Pain in the kidneys? Symptoms of kidney pain and kidney problems

Health Zsbee August 30, 2016 10 0
Intense, stabbing pain she may be a sign of a kidney problem. However, the symptoms of kidney problems are not always clear, causing a chronic problem can last years. Quickly tired, often have urination and blood in the urine: these are all warning signs of your kidneys. A stinging, aching pain in the side of the abdomen, just below the ribs is a common complaint with kidney problems. But you have symptoms that do not immediately think of a kidney problem can make it there, think for example of swollen feet, itching or shortness of breath. Alternatively you can fight and prevent kidney problems by taking nutritional supplements that cleanse the urinary tract.

Where are your kidneys?

Like the liver, the kidneys are important organs when it comes to removing waste from the body. Every person has two kidneys, one on the left in the abdomen and one on the right. The location of the kidneys in the body is not very difficult to determine. You can feel where your kidneys are, by touching your left or right side, just below your ribs. When a problem with a kidney will feel pain right there. People who suffer from kidney will often grope for your ribs when a doctor examines them.

Living with one kidney?

Sometimes it may be necessary a removal of a kidney in a serious kidney problems. Every human being needs at least one kidney needed to survive. Kidney problems do not always bring obvious symptoms, which could cause kidney disease may be present for years prowling. Yet symptoms appear very prominently to the fore, making the link with a kidney problem can be laid.

Stabbing pain in the side

Either to the left or right side of your body, symptoms of kidney problems. If you have a severe, stabbing pain feeling in the side, just below the ribs, may this have to do with an acute kidney problem. Some patients describe the pain as well as "nagging" or "prickly". Examples include a kidney infection or a kidney stone. Sometimes the pain in the kidney area is so bad that painkillers are needed to ease the pain. Upon occurrence of acute kidney pain is sometimes also called a renal crisis.

Symptoms kidney problems

The main function of the kidneys is to remove fluid and waste. When a kidney problem, this function can not be performed properly and keep a lot of that waste in the body. You then take charge of fluid retention in your body, such as swollen feet, hands, ankles and face. This may be accompanied by additional symptoms such as itching and redness of the skin.

Frequent urination

It is not optimal functioning of the kidneys may also hamper the secretion of urine. The frequent urination, having pain during urination may have to deal with a kidney problem. Possibly get you up at night and you are often compelled to go to the toilet to urinate.

Blood in the urine

Other possible symptoms of kidney problems are abnormal or bad smelling urine and the presence of blood in the lake. Blood Lakes, which also occurs in other conditions, may indicate a kidney infection, kidney stones, kidney disease or kidney cancer.

Short of breath and easily tired

The accumulated fluid in the body will disrupt normal functioning in many ways. Piled fluid in the lungs potentially causing shortness of breath. At the same time can also be very annoying symptoms like dizziness and rapid fatigue are a result of a kidney problem. A normally functioning kidney indeed produces the hormone erythropoietin, which stimulates the production of red blood cells in the body. Red blood cells regulate the transport of oxygen in the body. An impaired production of erythropoietin means that muscles, organs and brains get less oxygen. This will make you tired more quickly.

Kidneys clean

For symptoms such as renal pain and annoying problems associated with them there to fight, you can take supplements. Nutritional supplements for kidney may prevent symptoms by helping the kidneys to perform their purifying function in the body. By supporting the kidneys, with a supplement, the chance of problems in the kidneys will be, but also to the bladder, decrease strongly. An example of a nutritional supplement that is positive for both kidneys and bladder is Balance Pharma Detox. With this product, you save two birds with one stone: both the kidney and the bladder are cleaned.