Overview of the case Marianne Vaatstra

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In 1999 was raped in a meadow near Veenklooster in the night after Queen the then 16-year-old Marianne Vaatstra and murdered. Since then justice and police search for the culprit. For a long time it seemed that the murder could not be resolved. Thirteen-year-long search for the perpetrator of the gruesome murder. Thirteen years, three teams of detectives and arrested twelve suspects later came the breakthrough and the suspect was arrested. Bauke Vaatstra, the father of Marianne always knew the killer had to be someone from the neighborhood. He was right. Twice, in 2000 and 2012 the police DNA decreased in men from the area. The last time there was a 100% match with a 45-year-old Jasper S., a resident of Old Woude, a 900 people-counting hamlet near Zwaagwesteinde. He was arrested on November 18, 2012. A suspect that police and judicial authorities expected that the real culprit is that a DNA examination, even after a double check, the affected man was pointing.

Further investigation

Experts, however, showed that the dna match is not 100% proof. In the Netherlands there are two evidence needed to convict someone. This dna match has only a single certificate. To a second proof of a criminal investigation will be done. Without this second proof or a confession, the man will not be brought to justice. Below is an overview from 1999.

May 1, 1999

In a meadow near the village Veenklooster found the body of Marianne Vaatstra. A day before the Queen and Marianne had ?? evening celebrated with friends in a nearby village. She went alone on the bike to her house in Zwaagwesteinde.

May 28, 1999

A first arrest occurs. A then 32-year-old villager was arrested as a suspect and released after a few days. A DNA test soon pointed to his innocence.

August 1999

Two asylum seekers, an Iraqi and Afghan, were arrested. At the time of the murder, they stayed in a refugee center De Poel Pleats at Kollum they left shortly after the murder. The two were arrested in Turkey and England but DNA testing pleaded released them after a few days.

October 2000

The Public Prosecution does not give permission for a large-scale DNA research. The call for such research ?? n is large. About 20,000 men in Kollum and surroundings would be asked to surrender their DNA-board material. Approximately 900 men have done so. But it does nothing.

July 2001

The first investigation team will stop work for lack of progress.
A man is arrested in November 2001 which is already released the next day.

May 2002

A second investigation team launched new research.

June 2002

The second investigation team is presenting the profile. It would be a European, white perpetrator.

July 2003

The second investigation team is disbanded for lack of results.

October 2006

Two former policemen are suspected. They appear after a dna test innocent.

October 2007

The third investigation team was formed. The 3D team continues the investigation team of two.

The years between 2007 and 2012

Several police investigations deliver any result. The family Vaatstra find that police and prosecutors have failed.

April 2012

New legislation makes kinship research. Police and justice organize a new large-scale DNA test using a new method. This method is first applied to the case Vaatstra. The test will ideally point to a relative of the perpetrator so that one gets closer to the perpetrator.

May 2012

Crime reporter Peter R. de Vries devotes a broadcast to the cause Vaatstra. He comes with spectacular material and shows that the perpetrator must come away from Vaatstra. De Vries therefore calls for a large-scale DNA research in the area.
The so-called 3D team indicates that the perpetrator must have been an acquaintance of Vaatstra and probably lived in the neighborhood.

June 2012

The Public Prosecutor will make a relationship study among men in the region. There is growing evidence that the perpetrator comes from the neighborhood.

September 2012

8000 Men are called to relationship testing. 7300 of them actually come to donate their DNA voluntarily.

18 November 2012

In the evening, the suspect arrested at home. The suspect, a 45 year old man from Old Woude is transferred to Leeuwarden. The man, Jasper S. has a farm and is father of two children. Jasper S. participated in the dna test in September 2012, with results.

19 November 2012

Early in the morning tweets Peter R. de Vries that a 100-percent DNA match has been found with the found DNA of the perpetrator. The arrest of the suspected perpetrator is therefore national news. Old Woude Located just 2.5 kilometers from the place where Vaatstra was killed.