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The six world powers want sanctions against Iran partially lift in exchange for some concessions from Iran regarding its nuclear program. Israel fears that this will be a bad deal and that it will eventually lead to war. Israel believes that there is only a good deal if the sanctions against Iran are tightened still further.

Overview of the situation between October 1, 2013 and mid-November 2013

On October 1, 2013 it was announced that Iran is on the precipice because of the economic sanctions that the West has imposed on the country. Iran would have only 15 billion dollars in foreign exchange in practice. It takes only a few months that the country has no access to foreign currency. For this reason, Iran seeks rapprochement with the West. Israel wants tougher sanctions but the US fears that this plays into the hands of the hardliners in Iran. Israel has one week before the conference in Geneva Congress put under pressure not to ease the sanctions against Iran. AIPAC also campaigning to uphold the sanctions against Iran.
Iran would be willing to stop enriching uranium to 20%. The Islamic country would be willing to allow more inspections. However, the country wants to enrich nuclear fuel for civilian purposes. Meanwhile announced on October 11, 2013 that Israel's annual exercise for long haul flights has been completed. Whether this is related to the tensions surrounding Iran is unclear. On October 15, 2013 to start the talks in Geneva. Israel make pressure on the six world powers to conclude a deal. It seems at first that there nevertheless will be a deal. The American President is considering releasing billions of dollars in Iranian assets. The parties decided to further negotiate on 7 and November 8, 2013.
Meanwhile, reports the American Institute for Science and International Security on October 25, 2013 that Iran is able to make a nuclear bomb within a month. According to ISIS Iran is conducting negotiations to buy time. This concerns the so-called "break-out" time required for reduced uranium to convert up to 20% enriched uranium which is suitable for nuclear weapons. Israel also says that Iran can very quickly make a nuclear bomb and that stricter penalties are necessary. On November 7, 2013 it was announced that Saudi Arabia is considering to buy nukes from Pakistan should Iran come into possession of an atomic bomb. This could be the beginning of a nuclear race in the Middle East. President Obama on November 8, 2013 shows once again that a deal is better than a confrontation. He also says that a limited lifting of sanctions could be reversed so again.
Following the discussions on 7 and 8 November that no deal has been reached with French resistance, Israel still says it will increase their efforts to avoid a bad deal. Foreign Minister John Kerry irritated responds to criticism of Israel and says this is premature. Only if such a deal is reached critical permitted by him. Meanwhile, Israel comes up with figures on Iran's nuclear program. This has cost up to now 170 billion dollars. If the sanctions would be partially lifted than Iran gaining as 40 billion dollars.

Natanz, a uranium enrichment facility

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Although the media the impression that Israel is opposed to a deal with Iran and bent on a war that is not true. Israel wants to avoid a bad deal is reached between six world powers and Iran so that the latter country may benefit from the partial lifting of the sanctions while the nuclear program is not entirely stop put. Israel is only a good deal possible, namely the cessation of all Iran's nuclear program. Will there be a bad deal then the chance of war deepens.
Moreover, the US policy on Iran is currently somewhat difficult to follow. The US says it wants and to seek a confrontation toward a diplomatic solution. Such a solution, however, is only successful if the sanctions maintained against Iran. In early October it was announced that Iran already almost on the brink of collapse state. This implies that the West holds strong trump cards in order to enforce the abolition of the whole nuclear program of Iran. It would be a shame to maintain a part of the program. This results in the future, but new problems. When Iran economically stronger once again in a position where it can still expand its program. The argument of President Obama that sanctions can be implemented quickly cut does not. It always takes some time before their effects are felt. And Iran could complete its program at that time.
It would be better if US warships sail towards Iran so already to create a credible military threat as has been done in Syria. This increases the pressure on Iran numerous times and the chances are greater that Iran give up its entire nuclear program. In that case, it further does not need to arrive at a military confrontation.
Incidentally, it is likely that a bad deal is going to attack Israel still large. Israel must fear not only Iran but also Saudi Arabia, which has already indicated that it will buy nukes from Pakistan. In that case, Israel is still saddled with a huge threat. Israel there is absolutely no waiting.