ORUN Education: Instructor Level 2

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Who wants to get his teaching certificate in equestrian, want to get yourself better ride, or want to train as a judge, there are the Equestrian Training KNHS, also called the ORUN courses. The first training in instructor level 2 training, and can be moved on and you can choose a specialization. Would you learning to teach, but not himself a hero in riding? No problem! Read all about the possibilities.

Who is ORUN training instructor level 2 suitable for?

The course is suitable for anyone who wishes to become a certified instructor in equestrian. The second level is the first stage of this process. This course trains students to dressage or all round instructor. Some experience in the equestrian sport is desired and it is certainly not a course for the novice rider. In addition, to improve this course also be followed your own driving skills and theoretical knowledge to do here by experts. It is also important to have already gained some experience in teaching before starting the course.

What is the course program ORUN level 2?

During the course of 20 evening classes for about three hours, during which gained both theoretical and practical knowledge already. The courses are held in the period from November / April. Later in this article is precisely indicated where the courses are given and in which evening classes are available.

What theoretical subjects at ORUN level 2?

During the course, many theoretical topics range. This will start from basics, to at higher levels, more in-depth theory. This course looks at:
  • Extensive knowledge of the horse
  • Knowledge of the rider
  • Didactics and pedagogy
  • Driving technique dressage and jumping
  • Lunging
  • Safety

What practical aspects, ORUN level 2?

During the course you will be in addition to learning instructional skills for dressage and jumping, also serve as an apprentice for your fellow students. So you will regularly itself in the saddle and take lessons with their own horses brought. It can also prevent students even sit in the saddle of the horse of a fellow student. It is therefore of great importance that the horse be suitable for this purpose. There are also requirements for:
  • Horse should be at least classified at L level
  • A minimal, measuring 1.60 meters

What are the entry requirements for level 2 ORUN?

There are three entry requirements for admission to the course instructor level 2:
  • You must be a member of an association affiliated with the KNHS.
  • You must have a minimum age of 17 years, for which you must meet in April 2012.
  • A minimum ranking of match:
At dressage: L1 dressage with one victory point or L jump with 1 victory point
At round: L1 dressage with one victory point B and jump with one victory point or L jump with one victory point. In that case, a ranking in the dressage not necessary.

What career opportunities are there?

When the training instructor level 2 with success achieved can be moved on to the training instructor level 3. It should be chosen for the dressage direction or the direction round.

What is the course fee?

For the year 2011-2012 the course fee is 550 euros including materials. Joining an exam costs 77.50.

What does the exam?

The exam for the course instructor level 2 contains three elements. First, a practical exam in which the skills of teaching will be tested in dressage and jumping. In addition, a practical examination taken which is focused on dealing with the horse. Finally, there is a task which must be carried out with subjects guidance on competition plays the leading role. To be allowed to participate in these practical tests a theory test will have to be successfully completed. Here, the theoretical knowledge of dressage riding will be tested. Students who choose the direction round will also be tested on the knowledge of the jump.

Where is ORUN training instructor level 2 data?

With 'own' ride
Without 'own' ride
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