Parking damage by an unknown: the Guarantee

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Unfortunately, it is becoming more common that your car was hit in our society while parked and that the offender does not leave a note. If you yourself are all risks insurance your insurer will compensate the damage, but if you yourself are not insured against this damage you can only claim damages in the guarantee motor traffic It happens more and more people, you will return to your car and finds that it was hit by another vehicle, unfortunately there is no note left and there is no one who has seen who did it. In that case, if you yourself are not insured against the damage the possibility to claim damages from the guarantee motor traffic, provided you meet the requirements. What requirements does the guarantee and what damage you claim?

What are the requirements:

Damage caused by another vehicle
It must be established that the damage was caused by a motor vehicle, damage by example, a shopping cart is not covered by the guarantee.
In practice, an expert always determine whether there is a collision with a motor vehicle. Let therefore never recover your losses before an expert your vehicle has seen. The expert, which is activated by your agent, your insurer or the guarantee if you ask for it, will indicate in its report damage or there is collision with a motor vehicle.
That the counterparty is responsible for the occurrence of the damage
This proof can be provided by witness statements. These statements can attest to his having seen the crash but were not able to write down the license plate number of the counterparty. If no supply may witness the collision has seen yet proof that they specify that you parked your vehicle without damage, back found with damage and you prematurely has not driven the vehicle and themselves so could damage it does not, this may include family members which drove along with you or colleagues ?? s. The guarantee has standard form for the statements of witnesses which can be filled, other forms are generally not accepted .. The new form questions not expressly refer to the fact that the witness has seen the vehicle without injury was parked and damage was recovered while interim has not ridden, so this should be apparent from the witness statements.
That you have taken sufficient measures to identify the responsible yet
This can be done eg by check with neighbors if they have seen or heard something. What you should always do is to report to the police, without this declaration the guarantee will not take your claim further. Do so always as soon as possible but no later than within two working days, file a police report. The question here is always whether you can meekrijgen proof of your declaration, it may significantly speed up the settlement of the claim.

What damages can be compensated?

Initially this is of course the cost of repairing the damage to your vehicle, of course, can also be claimed a portion of the cost of replacement transportation.
Own risk
At any compensation for material damages the guarantee has a deductible of ?? 250.00 if the damage was caused by an unknown vehicle.

All Risks insurance and the guarantee fund

If your vehicle is insured itself against damage will also attempt to recover these damages to that fund. For the insurer will apply if they only receive compensation if they comply with the rules described above, including at an all risks insurance deserves to locate witnesses the recommendation and to report to the police. If your insurer the damage can recover the guarantee will not affect your no-claims discount.

How to report

If you are self-insured against the damage you can report this damage to your own insurer. If you are not insured against such damage, you may be able to appeal to your insurance agent or legal expenses insurer. It is not difficult itself to present a claim with the guarantee if you follow the right lines. At the site of the guarantee you can download the necessary forms.
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