Oxygen and oxygen

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Oxygen is a chemical elelenent and is also used for various tests, tests and trials. Here, we go further into the oxygen as it is necessary for the human body. The oxygen which is essential for the metabolism.


Oxygen, or oxigenium, is a chemical element. It consists of a gas which is odorless and colorless. In chemistry become oxygen indicated by the letter O. The air around us contains about 20 percent oxygen. Without oxygen we can not live. An adult man draws breaths per minute about 12 to 16 times. 10,000 liters of air pass through there every 24 hours the lungs. The air passes through the wall of the blood in the lungs. The red blood cells in the blood bind oxygen to the fabric hemoglobin containing red blood cells. The blood ensures that all cells of oxygen are provided. Cells burn molecules such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates with the aid of oxygen. Without oxygen, there can not find a place of cremation and the body dies. When there is a shortage of oxygen in the brains, it will cause within thirty seconds to consciousness disorders. After a few minutes, there occurs a fatal damage to the brains. Thereafter, the individual dies.
Where there has been in certain tissues of oxygen deficiency, there occurs a infarct on. This means that the tissue at that location then dies. Breathing become controlled by the big brains, so that man does not have to think about breathing. When you hold your breath consciously, take the small brains over. It is therefore not possible to kill himself by breath holding. Also, one can not drown himself by lying under water, automatic survival mechanism takes over and will do everything to get oxygen by trying to get to the water surface.
The administration of oxygen is done by people who have a lack of oxygen or after anesthesia. In diseases such as gas gangrene, the word patient also be treated with oxygen, since these bacteria are not able to properly against oxygen. An excess of oxygen is also harmful. Too high blood oxygen in infants, run this additional chance to be blind. This sometimes occurs in infants who receive supplemental oxygen after birth.

Maximal oxygen

The maximal oxygen uptake is measured at maximal effort by collecting the exhaled air. This happens when you train hard on such as a treadmill or exercise bike. As a result, the metabolism or energy production can be measured. For men, the maximum oxygen uptake is about 3 liters per minute, and for women about 2.6 liters per minute. For athletes could reach up to 7 liters per minute.

Oxygen Debt

With oxygen debt word refers to the amount of oxygen following a period of muscular work such as sports or heavy work, become more absorbed than is required for the metabolism. In toil we need more oxygen. In the beginning of the labor word there is still not much extra oxygen absorbed into the body. After a few minutes you reach the higher levels of oxygen. However'm getting recognized more oxygen than is actually needed. Even after the work is done, get there for some time contained more oxygen into the body. This extra oxygen is taken up because the body needs to recover back. Once thought that the extra oxygen was included because it had a debt of oxygen to the body: at the beginning of labor get there after all included too little oxygen and they thought that it later had to be repaid by additional intake after labor. This is not true. The body needs this pure oxygen needed to recover.

Oxygen deficiency

The bodies hardest working, are first affected by oxygen deficiency. These are the brains, liver, kidneys and heart. An oxygen deficiency manifests itself include fatigue, headaches, shortness of breath on exertion, vomiting or a delayed reaction. Later there may be a feeling of euphoria or depression. There will be a reduction in consciousness. There is shortness of breath, often accompanied by fear of death. In the last phase occurs unconsciousness with incontinence and bowel movements loss. Then the pulse is weak and breathing stops with breaks. Gasping for breath movements come last, after the breath stops completely. If, for example, the human being is located in the water and can not come up, then occurs for 30 seconds after the loss of consciousness, and after 3-5 minutes it is deceased. When one is in a situation in which the oxygen slowly decreasing, this process can take several minutes to several hours. There is one known case of a robber who had gained access to a bank vault. He was still in the safe, then it is automatically closed and the robber was locked. It took several hours before the robber died from lack of oxygen.
When the temperature is lower than normal, the body goes slow work. As a result, it requires less oxygen. Someone who comes under snow, so can longer without oxygen. This also happened to Prince Johan Friso, who arrived in 2012 under a layer of snow and there lay buried under twenty minutes. Is sleeping in a van behind dangerous?