Operation of Pinterest: Roadmap to your Pinterest account

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Pinterest is like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ social network that worldwide 70 million members are active. The website was founded in March 2010 by Ben Silbermann. It is basically an online bulletin board where beautiful and inspiring pictures can be shared. Images can be collected on message boards, which you can fill both self repinnen ?? or ?? from other boards. Pinterest can also be successfully used in business ventures. Setting up a Pinterest account is very easy and you can get in a few steps.

The history of Pinterest

Pinterest was launched in March 2010 and was founded by Ben Silbermann. The website is managed by Cold Brew Labs, based in Palo Alto. The user of Pinterest can all over the world images, pins and places on the private bulletin boards. The website is particularly popular among women, who find inspiration in fashion trends, interior design and other hip evolutions in society. One could look at the initial launch of the website only if they had received an invitation. In August 2012 it became possible to register free of charge without being invited by e-mail. Pinterest is mainly among women in the United States dearly loved.

Setting up a Pinterest account: the effect of Pinterest

The operation of Pinterest is really not difficult. You can very quickly get started with Pinterest by following some simple steps. Creating an account is not long and is absolutely not difficult. It normally lasts only fifteen seconds to register for free.
Step 1: Create a Pinterest account to
To start, go to the website and click on register. You can choose to connecten via Facebook or Twitter, but you can easily register via an email address. The advantage of registering via social media is that you can easily share your pin via social media. Moreover, you can find friends via your social connections. At the end of the registration Pinterest asked to choose some signs that arouse your interest. Afterwards you can, if you would wish, those signs again ?? ?? unfollowen.
Step 2: Make signs on
The second step is a number of boards create your own where you can lose all your pins on. Think carefully about what you want to collect in terms of graphics. What are your interests and what do you want to share with other Pinterest users? The number of dishes created is unlimited. It is especially important to your dishes yourself organized and your followers to share in.
Step 3: Getting started: pins and repinnen
Now you can start with pins. If you move your mouse over a pinned image on Pinterest, you will see that there are two possibilities appear. You can repinnen or you can liken it. The difference is that one does not like to stand on one of your plates but in your account section ?? ?? likes. From now on you are all gone and you can get your own plates, according to your interests, go assemblies.

Four words from the Pinterest jargon

The most common terms used in the Pinterest jargon are:
  • Board: A board is a public folder where your images on pint.
  • Pin: A pin is a photo or video that you share with Pinterest. Someone who pint can upload the images or parts from other boards.
  • Repin: A repin on Pinterest is an image which is again divided. For example, images can be shared a thousand times, in each case by other users.
  • Followen ?? ?? and unfollowen ?? ?? ?? ?? Followen or follow means that the signs and / or pins of other users will follow. Unfollowen ?? ?? will then say you want to follow them anymore. More than likely you have lost interest in this topic

Pinterest in a business context

For companies it might be interesting to create a Pinterest account. Companies can use the ?? Pinterest Follow button ?? and then place them on their website. In addition, a ?? pin it button ?? an image which people directly on their plate to pins. Companies can find the HTML coding of these buttons and direct transfer to their respective website. Some examples of integration options are: announce new products via Pinterest and then elicit the initial responses, make different signs for different departments of your business or yourself repinnen images. By self repinnen images your followers know what the interest areas of the company. Finally, make sure that the images on your website are also pinbaar.