On Sunday do not need anything goes

Health hawkeye64 July 25, 2016 0 13
The title implies that life Sunday may be silent, but that's not the case. Some sectors continue as usual, because people in a care facility on Friday or Saturday can not say goodbye until Monday morning. This also applies to public services as police and fire and people just on weekends ?? should the bin ??. Think in good weather to the rescue. But a large part of the Sunday, the day does nothing and everything is allowed.

Just nothing ??

Sunday is for many people a day to do nothing, there is no mandatory activities and many people is therefore not charmed as the partner as the Sunday stuffs with social obligations. Fun to do with friends because it can is fine, but fun to do with friends because it has not been fun.
Of course it is a day for the other stuff ?? ??, but many find it to decide on the day itself, yet still enjoyable than soaking the front of the packed agenda. It must be said that sometimes it is unavoidable. Think of a role within, for example associations. Because it is often difficult to plan with volunteers, it is recorded as much as possible. But overall, the Sunday so the day should anything goes nothing.


What the good thing is that ?? one day that people become active, but in a different way. It is not the daily ritual of the weekday, it's doing what you want to do. Then there appear to be correct, many people who actively want to find a free day in, for example:
  • Extensive walking, where entire stretches of coast are walked, the Veluwe rediscovered or the local forest or park proves to be a source of inspiration while walking.
  • The bike is packed and rather than be used as a means of transport, the bicycle suddenly becomes a perfect mobile location to discover nature. About the bike path through the dunes or the meadows and hours of cycling.
  • The jogger you see in the warmer months in the early morning hours during the week, but more before work and often from a fixed pattern. Or perhaps just before dinner time after work. But on Sunday also takes the jogger in time. Beginning light walk through the residential areas on the stone or asphalt. But can also choose the more difficult but better path through the forest even more difficult by the loose sand of the coastline.
  • Sport and play with young children on the playground or on the beach. From kids games to volleyball on the beach, some with a bit of sunshine can be quite intense.
  • Water defy canoe or rowboat ?? and a lot of fun with family or friends. Besides all these solo activities on / in the water, where you're active. Think about surfing or swimming.

Relaxed endeavor
The combination of relaxed effort, it makes it so valuable. The body can relax, because there just do not need this day and everything you do voluntarily and is desired. The mind is just focused only on your activity, which is good to relax.
Your body is ?? to move ?? and it is for most people who are in the head a lot during work, good to come into balance. Whereby it does not matter whether your body punishment at work puts intensive sport, quite a lot going hiking or biking or doing all sorts of games with the children. You put the body to work, the button ?? ?? the mind is just as to one or more delights lower and that's what it's all about.
Activities is limited to the weekend badly?
If you never sport, little exercise and you're suddenly like crazy hours running or biking, then you run the risk that you overload your body and then incur considerable muscle pain ?? or severe injury. Logical, because you use your muscles more relatively low-key and now those muscles have suddenly enormously to work. If you want to work out intensively, building it up. Your body gets used to the activity and you reduce the chance of injury.
If you do decide to go from barely moderately intensive, make at least for a good warm up. With exercises that make the muscles warm and you can reduce the risk of injuries so.
To get back into the normal rhythm, it makes sense after you sport also apply cool down. So you have the least risk of injury.


You want your free Sunday a lazy Sunday, you can do forever. After all it is your day and you decide for yourself. If you look at the numbers, choose the overwhelming majority of the people still right for more activity.
Do it a little responsible and above all, enjoy!