Aviv and Haifa. The high-tech industry of Jerusalem spent nearly 12 billion shekels on. In 2013 a record number of houses built in Jerusalem.
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Europe: Despite 'Boycotts', Golan Heights Winery's Sales up 20%)
According to Harel Arnon, marketing manager of the Golan Heights Winery, wine exporting to Europe is rising despite the calls for a boycott. Golan Heights Winery is investing heavily in exports to the US, the Far East and Europe. Despite attempts at boycott are European consumers searching for quality. There is an increase of approximately 20% of sales in Europe.
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Sunday, May 25, 2014 - Two Israelis among the dead in Brussels

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Israeli Jewish couple among Brussels museum shooting victims)
Among the dead in the shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels are an Israeli couple. The other two dead are a volunteer of the museum and a 23-year employee of the museum. They were shot in their throat and head. The perpetrators have not been arrested. A man who had been arrested previously shown witnessed the shooting. The attack is considered anti-Semitic. A comparison is drawn with the attack in Toulouse in 2012 which also were four deaths. Brussels is home to approximately 21 000 Jews.
Netanyahu: Deadly attack resulted Belgium or anti-Israel incitement)
According to Netanyahu, the stop in Brussels, the result of anti-Israeli incitement in Europe. He condemned the attack in which four people were killed. Minister Lieberman also said the attack resulted from incitement and call for a boycott of Israel.
Paris: Jews Stabbed Hours After Attacks Brussels)
A few hours after the attack in Brussels were attacked two Jews in Paris when they left the synagogue Creteil. Interior Minister Caseneuve has instructed the police data to monitor additional Jewish buildings. He condemned the attack. According to the small news 0404 three Jews are attacked and not two. All three are located in the hospital.
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Pope Francis says ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict "increasingly unacceptable)
Pope Francis arrived in Bethlehem. He said upon arrival that the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict is unacceptable and urged both sides to make concessions for a two-state solution. President Abbas also expressed his hope for peace out. He listed a series of complaints against Israel as the Jewish settlements, Palestinian prisoners, Israel's presence in East Jerusalem, etc. Bethlehem is surrounded by security wall. It was visited by the Pope. In Bethlehem, he also attends an open air mass. After his visit of barely six hours to Bethlehem, the Pope to Israel. Incidentally Pope Francis is the first Pope who arrived in Bethlehem directly and not through Israel. The Palestinians see this as a recognition of the Palestinian state.
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Rocket Strikes Southern Israel, Shots Fired at IDF Troops)
Friday is a rocket fired from Gaza into Israel. It was the first rocket after a relatively long period of rest. IDF soldiers also were fired at the security fence. The army returned fire. In both cases, no injuries.
Israel in the Dutch media: current news and views
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Shabbat May 24, 2014

No news is being gathered today because of the Jewish day of rest. Who wants to know more about the Shabbat and how it is celebrated, I refer to: Shabbat from A to Z. For Shabbat times in the article: Shabbat times. For Parsja of the week go to:

Friday, May 23, 2014 - In East Jerusalem, 500 surveillance cameras to be installed

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500 Security Cameras to be Installed in East Jerusalem)
In East Jerusalem, 500 surveillance cameras will be installed at a cost of more than 100 million shekels. These are the neighborhoods east of the Bar Lev Avenue, from French Hill in the north to Har Homa in the south. It will take three years will be completed for the project. Police say the cameras will bring a sense of security for residents and tourists. In March of this year suffered 157 terror incidents Jews. This is a record. Jews are the most attacked the Jewish holy sites, including the City of David in Silwan, the Old City and the Mount of Olives.
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Leader of Sinai jihadist group-which fired rockets on Eilat killed in Egypt)
Shadi al-Menei, the leader of the group of jihadists in Sinai, was slain by unknown assailants. Also, five other members of the group are slain. Ansar Beit Al Maqdis was responsible for a rocket attack on Eilat. In January this year, the group carried out a bomb attack on a tourist bus in which three South Koreans and the bus driver were slain. The group has committed several bomb attacks.
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"If Syria Crosses the Golan Heights border, Assad will fall)
Despite the cuts in the IDF ensures Eshel commander of the Air Force that Israel can on any threat, especially from Syria. However, the IAF will reduce training and train as pilots. In July, the IAF receives the trainer Lavi model M-346, the Italian maker Alenia Aermacchi. But the pilots will only train them properly later. The training cost and the students will be put in a situation where they will participate in more operations. In addition, the corps headquarters will be operational restructuring. Eshel officer says Israel should be worried in the first place to air superiority.

Thursday, May 22, 2014 - Shin Bet arrests Palestinian who tried to kidnap Israelis

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Shin Bet Arrests Palestinian in Israel who tried to kidnap Israelis)
The Shin Bet arrested a terrorist from Islamic Jihad who was planning last month to kidnap an Israeli in Lower Galilee. It involves Murad Hassan Ali Hassin from Kabatia. He stayed illegally in Israel. In 2008 and 2009 he was already in an Israeli prison for plotting an attack on a soldier at a checkpoint. On April 19, 2014 he tried to enter a house in Avtalion near Karmiel. The aim was to hijack someone in exchange for Palestinian prisoners. The plan failed because he was chased away by residents. The suspect also confessed to have thrown firebombs at Israeli vehicles. He acted only known that he was trying to let other Palestinians participate. The Shin Beth points out the need to close gaps in the security fence to keep infiltrators out.
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Defense Official: 'Nakba Day' Video Likely Doctored)
An Israeli defense official says the 'Nakba Day' video probably edited. Tuesday the video came out and it was clear that the army shot dead a Palestinian during Nakba Day. The Israeli army is investigating the case continues. According to Israel, there was a life threatening situation and the army reacted correctly to them. Minister Lieberman wants no international investigation into the incident.
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Israel restricts right-wing Jewish activists for Pope's visit)
Israel restricted the movement of some right-wing Jewish activists fear they will disrupt the Pope's visit on 24-26 May. It is not known how many activists involved. The Pope will not travel in a bulletproof car, but in a normal car to be with the people as close as possible.
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Former Shabak Head: Tnuva Sale Could Endanger Israelis Security)
Former head of the Shin Beth, Efraim Halevy, criticized the sale of Tnuva to Bright Foods from China. He calls it a threat to Israel's national security. Food is a safety issue and not just money. Although Tnuva already spent several years in the hands of the British Apax Partners, Bright Foods is different. Bright Foods is owned by the Chinese government, which dictates company policy and not the investors. China itself adopted a law that prohibits foreign sales of food producers. Now, the deal is already around Israel must make sure that the food supply is protected.
Israel in the Dutch media: current news and views
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - Hamas is continuing battle against Israel

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Hamas' Meshaal vows to continuous fight against Israel)
Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal said that the struggle against Israel continues despite the cooperation with the PLO. Since April 23, Hamas and the PLO have reached an agreement. Five weeks after that date must be a unity government composed and six months national elections to be held later. Currently, the pact of the details are worked out in Doha. Hamas however has complained to the PA that it has arrested since April 23 members of Hamas.
The Price of Oslo ?? 933 Billion Shekels and Counting)
The cost of the Oslo Accords are twice as high as estimated fallen. Israel has had to pay 933 million shekels in 19 years. An overview of the costs:
  • Transfer of funds to the PA ?? 88 billion shekels
  • Additional costs for the Shin Beth ?? 37 billion shekels
  • Additional costs for the IDF ?? 300 billion shekels
  • Costs for police and car theft ?? 105 billion shekels
  • Renting civilian surveillance in Israel ?? 220 billion shekels
  • Construction security fence ?? 4.7 billion shekels
  • Loss of tourism revenue during the peak years of the terror ?? 150 billion shekels
  • Cost of evacuation of Jews from the Katief Block ?? 9.5 billion shekels
Notable are the extra costs of the army. Previously it was estimated that the army would have less expenses, but the opposite proved to be the case. Also, the number of dead is more Oslo for 19 years as compared to the 17 years before. In the period 1977-1993 357 Israelis were slain. In the period 1994-2012 were slain in 1159 Israelis.
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Silvan Shalom drops out of presidential race June 10)
Silvan Shalom has withdrawn as a candidate for the presidential election. If for some reason called Shalom that Prime Minister Netanyahu does not support it. If Netanyahu does not support him then he will not get the support of Lieberman. Lieberman's support is critical. Shalom was a major contender to become president until the allegations against him were expressed about sexual harassment. In early May, the case was withdrawn and he discussed with Netanyahu opportunity to return as a candidate. Shalom is now out of the race because Netanyahu does not support him, Rivlin is the only Likud candidate. The other candidate is Ben-Eliezer of Labor.
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Pope Plans Gesture Apologizing to Theodor Herzl)
Pope Francis plans to apologize for an historical error that the Vatican has made 110 years ago. Pope Pius X then refused Theodor Herzl assistance in the establishment of the Jewish state. Pope Francis will visit the grave of Herzl and lay a wreath on token of apology and the request for forgiveness.
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Gaza Terrorists Target IDF with Mortars, Bomb)
Two attacks on IDF troops near the security fence. In one attack, three mortars fired. In another attack a bomb was detonated. There are no injuries. However, an IDF bulldozer would be damaged. The IDF responded to the attack with shots.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - Israeli marines shoot at Palestinian fishing boats outside the zonee

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Navy Fires at Gaza Boats, Injuries Reported)
The Israeli navy has fired on Palestinian fishing boats that were outside the zone. The boats were slightly damaged and people were taken aboard for questioning. From Gaza is also still the message that two people were injured when they were shot by the Egyptian Navy. It is unclear whether it is the same boats. In late March, two boats destroyed by the Israeli navy which smuggled cigarettes.
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IDF chief announces freeze in reservist training amid financial crisis)
Commander Gantz said that the IDF will stop all her training for the reservists due the financial crisis within the IDF. Defense Minister Ya'alon recently two billion shekels extra asked for the army to continue basic operations. The Ministry of Finance rejected the application because the expenditures in 2014 have already reached a record high. According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the IDF issued 18.2 billion dollars in 2014, including funds from the US This puts Israel in 14th place in terms most expensive armies in the world.
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Maccabi Tel Aviv Victory Sparks Torrent or Anti-Semitic Abuse)
The victory of Maccabi Tel Aviv against Real Madrid at the European Championship basketball has led to a flood of anti-Semitic tweets in Spain. On twitter published texts such as ?? Jews to the oven ??, ?? Jews to the showers ??, etc. The OM declarations made in Spain against the anti-Semitic statements. In Milan Jewish supporters of Maccabi were already challenged by passersby carrying the Palestinian flag. A recent study of anti-Semitism in the world also shows that Spain after Greece and France the most anti-Semitic country in Europe. Spain and Jews concerned nevertheless already know what a bad history of anti-Semitism.
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Jerusalem Develops NIS 10 Million for Park Skaters)
In Jerusalem, opened a skate park. The skate park is located in the Gan Hapa'amon municipal park. It is 2.5 dunams large and has cost 10 million shekels. The young people of Jerusalem had asked for such a park because they are not allowed to skate on the streets. Young people from across the country will use the skate park.
Unlawful killing of two Palestinian teens outside Ofer)
Video shooting of two Palestinians who were slain last week by the IDF. The PLO calls it an execution. The IDF reports that the video recording did not give the correct picture of the situation. Go to the link above for the video.
Israel in the Dutch media: current news and views
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Monday, May 19, 2014 - Maccabi Tel Aviv European basketball champion

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Maccabi Tel Aviv crowned champion of Europe)
Maccabi Tel Aviv has become the 6th time European basketball champion. In the final in Milan was Real Madrid last night with 98-86 records. Real Madrid was considered invincible but still managed Maccabi. Earlier, the blue gels champion in 1977, 1981, 2001, 2004 and 2005.
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Knesset to Elect President in mid-June)
Knesset Chairman Edelstein will disclose in the course of the day, the date of the presidential election. This is expected to take place mid-June. Silvan Shalom has meanwhile been nominated. He has the support of Prime Minister Netanyahu.
MKs propose bill to allow Jewish prayer on Temple Mount)
MKs from Labor and the Likud will submit a bill which should result in Jews on the Temple Mount to pray. They want the same freedom for religion as is the case in the Cave of Machpelah in Hebron where Jews and Arabs share the holy place. Lately it is restless on the Temple Mount in which Arab youths throw stones at Jews who want to pray on the Temple Mount. To prevent further unrest is expected that Netanyahu would therefore be against the bill. If the proposal is rejected Miri Regev of the Likud will turn to the Supreme Court to resolve the sensitive issue. In an effort to reduce the tension on the Temple Mount, the bill prohibits incidentally demonstrations. It is also proposed to a person who let another person bothers to pray to 50,000 shekels pay fines.
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Trains May be Exposed to Gaza Rockets, Video Shows)
From a video of terrorists from Gaza shows that she trains in southern Israel as a target for pick rocket attacks. The IDF is very worried about that. The video recording was made in Beit Hanoun and is just a few hundred meters from the trains. The IDF is trying to figure out how to prevent an attack with a missile or anti-tank missile. In 2011 a 16 year old school boy was slain when a missile hit the school bus in which he was sitting. Last December in Sederot opened a new train station. This station is being protected from rocket attacks.
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Pope Will 'Recognize Palestine, Call to End Occupation)
According to PA and Arab officials Pope begins his visit in Bethlehem and not in Israel to send a political signal ?? recognizing Palestine ?? and ?? against the occupation. ?? Rabbi Sergio Bergman, who is a member of the Argentine parliament and a friend of the Pope, also said in February that the Pope's commitment to the Palestinian struggle. The mass prayer service is moreover not held in Jerusalem but in Bethlehem. It is also notable that the Pope says nothing about the precarious situation of Christians in Bethlehem but it criticizes attacks on the Jewish price tag.
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Israeli, Chinese universities to collaborate on nanotechnology)
Israeli and Chinese universities will cooperate in the field of nanotechnology. It involves the Tel Aviv University and Beijing's Tsinghua University. For the research project 300 million dollars set aside. It is at first mainly for medical and optical applications in the field of nanotechnology. Later ao also focused on raw materials, water treatment and the environment. Incidentally, the two countries are now traded for 8.4 billion dollars. The advantage of the cooperation between the two countries is that they are not competitors. Israel focuses on high-tech and China on major infrastructure projects. Thus, China will be involved in the construction of the railway between Tel Aviv and Eilat.
Israel tenth on list of global weapons exporters)
Israel is on the 10th place of arms exporters. The list is headed by the US Strong growing China at 4th place behind Russia and Germany.
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Sunday, May 18, 2014 - Israel and the US hold their biennial missile defense exercise

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Israel, US holding joint missile defense drill)
Israel and the US hold their biennial missile defense exercise. About 1,000 US soldiers arrive in Israel today for exercise. On Thursday it was announced that the air forces of the US and Israel will hold a joint exercise that lasts until next week. No further details are brought out. In March proposed to include an American general for Israel enhances its anti-missile systems by Jordan and possibly Egypt. Both countries also feel some threat of long-range missiles from Syria and Iran. Aqaba in Jordan also suffers from short-range missiles from Sinai. So Israel can add an extra layer to their defenses.
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IDF Arrests Thirteen Terrorists Overnight)
The IDF has 13 Arab terrorists arrested in connection with the tensions of recent times in Judea and Samaria. They were arrested for "illegal activities". The arrests took place in Hebron, Bethlehem and two Arab settlements north of Ramallah. The IDF carries out stringent checks out since the death of two Palestinians during Nakba Day.
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Wiesel: World hasnt learned enough from the Holocaust)
Elie Wiesel today opened the Holocaust Cellar ?? ?? in Romania. It is the first Holocaust education center in Romania. Wiesel said in his speech that the world has not yet learned enough about the Holocaust but that it eventually will happen. The education center is in Sighet where Wiesel grew in the period before the Holocaust.
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Syrian army launches new offensive near Israeli border)
The Syrian army is Friday launched an offensive against the rebel forces on the Golan. Goal is to Kuneitra region in the south to regain hands. There are intense aerial bombardment in progress and there are hundreds of missiles fired at the villages.
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In Pictures: Celebrating Lag Ba'omer in Meron)
Saturday Jewish pilgrims came to the tomb of Rabbi Bar Yochai in Meron to celebrate Lag Ba'Omer. For a photo gallery in the link above.
New article ?? Opinion Israel 86: fourth world very anti-Semitic
The Anti-Defamation League conducted a poll of more than 50,000 people in 102 countries worldwide on anti-Semitism. It shows that 26% of the world anti-Semitism is deeply rooted. Read more: Opinion Israel 86: fourth world very anti-Semitic.
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Shabbat May 17, 2014

No news is being gathered today because of the Jewish day of rest. Who wants to know more about the Shabbat and how it is celebrated, I refer to: Shabbat from A to Z. For Shabbat times in the article: Shabbat times. For Parsja of the week go to:

Friday, May 16, 2014 - Police set against drones in price tag attacks

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Security Forces Use Drones to Monitor 'Price Tag' Suspect)
The Israeli police will deploy drones to track down perpetrators of price tag attacks. The police have Harel Koren who was arrested in March because he was an Arab orchard would have destroyed, followed by a drone. They made recordings of him and could arrest him. The question is whether the police ever drones should deploy as soon as a teenage graffiti on the wall spray. According to Ben Gvir the police should not act under pressure from politicians and the media have to look at the seriousness of the crime. The use of drones against attacks price tag is way too heavy and expensive.
Latest news Israel-Iran: a military strike Israel / US?
UN says Iran is expanding its missile program: News about Israel-Iran - May 16, 2014.
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Security Reinforcements Dispatched After 'Nakba Day' Riots)
There are additional security forces Friday to Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem will be ahead of the funeral of two Palestinians who yesterday were shot by the IDF. The two were shot dead after they had broken through the barricades at the Sacrifice prison. About 150 militants wanted to perform pressure on Israel to release terrorists. They were shot at with rubber bullets. Thursday several dozen Arabs demonstrated in the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. An Israeli flag was burned and four stone throwers were arrested. Netanyahu says Israel has many answers to the Nakba Day, such as the building of the state and Jerusalem, and the Jewish Nation State Bill.
Housing Minister sees 50% more settlers in the West Bank by 2019)
Minister of Housing Ariel believes that in 2019 approximately 50% more Jews in Judea and Samaria now lives. He estimates the number of Jews between 550 000 and 600 000. Currently 400 000 Jews living in Yesha. East Jerusalem he estimates the number to 300000-350000 Jews. The number of Palestinians in East Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria is 2.5 million.
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April sees 14% rise in tourist entries to Israel)
Around 385 000 tourists have visited Israel in April. Of these, 342 000 were more than one night in Israel. This is 14% more than in 2013, 16% more than in 2012 and 31% higher than in 2011. In January-April 2014 are 1.16 million tourists visited Israel. That is 5% more than in 2013 over the same period. Tourism Minister Landau expected with the arrival of the Pope to Israel at the end of May, more tourists will come to Israel.

Thursday, May 15, 2014 - Hail in Israel for talks on security

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US Defense Secretary Hagel lands in Israel for security talks)
US Secretary of Defense Hagel arrived in Israel to discuss security issues and financial assistance to the IDF. In the two days he visits Israel he met with Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Peres and Defense Minister Ya'alon. The IDF hopes that a deal occurs after 2017. In 2007 a contract was given for 10 years to 2017. With this deal, Israel will receive 30 billion dollars to be largely devoted to US military stuff. It is difficult to establish a budget for 2018 and 2019 if it is not clear what funds are available.
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PM: We'll Take Peace With Just Half the PALESTINIANS)
In an interview with Japanese media said Netanyahu John Kerry asked him if he was prepared to deal with half of the Palestinian peace and Netanyahu said that, for lack of a better option, Israel was willing to do this. Unfortunately, Abbas has the option made more difficult after he concluded a treaty with Hamas, which calls for the destruction of Israel. Abbas must choose between peace with Israel or Hamas. Netanyahu hopes that Abbas chooses Israel. Last night Kerry has incidentally met with Abbas. Kerry says that remains open the door to peace. Livni will today have a meeting with Kerry.
Two PALESTINIANS killed in Nakba Day protests in the West Bank)
When Palestinian Nakba Day demonstrations during his two slain Palestinians by the IDF. It happened outside Ofer prison near Ramallah. According to the Palestinians, the IDF shot with sharp. But the IDF said that alone was shot with rubber bullets and that resources are deployed to disperse the crowd.
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2013 a Record Year for Jerusalem Construction)
At this time, in Jerusalem built to about 4,000 new homes. Minister Ariel says gone are the construction and marketing plans. Mayor Nir Barkat of Jerusalem says it is set a new record in 2013 for the start house building and the delivery of new homes. In 2013 began with 3442 new houses. That is a new record in 20 years. In 2012 it was 2470 houses and in 2011 to 2360 homes. In 2013, 2430 new houses were completed. In 2012 it was 1769 houses and in 2011 to 1360 homes.
Stone Muslims, Christians Attack at Church Near Bethlehem)
Christian Arabs from the village of El-Khader near Bethlehem were attacked by local Muslims as they celebrated the Christian holiday last week. They were attacked with stones and rocks when she entered the St. George monastery. A Christian guard was stabbed and seven were injured by stones. The police only arrived after an hour. Muslims have long been concerned with the expulsion of Christians. For the 1948 war Ramallah and Bethlehem were mostly Christian. Today, the vast majority of the population is Muslim. El Khader attack Muslims to Jews.
Demolition in Maalech Rechav'am)
Images of the destruction of outpost Maaleh Rechav'am which took place yesterday. Go to the link above.
Israel in the Dutch media: current news and views
Israel in the Dutch media - May 15, 2014, click here.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - IDF prepares major evacuation of three outposts for

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IDF prepares to evacuate three illegal settlement outposts)
The IDF is preparing for the biggest evacuation of outposts since the last few years. The IDF will consult with representatives of the residents of Samaria, Goesh Etzion and Benjamin, to leave the 28 illegal buildings voluntarily. Of the 28 buildings, 16 are inhabited. Consultation takes place six months after the Supreme Court had determined that the outposts had to be evacuated. The residents of three outposts refuse to leave the premises before May 18th. Presumably the army will go on Thursday night to vacate. The army expects resistance and price tag actions against the army and Palestinians.
Court Order Stops Judea Demolition at Zerohour)
The Supreme Court has at the last moment decided that the evacuation of Ma'aleh Rehavam outpost in Goesh Etzion falls through. The army and police were already en route to the outpost that should have been cleared for Sunday. The residents have submitted evidence to the Supreme Court that the land was purchased. Last night there were already Jewish youths to Goesh Etzion continued to prevent the evacuation and destruction of the outpost. They blocked the main road to the outpost in order to delay the arrival of the army.
Update: the evacuation is still continued by order of the Supreme Court. Eleven buildings have been destroyed.
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WATCH: New robotic system seeks to meet threats posed by landmines, explosives)
Israel Aerospace Industries has yesterday presented the new Sahar robot system. This unmanned device can be used against land mines and explosives. The system was developed together with Kinetic North America and Watairpoll LTD. Sahar is a fully autonomous system, with the ability to perform various operations, such as the detection of land mines, the handling of improvised explosive devices, and various other threats, and to remove them. Currently this work is still done by ground crews with remote controlled robots that will cost a lot of time and also poses a danger to the staff because it must be done as close. This problem is now solved with the new robot system. For its operation, see the video at the link above.
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MDA offers help after 238 dead, many trapped after blast at Turkish coal mine)
Magen David Adom has offered Turkey assistance for the mining disaster that took place and which have been counted so far 238 deaths in that country. The Turks have not yet responded to the offer but nevertheless MDA is prepared to provide help. My disasters are more frequent in Turkey where the working conditions are bad.
Israel in the Dutch media: current news and views
Israel in the Dutch media - May 14, 2014, click here.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was sentenced to six years in prison

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LIVE: Former PM Ehud Olmert jailed for six years for graft)
Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has to 6 years in prison and one million shekels pay fines for taking bribes in the Holyland affair. These real estate corruption scandal is the biggest in the history of Israel. It is also the first time in Israel's history that a former prime minister to prison. Olmert denies still guilty.
Prisons Service Expects Olmert 'Headache')
The prison service expects major problems in securing Ehud Olmert. As a former prime minister he has knowledge of state secrets and is therefore vulnerable to blackmail by other prisoners. Possibly a separate department should be built where it just gets stuck. The Shin Beth determines the circumstances in which the former prime minister will sit. If it is determined that he is not confined to Arabs should sit then there is a problem because no cell block in Israel meets that condition.
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IDF: We need NIS 2 billion or we suspend operations)
Defence says to need extra money to train soldiers, but the Ministry of Finance said that the defense spending already the largest in the history of Israel. The IDF says two billion shekels to have extra needed to defend the country and to carry out operations. Does the money does not have to ground troops stop exercising and even perhaps the Air Force. The Ministry of Finance says that last October an injection of 2.75 billion dollars was given in exchange for no extra money until the end of 2014. It also says the ministry of finance in recent years is the least dangerous for Israel so No extra money is needed. Incidentally, the IDF is already cut. Thus in 1000 professional soldiers were dismissed and there will be another 4500 followed. There are also fewer reservists called up. It is expected that Netanyahu after his return from Japan defense will rely so there will be extra money put on the table for defense as has happened in previous years.
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Netanyahu: If Fatah-Hamas unity deal signed, we'll hold Abbas responsible for every rocket)
During his visit in Japan said Netanyahu hoped that Hamas and the PA will dissolve the agreement so that real peace talks can take place again. He holds President Abbas responsible for any rocket that is fired at Israel while it continues its cooperation with Hamas. Jerusalem is lobbying the international community to nullify the agreement between Hamas and PA. If the agreement is terminated, Israel will return to the negotiating table. The EU says that ?? only a Palestinian government of independent individuals who are not violent, previous agreements and accept Israel's right to exist will be acceptable for us. ??
Review articles Judea and Samaria, Jordan Valley and Jerusalem + link
Improvised Bomb lobbed at IDF; 11 Terrorists Arrested)
In Jenin, the IDF arrested early this morning 11 terrorists. A terror attack was narrowly thwarted when a terrorist threw a makeshift bomb at IDF troops. Here no injuries. Security forces have also other improvised weapons seized. Jenin is a breeding ground for terrorism. Last month, two pipe bombs were found during an arrest. In March, two terrorists were slain.
Israel in the Dutch media: current news and views
Israel in the Dutch media - May 13, 2014, click here.
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Monday, May 12, 2014 - Lapid remain in the government despite deadlock in the peace process

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Lapid defends decision to stay in government Despite impasse in peace talks)
For members of the Yesh Atied party Yair Lapid defended his decision to remain in the government despite the impasse in the peace process. He wants to put the peace process back on track. The future of the peace process depends on Abbas' decision to form a unity government with Hamas. Lapid thinks we should remain calm despite the numerous crises in the peace process.
Terror Cell Planned Kidnapping Attacks from Prison)
The Shin Bet have arrested a terrorist cell that was planning to carry out a series of kidnappings after their release from prison. The attack, which was in the planning stage, would have to take place in April 2014. Abd al-Rahman Uthman, Issam Zin-Eddin and another prisoner, Ibd Alatim Ibd Alhaq started planning the kidnapping from behind the walls of an Israeli prison in 2012, according to research by the Shin Beth. The three recruited several fellow terrorists in prison, as well as funds from Hamas, weapons and other supplies to carry out their attack after their release. They would steal a vehicle and have an encounter with a "sponsor" for the terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia, and also abduct soldiers at the Ariel, Yitzhar, and Hawara nodes in Samaria. Communication was done via mobile phones that had been smuggled into the prison by relatives who visited the imprisoned terrorists.
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Netanyahu 'Desperate to Block Rivlin Presidency)
According to political analysts do Netanyahu frantic efforts to avoid Reuven Rivlin will be elected in the coming weeks as the new president. Peres' term ends in July and 30 to 90 days a new president is chosen. Netanyahu wants a delay of six months to change the system of government and election. For the legislation are three options: to abolish the office of president, change the whole system of government into a presidential system, the law changed so that the largest faction in the Knesset after the parliamentary elections will have the task of forming the government. Netanyahu Rivlin sees as hostile to him and fears that this someone else will choose to form the government and not Netanyahu. There are also sounds to hear the president by the people should be chosen as the parliamentary elections.
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Netanyahu in Japan: You have North Korea, we have Iran)
Netanyahu is for a four-day working visit to Japan. The aim is to strengthen ties with Japan on finance and business matters. During a speech, the prime minister drew a parallel between the two countries. Japan is threatened by North Korea and Israel by Iran. North Korea already has nuclear weapons, and Iran will have nuclear weapons. Japan and Israel must work according to Netanyahu to resist their enemies. The Prime Minister has today met with his colleague Shinzo Abe would have insisted on the continuation of the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.
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Judea: Jewish homes bulldozed, Illegal Arab Building Ignored)
The IDF this morning has three buildings in Yissa Beracha, an extension of Mitspe Jericho destroyed. It was a two buildings a chicken coop. Yissa Beracha was founded 3.5 years ago. According to the Civiele Directors buildings were built without permission. But on the other side are countless illegal Bedouin settlements that remain untouched. The Jewish residents say they continue to fulfill the word of God which the mission to the Jews has given the whole land of Israel to inhabit.
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WATCH: New laser cannon burns holes through boat)
Recently a successful test with 'Adam', a new military project involving a high energy laser beam is fired at the target and thereby inflicts great damage. The weapon was developed by Lockheed Martin. In the test a small boat was destroyed in a few seconds. It is also possible to eliminate the laser beam short-range rockets from Gaza and Lebanon. Unmanned aircraft and small boats can be the target of the new weapon. The ADAM weapon system can pinpoint a target at five kilometers and two kilometers are effective. The weapon is a major breakthrough in laser technology for military purposes. In the above link to see a video.
Israel in the Dutch media: current news and views
Israel in the Dutch media - May 12, 2014, click here.
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Sunday, May 11, 2014 - Critical pronunciation Amos Oz who calls wanton young Jewish neo-Nazis

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MK Suggests 'Modern Anti-Semite' Prize for Amos Oz)
In response to a comment by the writer Amos Oz ?? Hill top youth ?? and the price tag attackers neo-Nazis set Knesset Shuli Moallem of the Jewish Home for Oz to a 'Modern Antisemitism Price' to reach out. Moallem said that these young people also have grandparents who perished in the death camps. For this reason, the comparison with neo-Nazis is incorrect. Other members of the Jewish House criticized Amos Oz.
WHO report: Israel ranks 12th in air pollution)
Israel is according to the World Health Organization on the 12th place in countries where most pollution occurs. On the 1st place is Afghanistan. Ashkelon is the most polluted city in Israel with a PM10 level of 75. After that Modi'in, Beer Sheva and Beith Shemesh, Tel Aviv, Rehovot and Ashdod. The lowest air pollution in cities is found in Hadera and Haifa. By comparison, Berlin and Paris have only one level of 24. The air pollution in cities is increasing compared to previous years. Worldwide, 3.7 million people die because of air pollution.
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Tel Aviv woman caught trying to Smuggle PALESTINIANS into Israel in trunk)
When Hotze Shomron intersection is a woman from Tel Aviv arrested for trying to smuggle two Palestinians in Israel her car. The men lay in the trunk of the car. Because the car behind really sagged wanted the police to stop the car but the woman ignored the stop sign. Later, the car came to a halt and yet the police discovered the Palestinians in the car. The 23-year-old woman smuggled the Palestinians supposedly in exchange for money. There were also three children of the woman in the car. Except the woman are also Palestinians detained.
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Newsweek Reporter Defends Israeli Spying Allegations)
Jeff Stein, the Newsweek reporter who recently wrote a controversial article in which Israel accused of spying on the US, maintains its position. He has his story of a former CIA agent who reported that Israel was spying on former vice president Al Gore when he was in Israel. "A US Secret Service agent was enjoying a moment of solitude in Gore's suite, using the bathroom, When He heard the sound of scraping metal," said Stein. "He saw someone trying to remove the guy from the inside, and just saw his head emerging from the air shaft." "Because he could not do much in the position he was in At That moment, he just coughed - driving the intruder back into the air shaft." This story seems as Amos Yadlin, former head of Israeli military intelligence, on something that may have occurred 50 years ago. Today the secret services work if not more. Yadlin said Israel since the Pollard affair no longer spy on the US.
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IDF Declares Syrian border area a closed military zone as fighting nears Israeli Golan)
Israel has declared the area at Kuneitra to closed military area due to fighting between the forces of Assad and the rebels. The last few days which have accentuated. The IDF fears that grenades and gunfire will come across the border. However, the daily routine of the inhabitants of the Golan will remain unchanged at this time. According to estimates by the IDF have Syrian troops two sites under control. The rest is in the hands of the rebels. When the rebels Kuneitra get their hands than the Syrian army has apparently lost control on the border with Israel. The IDF holds the 210de Bashan territorial division on hand should it go wrong at the border.
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Shabbat May 10, 2014

No news is being gathered today because of the Jewish day of rest. Who wants to know more about the Shabbat and how it is celebrated, I refer to: Shabbat from A to Z. For Shabbat times in the article: Shabbat times. For Parsja of the week go to:

Friday, May 9, 2014 - Netanyahu: Jewish calendar now official calendar of the Jewish state; Talmud as the basis for the Israeli state law

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Report: Netanyahu Promises Will Be Talmud Israeli Law)
During the Likud conference, Netanyahu said that the Jewish calendar is now the official calendar of the Jewish state. He wants to capture this in the Basic Law. This is to give shape to Israel as a Jewish state. The Talmud law will serve as a basis for the Israeli state law.
Jerusalem church defaced weeks before pope visit)
A price tag attack took place at a church in the Old City of Jerusalem. Standing at the wall of the church 'price tag' written. The attack comes a few weeks before the visit of the Pope to Israel. Yesterday we informed you already that the police and the Shin Bet consider a big price tag attack when the Pope is in Israel.
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Shots Fired into Gush Etzion Overnight)
Early this morning are shots fired at the religious Kibbutz Migdal Oz in Efrat in Goesh Etzion. There was no damage and no injuries. The IDF is looking for two suspects. This is the second shooting incident this week. Wednesday a house in Psagot was shot.
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Israel fails to reach finals of Eurovision song contest)
Israel does for the fourth year in a row did not participate in the final of the Eurovision song contest. Mei Finegold know the number ?? Same Heart ?? failed to reach the final. Israel has previously won the contest three times. The Jewish state is doing with it since 1973.

Thursday, May 8, 2014 - Minister Ariel sees price tag attacks not as terrorism but as vandalism

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Ariel: Price Tag Is not Terrorism, Rocks and Fire Bombs Are)
Minister Uri Ariel criticizes the ministers Livni and Aharonovitch the price tag attacks equate terrorism. Ariel says that the vandalism is and is not comparable to throwing stones and firebombs as do Arabs. Nevertheless, he sees price tag attacks as serious crimes.
Israel fears rightists might carry out massive hate crime constantly papal visit)
Israeli police and the Shin Beth fear right extremist Jews will perform a major hate crime during the visit of the Pope to Israel. Target is the Christian population of Israel and the Christian sites in the country. The police will deploy extra security. The Roman Catholic Church in Jerusalem, who prepared the visit of the pope, has also sounded the alarm. It all has to do with the recent price tag attacks by suspected extreme Jews including Christian targets in Israel.
Israel underwater: Rescues in south, heavy rain in center)
Israel is plagued by heavy rains. Especially in the south of the country the situation is bad. There are roads blocked. In the Arava 70 American tourists get stuck. They get help from emergency services to evacuate them. The temperatures were very high in recent days have dropped considerably. Spring storm comes once in a time. It is a combination of air flow out of West Africa, and the region of the equator, and invasion of cold air from Turkey.
Groups: Eilat Railroad a Big Waste of Money)
Environmental groups are opposed to the construction of a railway to Eilat. They find it a big waste of money. That money could be better spent to construct railways in cities that are less harmful to the environment. According to them, only 3 million people a year will use the railway to Eilat. Many desert animals will come to life when they come into contact with the trains.
Latest news Israel-Iran: a military strike Israel / US?
Former Israeli nuclear chief: Netanyahu makes Israeli public wrongly worried about Iran: News about Israel-Iran - May 8, 2014.
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Israel in the Dutch media - May 8, 2014, click here.
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - Price tag attacks continue unabated

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Officials to hold emergency meeting after latest 'price tag' attack in Yokne'am)
Again it has a price tag attack occurred in Israel. This time it happened to Yokne'am. On the building of a dental practice was the text ?? Death to Arabs ?? and ?? Greetings to Fureidis, price tag ??. Officials will hold an emergency meeting in response to the latest set price tag incidents.
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Palestinian forces bust terror cell looking to attack Jewish-Israelis)
Palestinian security forces have uncovered a terrorist cell in Kalkilya in November 2013. Four men were arrested. Eventually the terrorists in Israeli hands up. One member of the cell was told a complaint with the court in Lod. The three other members are persecuted by the military court in Judea and Samaria. They are all accused of making weapons and carrying out terror attacks against Israeli Jews.
Overview articles ?? Polls and on Israel / Palestinians + link
'Two thirds of Israelis agree with decision to halt talks after Hamas, Fatah unity)
A poll by The Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University shows that 68% of Jewish Israelis agree with the decision of the Government to suspend talks with the Palestinians are Hamas and the PA have concluded an agreement on reconciliation; 27% it does not agree. It also appears that 56% of Jewish Israelis do not agree with the vision of President Obama that both parties are to blame for the failure of the peace talks; 39% do agree with the views of Obama.
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'Code Red' Alarm Sounds in Several Negev Communities)
Last night went code red alarm ?? ?? off in different communities in the Negev. This is a sign that rockets from Gaza are fired. But there are no rockets were found. So there was no damage and no injuries. The Ministry of Defense and the IDF investigate the false alarm.
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Egypt's Sisi Demands Recognize Israel 'Palestine')
Former commander of the Egyptian army and possibly new President of Egypt says Israel Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital must recognize else he will not visit Israel. He says he will abide by the peace agreement which both countries have concluded with each other.
New article ?? Opinion Israel 85: agreement Hamas - PA 2014
In April, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have signed an agreement which will be held over several weeks parliamentary elections. Read more: Opinion Israel 85: agreement Hamas - PA 2014.
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Israel in the Dutch media - May 7, 2014, click here.
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - Israel celebrates 66 years of independence

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Israel celebrates its 66th Independence Day)
Israel celebrates its 66th Independence Day. Most people will visit national parks and military bases. The Air Force will also give a demonstration and find the National Bible Quiz place. President Peres will honor 120 outstanding soldiers.
Photo Essay: Israeli Independence Day 66)
Israel National News has made a photo collage of the 66th Independence Day in Israel. Go to the link above.
Swastika 'price tag' scrawled on tombstone of Rabbi in the Galilee)
The grave of Rabbi Halafta was the target of a price tag attack. On the grave is a swastika and the text ?? Price tag will be paid ??. The grave is outside the Arab village of Maghar in Galilee. Rabbi Halafta was a student of Rabbi Akiva in the second century BCE.
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Security Jeep Attacked in Eastern Jerusalem)
Last night in East Jerusalem, an army jeep was attacked by 30 masked men with stones and bottles of paint. The Jeep was heavily damaged but no injuries. Silwan has lately been the scene of frequent riots. For example, were found in January two bombs. In March, councilor Moshe Lion stoned.
Likud Convention May Vote on Temple Mount Prayer)
Possibly the Likud will vote on allowing Jews from praying on the Temple Mount. Wednesday will determine whether the case will be discussed. The Likud will meet Wednesday and Thursday.
Overview posts Judaism + link
Eitan Amos, 18, of Toronto Wins Bible Contest)
The annual Bible quiz has been won by Eitan Amos from Toronto. He is the first Canadian to win the quiz. Until eleven years he lived in Israel.

Monday, May 5, 2014 - In Israel today commemorated the tens of thousands of war and terror victims

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Tens of thou sands to honor fallen IDF soldiers and terror victims)
In Israel today commemorated the thousands of victims of war and terror. At 11 pm Israeli time the sirens go off across the country and everyone is two minutes of silence. The 52 military cemeteries will be crowded today. On the Mount Herzl will President Peres, Prime Minister Netanyahu and chief Gantz present. Defense Minister Ya'alon will be on the military Kiriat Shaul cemetery in Tel Aviv. It will be a tough day for many because there is currently a heat wave in Israel with temperatures well above 30 degrees.
Terror victim to Netanyahu: You're freeing our children's killers)
At the moment that Netanyahu wanted to make a speech on the occasion of the commemoration of war and terror victims on Mount Herzl, he was interrupted by families of terror victims who disagree with the policies of the government Netanyahu to release Palestinian terrorists. Rami Cohen shouted that the murderers of their children to be released. After the ceremony, he told reporters that his fourteen years at home is wounded and can not function. Netanyahu still just held his speech and spoke about the terrorism which is going on for almost 100 years. He also explained that the release of terrorists for everyone is difficult.
3,000 attend Israeli-Palestinian alternative Remembrance Day ceremony)
Tel Aviv for the ninth time an alternative commemoration organized. Here do both Jews and Arabs and Palestinians along. The alternative commemoration is becoming increasingly popular. Attempting more empathy and mutual respect to bring both peoples. Both Israelis and Palestinians have held speeches. Some 20 to 30 Israelis protested outside the conference center at this commemoration. They find that the Jews who are able to participate should be ashamed.
Israeli police say 'major development' in murder investigation of Afula girl)
Israeli police say is almost clear who Shelly Dadon last Thursday killed. Probably involves nationalistic motives, but criminal motives are not entirely ruled out. The police hope the perpetrators within days to have to address. Coming Saturday Shelly Dadon will be buried.
Latest news Israel-Iran: a military strike Israel / US?
Iran and six world powers begin talks in New York: News about Israel-Iran - May 5, 2014.
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Sunday, May 4, 2014 - Former Shin Bet chief: Israel not planning on stopping price tag attacks

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Former Shin Bet chief: Israel doesnâ ?? superintendents to stop price tag ?? attacks)
According to the former head of the Shin Bet, Carmi Gillon, the domestic intelligence service, the price tag attacks do stop but did not need it. As the head of the Shin Beth decides to do something about it then it will succeed. Gillon cites the struggle of the Shin Bet against the Jewish underground. But the price tag attacks lack the will. Recently reported the head of the police are that the police will do their utmost to catch the perpetrators of price tag attacks.
Tightens Security at IDF Judea-Samaria Checkpoints for Holidays)
The IDF has controls at the checkpoints in Judea and Samaria tightened in connection with the commemoration of the victims of war and terror and in connection with Israel's Independence Day. Tonight begins the commemoration of the victims. Monday night begins Independence Day. Tuesday the additional controls will again be over.
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IDF deploys Patriot battery in Eilat)
The IDF has placed a battery of Patriot missiles at Eilat. It replaces the Hawk platform. The placement of the Patriot battery was already halfway through April. It has an advanced radar system and is able to take ballistic missiles, enemy aircraft and unmanned planes. Israel has Patriot missile used during the First Gulf War.
Overview Israel deceased persons + link
Israeli icon, director, writer, actor Assi Dayan laid to rest)
Assi Dayan, son of Moshe Dayan, is today moshav Nahlal buried. Thursday morning he was deceased due to health problems and drug addiction. He became 68 years old. He was an actor, writer and director. He leaves his mother Ruth, a sister and a brother, and three children.
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Maccabi Tel Aviv beats rivals to retain Israeli title)
Maccabi Tel Aviv, the football team technical director Jordi Cruyff, has become for the second year in a row champion of Israel. The defeated Hapoel Beer Sheva, the nearest competitor, this weekend with 2-1. This implies that Maccabi has a lead of 13 points. This is sufficient for the three remaining matches.
Israel in the Dutch media: current news and views
Israel in the Dutch media - May 4, 2014, click here.
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Shabbat May 3, 2014

No news is being gathered today because of the Jewish day of rest. Who wants to know more about the Shabbat and how it is celebrated, I refer to: Shabbat from A to Z. For Shabbat times in the article: Shabbat times. For Parsja of the week go to:
Information will follow after the Shabbat could there have been significant developments.

Friday, May 2, 2014 - Possible terrorist attack in Migdal Ha'emek

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20-year-old girl stabbed to death in possible terror attack)
A 20 year old woman was stabbed to death. The police suspect that it is a terrorist attack. It's about Shelly Danon. Her body was found in a parking lot in Migdal Ha'emek. Although police does not exclude other motives they still assumes a terrorist act. The Shin Beth is involved in the research. Shelly was on his way to a job interview in Migdal Ha'emek. The place where her body was found was near the spot where the body of murdered taxi driver Yafim Weinstein was found in 2009. When arrested seven Arabs from Nazareth.
Israel prepares to mourn 23.169 casualties of war and terrorism)
Sunday Israel commemorates the victims of war and terror. Israel now has a total of 23 169 victims since 1860. Since last year, there are 57 new victims were added. Also, 50 disabled soldiers deceased as a result of their disability. The number of affected family members amounts to 17 038, of which 2141 and 4966 creatures IDF widows. Sunday evening at 8 o'clock the siren goes off for 1 minute. Monday at 11:00 am, the siren goes two minutes. That day will also be held at 52 military cemeteries ceremonies.
Two Suspected 'price tag' attacks: Arab women attacked; cemetery vandalized)
Again, two price tag attacks occurred. Tiberias yesterday was an Arab woman with pepper spray attacked by a religious Jewish boy of 14 years. And today an Arab cemetery was defaced with graffiti. Police are investigating both cases.
Review articles Israel and Egypt + link
Policeman killed, three wounded in twin suicide bombings in Sinai)
At El Tur in Sinai has been a double attack. In one attack was slain and one policeman were three policemen and one soldier wounded. In the other attack killed four wounded. In a third attack was slain one policeman and there were at least three wounded.
Israel in the Dutch media: current news and views
Israel in the Dutch media - May 2, 2014, click here.

Thursday, May 1, 2014 - Clinton says Israel then offered the Temple Mount to the PA

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Clinton: Israel Offered the Temple Mount to the PA)
According to former President Clinton in 2000, the Temple Mount, Israel offered to the PA. It was then negotiated between Prime Minister Barak and President Arafat. There was disagreement only about 16 meters from the Western Wall. This 16 meter led to the Western Wall tunnels. During the negotiations, Israel gave the PA 95% of Judea and Samaria, and 100% of Gaza. The PA would also gain control over East Jerusalem and most of the Old City. But Yasser Arafat rejected the offer and began the Second Intifada in which more than 1,000 Israelis were slain.
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Netanyahu pushing Basic Law defining Israel as Jewish state)
Netanyahu said he plans to introduce a new Basic Law on the status of Israel as a Jewish state in order to anchor it as legal. According to him, Israel will always respect the equal rights of all citizens. He says it strange to find that people who advocate withdrawal from Judea and Samaria in order to maintain the Jewish character of the state are opposed to defining Israel as a Jewish state. This long term undermines Israel's right to exist.
Police Chief: We are Determined to Make Arrests in 'price tag' attacks)
The head of the Israeli police said that the police will do everything they can to track down the perpetrators of price tag attacks. Yochanan Danino says convinced that arrests will follow. Yesterday, the US State Department announced that Israel is not doing enough against attacks by Jewish extremists against Palestinians.
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IDF to Investigate social media protest over Nahal soldier incident in Hebron)
The army led by the IDF investigates the social media protest regarding the Nachal soldier in Hebron. The soldier would have erroneously pointing a gun at two Palestinians. Initially it seemed that the IDF leadership had therefore punished him and it appeared protests on Facebook. But in reality the Nachal soldier was punished for something else. Nevertheless, the army leadership does not want these things to be fought on social media. When soldiers complaints which they can submit to their commanders.
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