Opinion Israel 115: Jerusalem is Israel bride

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Without the Jewish people Jerusalem widow. But Israel is Jerusalem since 1967 again become a bride. Zion is a home for the Jewish people. In Psalm 137 verse 5 is ?? If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand ??. Jerusalem is the mother of Israel. There are numerous references in the Tanakh to Jerusalem. Especially in the Psalms and the book of Isaiah refer to the city. In this opinion piece a plea to maintain the unity of Jerusalem from a Biblical perspective.

Jerusalem is witness

The Jewish philosopher Abraham Joshua Heschel reports that you see Jerusalem only when you hear her. Jerusalem has witnessed the voice of Isaiah. Though her mouth was gagged it waits for a new beginning. Her past is a prelude to the redemption.

Jerusalem is chosen

God chose Jerusalem to establish His name there. It is the city of the prophecy. Prophets, kings, wise men, priests have laid Jerusalem in a place where the voice of God was heard and accepted.

Jerusalem is Israel again become bride

In other rulers of Jerusalem is not divine. Only the Jewish people, the city is divine. If East Jerusalem is giving away to the Palestinians is no longer divine. Jerusalem is the Jewish home. The city is the mother of Israel. On June 7, 1967 a miracle happened when Jerusalem came back into Jewish hands. Jerusalem was rebuilt.

The Western Wall

Heschel writes in 1967 to be overwhelmed by the Western Wall. The Wall listening to those who have suffered. The Wall stood firm afloat at the time of domination by other nations. Jews cherish the stones of the Western Wall. They belong to them, such as Jerusalem belongs to them.
The Wall is in East Jerusalem, which the Palestinians claim. But Jerusalem and the Wall are not part of their soul. The Qur'an does not refer to Jerusalem or only very vaguely. The Arabs built a mosque on the site of the Temple. They have no respect for the Temple. When Jews stand to pray at the Western Wall is not unusual for them to be pelted with stones. When Jews on the Temple Mount to pray, they are chased by Arabs. Israel East Jerusalem would give away chances that Jews be barred at the Western Wall large even though the access would be regulated through a peace agreement. Now though the Jews only at Joseph's Tomb near Shechem pray if a large army to accompany them to protect them. Such an army will also be necessary at the Western Wall.

Jerusalem is a city in rapture

Who is in Jerusalem feels that God has willed this city, says Heschel. The city evokes deep feelings among Jews. Even many non-religious Jews believe that Jerusalem belongs to Israel and will not abandon her to the Palestinians.
Jerusalem is much more than just infrastructure. It has an extra-sensory dimension. Its strength lies in its promise. It is a city in raptures. Although the prophets no longer live has remained the rapture. God is present in the town, although we do not always experience the Shechinah.

How can the human with the divine are united?

How Jews should treat the holy city? How should Jews live in the city of God? Psalm 24.3-4 says that whoever the mountain of the Lord shall ascend must have clean hands and a pure heart. Psalm 15 also sets a number of conditions: not slander, do not harm the neighbor, etc. Jerusalem should be an inspiration for prayer, an end to the violence. Peace with the Palestinians must get there, but in exchange for real peace. Jerusalem does not give peace, it will again lead to violence. In a shared Jerusalem can no more Jews live in East Jerusalem. In Jerusalem under Israeli rule Palestinians can do just to live. But Palestinians are rules how to live in the holy city. Only by complying with the Noahide commandments Palestinians can live in peace with the Jews. Then they will realize that for them the Temple is open and there is no need for a mosque.