Ornamental Grind gives the garden a Mediterranean respect

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In the spring, many people want to decorate their garden otherwise. We look for new ideas. We want to not only pay attention to the plants but also the layout of the garden. Some people want to make the garden more maintenance-friendly and other precisely choose some color. Ornamental Grind provides opportunities to give the garden a Mediterranean appearance.

What do we want our garden

In the countries we usually see the Mediterranean Sea which is provided in the garden gravel or split. Often it is too dry here to create a lawn. That is why we opted for a beautiful color of gravel or split. This can be blindingly white, pale yellow or sometimes dark red. A few oleanders in the garden and a terrace in light colors with dark terra cotta pots filled with flowers is the basis. Ornamental Grind the remaining pieces gives a Mediterranean appearance. This we can also realize course in the Netherlands. It makes a big difference whether we want to organize an existing garden or else we are dealing with an entirely new piece of land where we ourselves can work out our own ideas. In all cases, it is wise to make yourself a drawing and specifying what we want to plant where and how we want to give the walkways and flowerbeds form. We choose trees and shrubs if we want some more little good? We can also ask ourselves whether we choose a pond or a lawn or both. Much of course depends on the size of the garden and of the time we want to spend on maintenance.

 To the garden center

Before you actually start working it is advisable to visit a garden center first. Here we can gain a lot of ideas and we can ask our questions. How is the location of the garden i.v.m. The present sun and shade, and what will or will not grow well. How can we create a beautiful and low maintenance garden?

 To trade in ornamental gravel

In addition to visiting the garden center is very nice to visit once a good decorative gravel split and sold. This explanation will be given on the various opportunities that are available. We know viz all kinds of gravel and split into different colors. So we can themselves determine in advance what colors we want in the garden.

 Decorative gravel or split

Ornamental Gravel is found in the rivers. Due to the flow of the water is the gravel become somewhat round in shape. Split comes from the quarry. The rubble is being split. Split comes from many different countries. For example, the Japanese split is very colorful but pricey. Besides gravel and split We remember gravel. This is crushed brick and is often used on tennis courts. In our choice of colors, we can take into account the color of the terrace and the stones of the house. The garden furniture can influence your choice of split or gravel.

 How do you calculate the amount that you need

To calculate the amount of gravel that you need take the length times width times the thickness that you want to capture. As an example, 5 x 4 m and 5 cm. thick for a total of 100. That means one cubic meter of gravel.

 How the gravel comes

If one only has a small amount is needed then one can transport the gravel itself in sacks of 20 or 40 kg. But generally will require a bit more and then the material is delivered in big bags. It is also possible to the gravel or split apart to be supplied in good compute large amounts of at least 10 000 liter.Vooraf is really necessary because often the high transport costs and a little more grit does not cost much extra.

 The laying of the gravel

In order to lay gravel, it is necessary first to impose anti-root fabric otherwise there will be still weeds grow. Then it is important to the gravel not to impose too thick. A layer of 5 cm. will generally be sufficient, unless the gravel has very large dimensions. It is wise to opt for a thicker layer.

 Types gravel and Split

There are many different types of gravel and split. A few examples are:
  • Basalt gravel
  • Lava gravel
  • White gravel
  • Grey split
  • Red split
  • Yello sun split

 Basalt gravel
This gravel comes from Germany. Is hard and durable. Therefore it is also suitable for the gravel driveway. The gravel is available in various sizes of from 2 to 5 mm. up to 16 to 32 mm.
 Lava gravel
Lava gravel is available in black and purple. This gives a nice effect. Thus, combining this with a very nice border around the pond.
 White gravel
White gravel is generally derived from Limburg. It has been used for years. Previously we saw this gravel at farms and access to the yard. But also for the gardens was well used around the plants.
 Grey split
Those who opt for a peaceful garden, for example, could use gray split. This is fine as ground cover where we let the flowers and plants provide color in the garden.
 Red split
Red split is warm red color and therefore easy to combine. One can use red split very well for a driveway, but also for hiking in the garden.
 Yellow sun split and split Ardenner
Yellow sun split and split Ardenner be extracted from limestone is pale yellow in color. It is quite hard and can endure a strong load. This split can be beautifully combined with all kinds of ornamental stone for beautiful color effects.

 How do we maintain the gravel

Grind requires very little maintenance. In areas where it is quite damp can get the green gravel rash. This can be prevented by regular equally by raking. Sometimes there are some weeds by the anti-root fabric but this is easy to take away.