Parking in the Netherlands a matter for the wealthy?

Auto InsomniacOvrLrd July 25, 2016 0 13
The cost for parking increased over the past four years more than the cost of living. Those high parking rates are the biggest annoyance when parking. Tight parking, pay by the hour or a long search for a parking spot, these are all things that disturb us less than the high parking fees.

Parking rates rise faster than inflation

The parking rates in some municipalities increased over the past four years by tens of percents. As an example:
  • in a place like Hengelo was parking in certain locations no less than 36% more expensive!
  • and municipalities as Arnhem and Apeldoorn there with a 30% increase not far behind.

With such increases, the municipalities involved to score well above the national average of 15%, however still twice as much than overall inflation over the past four years.
Drivers can therefore little understanding for the greatly increased parking fees. One can not help feeling that parking fees have become the cash cow of the municipal authorities.

Why is so expensive parking in Netherlands

It is for citizens completely unclear why the charges for parking should rise so sharply. Parking is more expensive by the day when it is not accompanied by a noticeable increase in quality. On the contrary, apart from the high rates annoys motorists themselves to many other issues related to parking:
  • too little space in parking garages and parking spaces;
  • required to pay per hour while parked much shorter in the rule;
  • insufficient parking: one should look for too long;
  • the fact that parking is asked to be allowed to park;
  • insufficient payment options for parking;
  • dirty or unsafe car parks;
  • the lack of clear information about the parking;
  • parking fines imposed unjustly;
  • malfunctioning swipe card systems and / or applications.

Pay per minute advocated

Municipalities often use when parking time units of one hour or half an hour while the citizen usually parked shorter. Only in a few places in the Netherlands, motorists per minute although parking is a majority of parliament has expressed before. In particular, the PTB is committed to pay per minute. One can imagine the frustration for motorists very good proposals. It is absurd that, for example, 35 minutes to park but is struck for a whole hour.

Parking in Amsterdam is the most expensive

While the municipality of Hengelo, the dubious honor to enjoy in the past four years to be a leader with a mark of not less than 36%, is the most expensive parking in Amsterdam with a rate of ?? 5, - per hour. Cities such as Utrecht, Hilversum and Eindhoven also scored very high with hourly rates that exceed the 3 euros.

Parking in Rotterdam became cheaper

Although parking in Rotterdam with a fee of 3 euros per hour can not be called exactly cheap, it is striking that Rotterdam in a survey of 30 municipalities surveyed is the only place which a price reduction has experienced in recent years.
For the record: All rates mentioned in this article date back to 2012 and, furthermore, where in the article there is an observed increase or reduction, which is measured by the rates of 2008.