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In the Spanish province of Girona in the Catalonia region is the town of Pals. Pals has a beautiful medieval center and the region and town are an attraction for tourists. Pals is one of the largest beaches in the region: Platja de Pals, where former Radio Liberty was located. Besides sunbathing and water sports, there is still much more to do in Pals!

Pals is located between the towns of Torroella de Montgrí and in Palafrugell, in the northeast of Spain.

  • An introduction of Pals
  • History Pals
  • Americans Pals: Radio Liberty
  • The medieval town of Pals
  • Masos de Pals
  • The beach of Pals: Platja de Pals
  • What else is there to do in Pals, outside the view of the center?
  • Cities near Pals
  • Tip to eat in Pals: along the chicken farm
  • Festivals and events in Pals
  • Pals TripAdvisor
  • Getting Pals?

?? Pals shouldn ?? t only be visited once, it shouldering be visited one hundred times ?? - Josep Pla, a well-known writer and journalist from Catalonia.

An introduction of Pals

Pals is located in the province of Girona in Spain. Pals is at every minute of the Mediterranean coast in the northeast of Spain. It is a community that consists of three town centers: the medieval town of Pals, the Masos de Pals and Pals beach.
What properties of Pals:
  • Country, region and province where Pals is located in Spain, Catalonia and Girona.
  • Mayor of Pals: Joan Silvestre i Albertí
  • Area of ​​town Pals: 25.81 km²
  • The population: 2793
  • Population Density: 107 / km².
  • Post code of town Pals: 17 124
  • GPS position: 41 ° 58'16.30 "N - 3º08'55.9''E
  • Time zone: CET, in summer: CEST.
  • Official website of Pals:

History Pals

The town of Pals is built on a hill called the Puig Aspre ?? ??. The first written sources that deal Pals date back to the 9th century. However, there are indications that the city is even older.
Around the old town are lakes and wetlands. This is where the name came from. Pals is derived from the Latin word palus ?? ??, meaning marshland. The wetlands around Pals have largely dried up so that rice can be grown. Around Pals is grown on about 900 hectares of rice, which is exported.

Americans Pals: Radio Liberty

On the beach of Pals was formerly located Radio Liberty. Radio Liberty was an American radio station and communication, which the CIA democratic propaganda sent out to the communist countries of Eastern Europe. This happened in several places, including from 1959 in Pals. So along the coast was the Pals beach a good place, because the signals sent out the Americans were perfectly reflected by the seawater. For example, the signals arrived well without that they should be much enhanced. In 2001, shipments of Radio Liberty stopped permanently. For political reasons, international communication station was on the beach Palse closed in May 2001. On March 22, 2006 all the antennas were taken down.

The medieval town of Pals

The medieval center of Pals, also known as El Pedro ?? ?? called, is well preserved, making it an attraction for many tourists. There are cobbled streets with many authentic but also modern ceramics shops.
During the Spanish Civil War was the gothic part of the city heavily damaged. It had no historical value until a doctor, Pi i Figueras, and the former mayor Mr. Pere Servià i Cantó own initiative went restore the city. They were supported by the Regional Council of Girona. The restoration took 30 years. Pals has won several awards: in 1973 the national art prize, in 1980 a prize for the national fine arts and tourism and in 1986 an honorary medal for tourism in Catalonia, which was distributed by the Government of Catalonia.
In the middle of the center is a medieval Romanesque tower, the Torre de les Hores, somewhere in the 11th - 13th century is built. The tower has a clock and so ?? s 15 meters high. Near the clock tower in Pals is a church, the Església de Sant Pere, built in the year 944. About the time the church has changed a lot, so it now has a mix of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque style.
The medieval wall of the city has four square towers dating from the fourth century that remain of the original fort. There is also a lookout point named after a famous writer and journalist based in Catalonia: Josep Pla. From this vantage point, the offshore islands can be seen and the fields of Empordà.
Left: quiet streets and vistas in the medieval center of Pals. Middle: the remains of the original fort of Pals. Right: the Torre de les Hores.

Masos de Pals

Between the old town of Pals and beach of Pals is a village of Pals which comprises a number of fortified farmhouses / country houses with a great architectural value. Masias his famous Catalan houses and have their origins in the Roman Villa ?? s past. They are large and isolated and often inhabited by a peasant family. Mostly stone was used for construction, in the Middle Ages with mud mortar. Later this was replaced by cement.
There is also a church of Els Masos in Masos de Pals, built in the 18th century, which is worth a look. There are a number of apartments, which are rented to tourists, and several typical Spanish bars.

The beach of Pals: Platja de Pals

The beach of Pals, Platja de Pals or called Playa de Pals, is more than 1.5km wide and 3.5 km long. The beach runs from the mouth of the river Daró to Racó Beach in the town of Begur. Platja de Pals is thus between Begur and l ?? Estartit.
On the beach of Pals are several bars where you for drinks, ice creams and some food to go. There hang nets to play volleyball and the sea you can surf, windsurf or kitesurf. You are good at diving in the Illes Medes or rent a boat. Pals Beach is suitable for all ages. However, there are also pieces nudist beach.

What else is there to do in Pals, outside the view of the center?

Pals is an underwater archeology museum, Ca la Pruna. You can visit the Josep Pla viewpoint and look beyond the region. Pals has a renowned golf course, which hosts a number of international competitions.
Of course you can go to the beach to sunbathe or do water sports. There are also a number around Pals Survival and water parks. Also you can laser gaming or Go Karting. Simply drop the Oficina de Turismo for more information.

Cities near Pals

Pals itself is about a 40-minute drive from Girona and a half hours from Barcelona. Some larger towns near Pals his Torroella de Montgri, L ?? Estartit, Begur and Palafrugell. The bays of Begur are nice to visit. They are coves with clear water surrounded by steep cliffs. At Estartit you can take a look with a glass bottom via a boat to the Medes Islands, an important area with unique flora and fauna. You can also dive. At Palafrugell are also within coves where old fishing villages. The view from the Sant Sebastià lighthouse is a must.
Barbacoa Can Padres 2 makes through such a rotating grill your chicken ready! This can actually see, an open kitchen so!

Tip to eat in Pals: along the chicken farm

Along the road to Platja Pals is a very popular chicken restaurant Barbacoa Can Padres ?? ??. It is popularly called the Chicken Farmers ?? ?? mentioned. Every day there are huge rows of tourists to watch or beat the stories about this restaurant. Barbacoa Can Padres 2 has a turnover of almost 5000 roast chicken per week, thus says enough. Many are not on the menu there: your choices consist mainly of what you want to drink, how big your chicken should be and which sauce you want on your fries. Keeps you from simple, inexpensive, and lots of good food, go along Barbacoa Can Padres! The address is Carretera regencos Pals, Pals. You can also reach them at +34972668170. Today they have also opened a second restaurant: Barbacoa Can Padres 2!

Festivals and events in Pals

Pals each year a number of celebrations and events, which reflect in the table below.

Pals TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a website where you can find reviews of various holiday destinations and hotels, vacation rentals, attractions or restaurants nearby. The page of Pals TripAdvisor has at the time of writing more than 1500 reviews and opinions from travelers.

Getting Pals?

Through the C31, which runs between Palafrugell and L ?? Estartit, Pals you can reach by car. You can take a bus from the bus station in Girona, but you can also take a train from Girona to Flaca. In Flaca take a taxi to Pals, which takes about 20 minutes.