Oliebollen: fewer calories and fat than you think ...

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Oliebollen have an unwise bad reputation. A donut would be dripping grease and deliver at least as many calories as ice cream. Oliebollen however turn out quite that bad yet ...

An average donut weighs about 80 to 100 grams. For convenience we hold below units per 100 grams. We assume, therefore, that a donut weighs just 100 grams. Here, the power values ​​of a oliebol:

One donut contains:

  • 180 to 250 kilocalories
  • Carbohydrates: 55 grams
  • Proteins: 10 grams
  • Fat: 10 grams
  • Water

The above nutritional values ​​are averages. The exact nutrients are dependent on, among others, the batter composition.

Nutrition and calories in donuts

Some websites states that a donut delivers 260 calories per 100 grams. According to the toughest "anti-donut extremists" delivers a donut even 400 kilocalories per 100 grams. In reality, a donut of 100 grams of "only" 180 to 250 kilocalories.

Fat in donuts

The fat content of donuts is highly dependent on how much cooking oil soaks a donut during the baking process. The suction is dependent on the expertise of the bakery.

The leanest donuts contain only 3.5 percent fat; the coolest donuts contain a whopping 23.5 percent! The average fat content of donuts ranges from about 7 to about 12 percent. A good donut is not at all greasy.

Useful nutrients in donuts?

The bad reputation of the donut is not entirely unfounded. Oliebollen contain relatively namely very little useful nutrients. Thus, the concentration of dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and trace elements of a oliebol very low and in many cases close to zero. A whole wheat donut incidentally delivers something of nutritional value.

Oliebol = relatively healthy

Altogether a donut does not necessarily have to be unhealthy. If a donut is cooked well, it contains relatively little fat. Donuts are also fried in vegetable oil. This oil consists largely of unsaturated fatty acids.

A donut even contains less saturated fat than brown bread and cheese. In addition, a New Year's Eve dinner treats more harmful than donuts. Thus making an apple turnover soon 2½ times as many calories as a donut; an apple dumpling even three times as much! A donut can be so bad either.

Oliebollen carcinogenic?

Oliebollen contain the carcinogen acrylamide. However, this substance occurs in anything baked. The amount of acrylamide in a donut is even extremely small. Compared to the effect of alcohol or tobacco is the acrylamide of cancer in a donut-or even 100 oliebollen- negligible.

Preparation: bake the best donut

Make your own batter fritters or buy a suit or mix batter for fritters. A pack is easy, you can be sure that the composition in terms of yeast and flour is good. Add to a pack ready-to-eat oliebollenmix water and / or beer increased; possibly a breeze, but no extra milk! Any dried grapes you first need to soak / swell and then dry.

Bake a oliebol preferably in sunflower oil. Even peanut oil and salad oil are fine, but they are stronger in flavor. Cooking oil is not advisable that creates a white layer of fat. Make sure the fat at 190 degrees before frying, then the donut nice shape, nice and crispy and also skinny. For a nice, round shape a large ice cream spoon or small ladle.

Tip: Do not make too much batter at a time, because the batter should be able to rise properly.


Oliebollen have an unwise bad reputation. A donut would be dripping grease and deliver at least as many calories as chocolate ice cream with extra whipped cream. However, donuts are not that bad yet. In reality, a large donut with 100 grams of "only" 180 to 250 kilocalories.

In principle there is nothing wrong with a donut. The danger of donuts lurks mainly in the numbers! Of bread with cheese you soon enough; a bowl of donuts do you keep grabbing and snatching. Dutch consume on average 5 Years Eve donuts and apple fritters 3 per person. Also the amount of powdered sugar you sprinkle on your donut, affects the final number of calories you ingest huge! The trick is to make it to one or at most two donuts, then the damage to a minimum.

What do you think of donuts? Part below your donut experience with others!