OS 2010: 4, 5, 6 and the rest

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17 February 2010, Vancouver Canada. A busy day. There would be no less than 21 medals are distributed. Also in the Netherlands there were chances of a second slice during these games. Which had to be met in the 1000 meter speed skating for the men. Despite a brief recovery period after a bacterial infection, it is still hoping for a success of Stefan Groothuis. It was not 1,2,3, 3,4,5 but for the Dutch men in the 1000 meters.


Despite the fact that Stefan Groothuis had been quite ill, and had only a week to recover, he could be disappointment over fourth place not hide. According herself had this 1000 meter in Vancouver more residents. The virus had so much to weaken him, and so he came just short of anyway medals. Tuitert and Kuipers took place five and six full. Jan Bos disappointed. The two-time silver medalist in the 1000 meters, did not go beyond a twelfth place.

Skating 1000m men

Listing and end times Dutch men;
  • 4. Stefan Groothuis 1.09,45
  • 5. Mark Tuitert 1.09,48
  • 6. Simon Kuipers 1.09,65
  • 12. Jan forest 1.10,29

Distribution skating medal in 1000 meter men.

Cross-country skiing sprint men

The sprint in cross-country skiing has only added to the Olympic program in 2002, because, certainly the North American countries, the normal cross-country skiing which found boring. It also explains why one there, if one looks already skating, rather overlooks the 500 meters and 1000 meters. Short, fast and spectacular. That one could not really say about the sprint of the men in this play initially. The Russian Panzjinskij oven from the start line and immediately took a few steps ahead. Until the final straight began. His long note, Krjoekov who nevertheless had run the whole sprint respectable backlog, took on the finish line ahead of a nose of a ski.
Medal Distribution cross country sprint men

Cross-country skiing sprint women

In the women it was from the beginning a real sprint. Gold, Silver and Bronze finished within 1.8 seconds. Especially the bronze winner produced a world-class performance. Majdic slipped in the warm up off the road and fell down a lot. The result was a hefty hip injury. She struggled through qualifying and if as lucky looser compete in the finals. After the finish showed that she had sprinted beyond her powers. Mjadic collapsed, had to be cared for, and was raised by her supervisors of the job. Bjørgen concerned with profits Norway finally got the first gold medal of these games ..
Medal Distribution cross country sprint women

Luge Doubles Men

In doubles luge, athletes started two together on a single toboggan, which controls the upper athlete. The lower athlete who is on the toboggan on his back, helps to start, and then depending on the mate who lies on his back, half on the bottom participant.
After four years ago to have stood on the highest podium, the Austrian Linger brothers were playing it up for the second time. Were they in the first run already the fastest in the second descent they built their lead just further. The Germans Leitner and Resch, Olympic champions in 2002, had to settle for third place.
Medal Distribution Luge Doubles Men

Short track speed skating 500m women

As expected, and with overwhelming odds, the reigning Olympic and world champion Wang Meng took the gold inside. Only the battle for silver and bronze was to mention exciting. Italian Fontana had st Canadian. Gelais with a tenth of a second ahead of him.
Medal Distribution skating short track 500 meters women

Skiing Downhill women

The most talked about part of this day was the descent among women. The descent on Cypress Mountain, which surely was not too difficult deemed àl, appeared to be an impregnable fortress for some. Several crashes signed the fight. Especially the crash Pearson did many a gasp. The final jump she was literally a flight of about sixty meters, where she was the wind beneath the skis in the air and lost his balance. She came down with a bang, but was happy nonetheless after some time again. Probably the German Maria Riesch so shocked by the fall, she was not afraid to ride the ride who had been necessary at that time to keep Lindsey Vonn her first gold.
Medal Distribution downhill skiing women

Snowboarding half-pipe men

Although not one of the most famous sports in the Netherlands, Netherlands nevertheless issued a participant from the snowboard competition on the halfpipe for men. Sadly came Dolf van der Wal, after two failed runs, not qualifying. A man who did a lot better and the somewhat unusual name "The Flying Tomato" carried with him, went entirely according to expectations with the gold away. White, a living legend in this discipline devised a special trick to stake Vancouver games convincingly to his name. "The multiple twisting double backward flip" was so complicated that a graphic was needed to explain the trick. White gave his greatness them shine even more than it already had.
Medal Distribution Snowboarding halfpipe men
After a day on which the United States no less than three gold managed to reach, and thus as the first place of the provisional medal tally of Germany was able to take over, the provisional medal tally was as follows;

Medal tally after day 5