Noachieden: Ds. C.J. Meeuse from Goes falls to Judaism

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In the orthodox Christian Reformed Daily was an opinion piece by Pastor CJ on October 1, 2014 Meeuse published by the Reformed churches in Goes. In it, he states that it wants to have loving Jew but then he calls Judaism -from love - fight. It is unbelievable that the Independent Online absorbs such a shameful anti-Semitic piece in her newspaper.

Have Jew sweet but fight Phariseeism - Reverend CJ Meeuse

In an opinion piece pastor Meeuse from Goes) is pulled hard to Judaism. The minister says in the piece that the anti-Judaism of the gospel "cures of anti-Semitism, because the love preaches which is the fulfillment of the Law. ?? The minister argues that there is confusion between anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism. The hatred against Jews cherished is not the same as rejecting the Jewish doctrine of salvation through Jesus and his disciples. These were, according to the pastor not anti-Semites. They even loved the Jewish people. But they combatted the Pharisees because this salvation expected of his own works. According Meeuse it is wrong that you have to fight anti-Semitism by combating anti-Judaism. He claims that it is meant to fight it ?? pharisaism ??. with anti-Judaism This is done according to the minister out of love. Christians need to keep in his Jews that they were not salvation may obtain by his own works but this can be acquired only by the Messiah as the only Saviour. "David, Isaiah, Jeremiah and other prophets have the same learned in their time!" Meeuse find the words of Jesus to the Pharisees the Devil as father have no anti-Semitism. "Then he draws the fallen man who is seduced by the evil to be satisfied with their own righteousness, then again, he is the good shepherd who leads in the footsteps of His righteousness."
In a conversation with a rabbi got to the pastor once told the Rabbi 'attempts to preach the gospel among Jews was actually worse than the Holocaust. " The Rabbi blamed Christians to murder their souls, while the Nazis murder the Jewish bodies. He made no distinction between anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism. The minister, however, wants the Jews to read the Tanakh without the Rabbinic writings about to explain. He wants the Jews seek salvation in the Messiah to be as true Jews. Meeuse: "God is not honored when we think with good will to do good work and take the honor of ourselves."

The anti-Semitic views of Reverend Meeuse

Though pastor Meeuse wants to give the impression that he loves the Jews, witness his opinion piece by classical anti-Semitic views. There's a lot to find back. We treat only four.
First, he gives the impression that the Torah would be intended for Christians. This is certainly not the case. The Torah at Sinai was ONLY given to the Jewish people. For non-Jews apply the Noahide commandments that existed at the time of Noah. Reverend Meeuse lie not only Christianity but tries -as also agreed to take on the chosen role of the Jewish people. When the pastor to the chosen people wish to belong, he will have to convert to Judaism. The latter he will not do in view of the fact that he is attacking Judaism correctly.
From the first anti-Semitic notion the second law makes clear that Jesus had fulfilled the Law. Apart from the fact that God has ordered every Jew to live YOURSELF TO CAPITAL Torah and no one else can do for him is whether Jesus himself was a Jew, the Law should play for non- Jews. In one way or another foreign minister Meeuse think that the Torah is also meant for him. Never has God revealed himself to non-Jews and instructed to observe the Torah. A non-Jew sins, by definition, not if he does not comply or not eat kosher Shabbat.
The third classic antisemitic notion of Meeuse pastor is that he claims that the Pharisees think they expect salvation of his own works. In reality, the laws are intended for God to create a 'residence' in the lower world. They therefore have a serving function. The laws are ALWAYS done with the help of God. Without God, the Jew can not live, and he is not a Jew anymore. So there are no Jews who think they can without God and do it for their own glory. That is a classic anti-Jewish concoction of Christians. The Jews are God must always remain and always depend on Him for their actions. Incidentally, it is rather the opposite is the case. Precisely by submitting a man instead of God is based on his own works!
The fourth and final anti-Semitic notion of Meeuse minister is trying to snatch Jews separated from the Torah and redeem them for Jesus. All Jews believing in Jesus then this automatically means the end of the Jewish people. After all, Jews and Christians are not disregard the Torah. Without Torah, the Jewish people no longer exists. Fortunately for the Jews and bad luck for pastor Meeuse the Jewish people will always exist. This God has already stated in the Torah and God does not change his mind. The Torah is eternally valid and the blueprint of creation. Without Torah consists Creation disagree. Reverend Meeuse God would actually be very grateful that the Torah and thereby existence the Jewish people. Without them, he would never have seen the light.
It is clear that the New Testament can not be studied alongside the Tanakh. Then there irrevocable mistakes and wrong conclusions. This is a problem that Christianity has been struggling for twenty centuries. Increasingly they try again to choose a new angle to submit to trap choosing Jesus Jews rather than adherence to the Torah or God. And becoming again asserted that dearly loves the Jews. The truth is unfortunately the opposite. Meeus pastor and other Christians above ideas owning, keeping at all of the Jewish people. They only love their own right and do not want to admit that they are already twenty centuries sit astray.


2 Corinthians 3: 14-16
14 But their minds were hardened; for unto this day the same veil remains in reading the old testament; which vail is done away in Christ.
15 But to this day, when Moses is read, a veil lies on their heart.
16 Nevertheless when it shall turn to the Lord, the veil is taken away.