Of spinach extract to fight against obesity and hypertension

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Of spinach extract to fight against obesity and hypertension

Thylakoids present in the ground and filtered spinach leaves would help to reduce salt intake in men and sugar in women.

The appetite suppressant qualities of spinach extract are, once again, confirmed. This time, it is a study published by the official journal of the American College of Nutrition, and conducted by American and Swedish scientists has focused on the benefits of thylakoids on digestion.

In early 2014, the Swedish researcher Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson, of Lund University, was looking for a molecule to slow digestion and achieve faster satiety. So she started to be interested in thylakoids, membranes present in spinach that work throughout the intestine and thus spread more satiety hormones. Eating spinach is not enough, we must crush, screen and centrifuged to release the thylakoids.

With his American colleagues, she was able to compare the effect of a single dose of spinach extract on satiety, the amount of food eaten and the levels of lipids and glucose absorbed compared to the control group that took placebo. A total of 60 overweight or obese volunteers, 30 men and 30 women, took part in this test.

A decrease in energy intake

The results showed that the extract of spinach increases satiety for a period of two hours compared to placebo. The researchers noted that men in the study appear to have reduced their energy intake, especially for salty foods. Previous research had shown a sustained decrease sugar cravings in women after a dose of thylakoids.

Frank Greenway, co-author of the study, believes that the effect appetite suppressant as well as a decrease in consumption of salty foods in men may be helpful in people with hypertension and overweight.