Online Mahjong

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Fancy a game on the computer? On these sites you can play this game to your heart's hours.

At you can find an extensive range of mahjong games. On this site are collected the best Mahjong games, including Mahjong Fortuna, Mahjong Towers, Mahjong 3D Mahjong Connect Mahjong Gardens and many more Mahjong Games.
You can free up as much as you want to play several mahjong games. With over 50 game variations is a guarantee for hours of puzzle fun.

Also on stand cute mahjong games which can be played for free. On this site is also a play for real possibility. This means that, in its sole basis, for money it would play to play and there also can win money amounts.


The game mahjong is originally a Chinese game played with square stones with an image thereon. Mahjong The name comes from the Mandarin word Majiang and is also known as Maa Chuk in Cantonese. All over the world are playing different versions of Mahjong, there are in fact many different versions.
In the original game of Mahjong is played with images of figures, bamboo sticks, rounds, the winds and dragons. Many new variations of the game neighborhoods from here.
The rules of the original mahjong game, Mahjong as the Amsterdam club ?? ?? Red Dragon, you can read here. Do you want to play by these rules, you will have to delve in there a while since the games can be played deviate from the rules of origin are known on the Internet. When the accessible mahjong variants are few rules. The main rule is: find two same, exposed stones together and click them away. This makes it possible for the player fun and accessible.
Some game variants go on time. It is intended to remove all the tiles before the hourglass is empty. When a good combination clicked, the time for a while or get extra time in the hourglass. Games on time for experienced mahjong players are a nice challenge.
For many games sites is a challenge to continue to create new variants of Mahjong. However, the idea and the rules remain the same and often only change the pictures.


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