Palestinian terror since 2000 - Random attacks

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The Palestinian attacks are highly arbitrary. There are both Jews and non-Jews slain. In this series, the names of victims of Palestinian terrorism since September 2000 to the present day. This is Part IV of the names of 100 victims.

Entire families massacred

Israel is often criticized for dislocated families with counter-actions which for example not only a terrorist is slain but also his wife and children were in the car. Sometimes it is true. The terrorist often uses innocent people as a cover when in transit and danger feels. Nothing is 'nicer' to Israel later on to accuse it has slain innocent people. In Palestinian terrorist attacks which are not specifically aimed at certain individuals but also often come across families. Take the example of the family Nehmad. The family Nehmad came during a suicide attack at a jesjieva in the Beit Yisrael neighborhood charedische in the center of Jerusalem. The Nehmads, a traditional religious family, had strong ties in their Rishon LeZion neighborhood. The family was headed to Jerusalem for Shabbat to celebrate a bar mitzvah in the Mahane Yisrael jesjieva. When the Sabbath had ended and guests began to leave, the family Nehmad gathered on the street for the havdalah ceremony. The entire family was then inflated: a husband, wife and two daughters. Also slain were two cousins ​​and two children. All are buried in Rishon LeZion.
Avia Malka, a victim of Palestinian terrorism

The story of Avia Malka, 9 months

One of the fatalities from the list below the nine-month-old baby Avia Malka from South Africa. Two Palestinian terrorists opened fire and threw grenades at cars and pedestrians in the coastal city of Netanya on Saturday night. Guests of Hotel Jeremy just left a traditional Sjabat chatan 'celebration, held on Shabbat for a wedding. The perpetrators fled but were chased by the military police and then slain. A volunteer of the Magen David Adom was also slain, and more than 50 people were injured.
Avia Malka was only 9 months old and was the youngest of five children of Michel and Roetie Malka from South Africa. They had come to Israel to attend the wedding to attend Roetie's brother and the grandparents of Avia who lived in Hashmonaim. The family spent Shabbat in a hotel in Netanya. Avia became fatally wounded by a hand grenade from the terrorists and died in hospital. Her father was seriously injured. Avia is buried in the Yarkon cemetery.

Names of victims of Palestinian terror