Orientalis: culture and religion in the Middle East

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A bridge between the religions of the Middle East: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Initiate reflection. And all embedded in the colorful atmosphere of an oriental bazaar, Roman road, Bedouin camp, Arab fishing village and Jewish farming village. Museum Park Orientalis is a fun and exciting destination for a day trip. A good and serious introduction to what awaits you in the outdoor museum is the exhibition ?? From Abraham to Muhammad ?? in the indoor museum. Because you would be in this world where wars are fought in the name of faith, quickly see overlook: the Jewish, Christian and Muslim beliefs have many similarities. So patriarch Abraham an important person in all these religions, one believes in one god and descends each of these religions from the Middle East. Also, many customs, norms and values ​​match. Museum Park Orientalis wants its exhibitions help to change attitudes in a multicultural society, foster understanding by offering expertise and people are feeling by giving a guest of other religions. This was also the impetus for the name change. The Biblical Open Air Museum with his name aroused the impression of being a museum about Christianity.


In the outdoor museum you walk into a wooded area along settlements inspired by places in the Middle East. You will find authentic looking houses, shops and places of worship. They are furnished as if its inhabitants are equally just run away. Through small exhibits in showcases, slide and film presentations get acquainted with their culture and religion. Outside you meet the locals ?? ?? of the museum. Permanently present: livestock and camels, Syrian goats, cattle, chickens and donkeys. On set days: in local garb ranging volunteers tea, bread and biscuits to make you show your hand with henna painting, the old script or other crafts. Nice is that some of them are actually from the Middle East come!

Middle East

During the tour you will visit Beth Judah, a caravanserai Tell Arab, Via Orientalis and Ain Ibrahim. You will hear local music, there's a little dusty and there is burning wood fire. You really feel like, if only for a moment, in the Middle East!

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Fun facts

  • From mid-December to early January the museum is open. Inside you will find a changing annual Christmas exhibition space. Between Christmas and New Year's Eve you can visit ?? night with lanterns outside the museum, where Bedouins, shepherds and soothsayers show the way.
  • The residents will meet during school holidays, on weekends and holidays. Outside only on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • The Roman Inn in Via Orientalis has an attractive range of oriental snacks and meals such as falafel and Jewish lentil soup.