Nice trips in Drenthe

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Age-old landscape, beautiful farms, dolmens, natural .... Also in Drenthe has plenty to do and you can enjoy cycling and walking. Below you can find all sorts of tips for a day or weekend Drenthe.

What is there to do?

Especially walking and cycling is quite possible in this beautiful province. But there are also plenty of sights and attractions to visit. I have a few tips for a fun day or a weekend.


  • Assen Traffic: Children can playfully learn the traffic rules. There are also boats, a play castle, and more.
  • Recreation Drouwenerzand Drouwen: A park with fun attractions for children such as bumper cars, trampolines, a mule track, etc ... Includes unlimited coffee, tea, soup, fries, hot dog, ice creams etc.
  • Sprookjeshof Zuidlaren: Fairy tale park, a playground and a petting zoo. For parents there is a casino, among others.
  • Emmen Zoo: Nice zoo with butterfly garden.
  • Butterfly paradise Papiliorama Havelte: A tropical indoor garden with all kinds of beautiful butterflies from distant lands and exotic flowers.


  • Sheep Balloërveld Balloo: You see here the largest flock of Drenthe Heath sheep
  • Van Gogh house New Amsterdam Veenoord: The only open for public work and residence of van Gogh. You can tour about his time in Drenthe.
  • Farm Behind Ansen, Ansen: At the farm you can enjoy all kinds of animals: goats, sheep, ducks, donkeys, a pig, cow, etc ...
  • Mill Sterrenberg Nijeveen: This mill is open to visitors every Saturday, other days by appointment.

Parks and gardens:

  • Boswachterij Exloo: This nature reserve is located on the Drenth Serbian Hondsrug. Coniferous and deciduous woods, shifting sands and open heathland alternate making it a great area for walking and cycling. You will also find dolmen D30.
  • Forestry Gieten-Borger: You'll find the treetop where you can walk through the treetops. There is also a horse-and spartelvijver. The forests of Gieten and Borger are silent and vast, you can enjoy cycling and walking.
  • Schoonloo: This area lies on a plateau Drenths. There are many rare plants and animals, eg., The badger and the cranberry fritillary. Hidden in the green you will find the play pond where you can swim.
  • Court Eursinge: This is a wonderful oudemonumentale, Saxon farm of 300 years old with sheepfold. Behind them is a 10 000 m² garden divided into several garden rooms.
  • Garden Joke Kuiperij and Karel Huyts Koekange: 4000m² large garden with different areas with their own atmosphere.


  • Exloo: This village is worth a visit! There is a sheepfold, and on the outskirts you can find beautiful old oaks and lindens.
  • Coevorden: Sights include the castle, the Eagle Flour Mill, mill museum Jan Pol and the water tower.
  • Gasteren: is a typical village green and has many Saxon farms.
  • Havelte: Village which includes the mill, megaliths, and the sheepfold.
  • Orvelte is a monument village / museum village because of the many attractions in and around the village. Cars are not allowed.


  • Draaiorgelmuseum Axles: You can see here six organs.
  • Klompenmuseum Gebr. Wietzes Eelde: The biggest clog museum in Europe.
  • Toy Museum Roden children's world: with old and antique toys to look at, but also lots of toys to play with.
  • The village of Bartje Rolde: historical information center and local history.
  • Ellert and Brammert Schoonoord: Open-air museum with turf hut, Saxon farm, toll, school and a prison.

Enough to do in this beautiful province!