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In this article an overview of all the medals that are won at the 2012 Olympics I pay attention to both the medal tally, as the medals of the different components. I also give you an overview of the medals that have been won by the Dutch. Also in this section the list of all time and one of the best athletes of all time ranking of the best countries. Finally, you will find Netherlands of performance at all Olympics so far.

2016 medal tally

No details are available yet. For the program, click here.

Medal tally of the Dutch - 2016

Not yet known.

Medal tally in 2012 - final score

* Ball Impact Star Nadzeya Ostaptsjoek from Belarus is her Olympic gold medal lost because of doping. Because of this has been New Zealand gold, Russia silver and China bronze.

Medal tally of the Dutch - 2012

Medal tally by Sport section

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Medal tally of the best athletes of all time

In the medal standings since the 2008 Olympic Games Michael Phelps in the first place. It will probably take a long time before someone catches up with him when he is ever caught. Assuming Phelps participate in the next Olympics and it also cites a number of gold medals, his record will probably not be made up.

All time medal tally of the best countries

The medal tally is updated to the 2012 Olympics.

Medal tally final ranking Netherlands at the Olympics

Netherlands has participated in almost all Olympic Games.