Optimizette Ge: a new generic pill refunded

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Optimizette Ge: a new generic pill refunded

Optimizette Ge is the first generic pill refunded controversy since 2013.

The Ministry of Health has approved the repayment of Optimizette Ge, which is the generic contraceptive of Cézarette pill.

This micro-pill contains only progestin desogestrel and no estrogen. It is a progestin oral contraceptive to be continuous, daily, at the same time.

It is paid by the Social Security to 65%, which amounts to a plate 28 tablets € 1.90 and 3 packs of 28 tablets 3.89 €.

Are there any cons-indications to the pill Optimizette Ge?

"Contrary to the combined pill, Optimizette GS can be used in women who do not tolerate estrogens and women who are breastfeeding, says Guillaume Glaoui, president of Majorelle Laboratories, originally of this pill.

Moreover, it is because it does not increase the venous thromboembolic risk it has been reimbursed by the Health Authority.

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How to Optimizette Ge?

Taking the first tablet should begin the first day of the menstrual cycle. A tablet should be taken every day without interruption, at the same time, regardless of possible bleeding. A new plaque must be started directly the day after the previous board was completed.

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