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A nickname is a name given to someone because of a characteristic of that person. Typically, the name used widely. Celebrities often have a nickname. This applies to athletes or politicians. For criminals are often used nicknames. They often say something about appearance, habits and behavior of the person. A nickname can be positive or negative. In the latter case one also speaks of a nickname.

The origin of nicknames

Nicknames emerged earlier in villages where people often occurred with the same name. To distinguish them from one another yet invented the villagers than a nickname. It happened frequently that people eventually were better known by their nickname than under their real name. The names often refer to the profession of the person, his appearance or behavior.

Royal house

William the Silent
Over the centuries were members of the Royal Family all nicknames. William of Orange had the nickname William the Silent. This name he did not owe his taciturnity, but to the fact that he never showed the back of his tongue. The name William the Silent is just as well known as the name of William of Orange. Many streets and squares are even named after the nickname of William of Orange.
Social worker from Netherlands
Juliana, the mother of Princess Beatrix, was a maternal Queen. She was much less established business than her daughter. Juliana came despite its lineage across as an ordinary woman. She was interested in the implications of government policy for the ordinary people. She almost came across as a friendly grandmother. Her nickname so she thanked her social commitment and emotionality.
Princess smile
Few will know who got the nickname Princess Beatrix. She was named first Princess Smile when she visited for the first time Suriname. That was in 1958. Beatrix, quite unlike her mother, always a somewhat aloof and corporate impression which it also names as the Stern Princess or yielded Smart Princess.
Prins Pils
Today, our King often jokingly called Willy due to the mockery which made him Lucky TV. However, a nickname that has been around much longer Prins Pils. This name has its origins in the student life of Willem-Alexander. He studied history at Leiden. The story goes that he loved what gaiety and he liked drinking a beer. Since becoming head of a family and become King of the Netherlands he is profligate image of himself shaken and he gets more serious about it.


Cheque Money
"I was once treasurer of the school board of the Amsterdam Spinoza Lyceum. When I was called Cheque Money, and that's haunt me. " This said Jack van Gelder, sports presenter for the public broadcaster during an interview in the Volkskrant. To bandied nickname is taken out of the closet. At the smallest rumor that Jack of public broadcasting in the commercials is moving, and therefore chooses the big money, the name appeared.
Queen of the Dutch TV
Mies Bouwman started in 1951 as a TV presenter. Many a Saturday night watching television Netherlands sat glued to the television. When the Netherlands had only two or three television channels, Mies was the highlight of what appeared on the viewing box. She really became famous with the one program Open Village, a charity event to get funded a disability district in Arnhem. The game show, one of the Eight belongs to the cultural heritage of the Netherlands. Her long television career, her infectious laugh and her human face gave her the nickname Queen of the Dutch television.
Philip de Hakkelaar
On December 18, 2009 Philip Freriks stopped as the presenter of the evening news. He began the process in 1996. Before that, he had his career in television started as France Correspondent. Freriks had a somewhat loose way of presentation. He read his own written texts. In addition, he misspoke himself often. This earned him the nickname The Hakkelaar. Same nickname wore a Dutch criminal who ever made money by selling used cars at the gas station Hakkelaar the A1 at Muiden.


The Nigger of Venlo
At school the PVV leader Geert Wilders, known for called his bleached hair, the Negro of Venlo. That name would he thank his Indian descent. At St. Matthew School in Venlo where Geert was in school, were barely immigrant children. He therefore fell on extra. And who stands out will be bullied and gets a nickname. Wilders took his nickname back to high school and was also bullied. It became so bad that he often neglected. Beyond a HAVO diploma he has not come. Meanwhile, the tall blonde Wilders is known for his critical attitude towards Islam.
Harry Potter
It was quite a nice one April Fool's joke. Jeugdjournaal turned it on April 1, 2004 reported that Jan Peter Balkenende, now former Prime Minister of the Netherlands. would play a role in the new Harry Potter movie. The message was confirmed by a British director, who added that Balkenende would play the role of father Harry. He was during the recording will continue to function as prime minister. Many people fell for it. The nickname Harry Potter owes Balkenende to his resemblance to Potter. Which attacks the foreign press when he became prime minister of the Netherlands. The nickname Dutch Harry Potter was born.
Minister Tobacco
Minister Edith Schippers of Health owes its nickname minister Tobacco her contacts with the tobacco lobby. She was accused by the Foundation for Youth Smoking prevention that she was guided by the wishes of the tobacco industry. They eased shortly after taking office as minister the smoking ban. She refused to be transparent about its relationship with the tobacco industry.


The Redeemer, the oracle from Betondorp
He has been called the best footballer of all time. Johan Cruyff is a remarkable personality in the world of football. After his career in the Netherlands Johan Cruyff went on to play for the Barcelona football club. The fans at Camp Nou were wildly enthusiastic. They called him 'El Salvador', the savior - like Jesus Christ. He made his name where Barcelona defeated arch-rival Real Madrid, something that was considered impossible. After his active career as a footballer Cruyff came increasingly into focus as analyst. Because of its inimitable soccer statements he was then known as the Oracle of Betondorp. Betondorp is near in the Amsterdam Watergraafsmeer where the cradle of Cruyff had stood.
The Condor of Varsseveld
In cycling are often used nicknames. During long tour stages, if the time should be sustained talks, many names are designed to hold the attention of the viewer or listener. Robert Gesink is nicknamed Condor of Varsseveld. In the town Varsseveld Gesink was born in Gelderland. About his nickname Gesink said: "My nickname is ?? since this year ?? the condor. I hope I'm not in appearance that equals ugly beast corpse. The agreement between the huge wings and my long legs speaks to me more. "
The Amsterdam football club Ajax is named after a hero of Greek mythology. The Ajax supporters call the players of the club Godenzonen. They rise in their above average footballer. These are their heroes.

Buildings and places

Not only do people get nicknames. Also, buildings and geographical locations often have a nickname.
The tub
Feyenoord's football stadium is better known as De Kuip. In this stadium were many memorable football internationals and European Cup finals played. The KNVB Cup final takes place here annually. Moreover, De Kuip is used for concerts and dance parties. The shape of the cockpit would have led to the nickname.
010 and 020
Traditionally, there is a great rivalry between supporters of the Rotterdam football club Feyenoord and Ajax Amsterdam football club. Many classics they played against each other. The games always have an extra dimension because of the rivalry between the two major cities. Supporters of Feyenoord therefore rather take the word Ajax and vice versa, not in the mouth. They refer to each other with the telephone number of the 'enemy' city: 010 for 020 for Rotterdam and Ajax.
The Big Apple
The Big Apple is the nickname for the American city of New York. Where the nickname came from a long time not sure but the mystery seems to be solved. A certain John J. Fitz Gerald wrote in 1921 a number of articles in the New York Morning Telegraph in which he referred to the city as "The Big Apple. He wrote about horse racing that took place in and around New York. Since the prices that this win had been quite substantial named Fitz Gerald them big apples, something that quickly hit back at the spot where they were to win awesome prizes.