Parlor game: Jakkiebak! Kippenkak!

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The stick is in the henhouse! A beauty contest is held under the roosters and chickens scurry and excited them all round to outfitting themselves as beautiful as possible. The beautiful tail feathers of the others look very enticing. To be the best and win the game, try playing figures to rob the tail feathers of the opponents. The first player all the tail feathers of the other participants managed to collect wins.

General information

The parlor Jakkiebak! Kippenkak! is a variant of Memory with the playing trying to catch the other players, and in passing their tail feathers trying to rob. The game can be played by two to four players and takes about 20 minutes. The recommended age is 4 years.
It is a game that has been designed by Hans Zoch and published in 1997 by Zoch Verlag. In the Netherlands, the game is published by 999 Games and it is part of the so-called ?? Jakkie & Bake Collection ??. Other games in this collection include:
  • Jakkiebak! card game
  • Earthworms
  • Bickering in the Sushi bar
  • Graantje the front

They are mostly simple games in which chickens are the heroes.

Play equipment

  • 24 egg-shaped tiles
  • 12 octagonal-range tiles
  • Two wooden hens
  • Two wooden roosters
  • 4 wooden tail feathers
  • The rules

The preparation for the game

The 12 octagonal-range tiles are shuffled and then placed face down on the table. Then the 24 egg-shaped barrel tiles are shuffled and placed it in a circle around the open-range tiles. Each player may now choose one rooster or chicken. This cock or hen, now called pawn, get a tail feather in the same color. Everyone puts his pawn now one of the egg-shaped barrel tiles. The toy figures should be sufficient to be distributed over the barrel tile that the distance between all playing tokens is the same.


Decide who will start. The toy figures move clockwise around the oval loop tiles. Who's turn looks at the picture on the egg-shaped hedgehog runs directly in front of the tile which his pawn state. Then, the player tries out the twelve octagonal-range tiles to find the tile with the same picture. The player is allowed only one flip-range tile. Is the picture on this free-range tile identical to the picture on the egg-shaped hedgehog runs directly in front of his pawn, the player must place one foot forward. The scratching tile is then covered again discarded. As long as the player-range tiles which turns the picture corresponds to the picture on the hedgehog runs directly in front of his pawn, he remains at the table. Are the pictures but different, then the next player's turn. In this way the players move their figures clockwise from tile to tile.

Overtaking and tail feathers rob

If a pawn stands directly behind another pawn, he may try to get it in by jumping over him. This action is successful if the player succeeds to rotate the free-range tile which corresponds to the hedgehog running directly in front of the player figure to catch up. A pawn can one jump even overtake two or three other game pieces like this are in direct succession. When overtaking the player may pull all the feathers of the overtaken play figures and stabbing in his own pawn. After overtaking the player just go on until he turns over a tile-range which does not match the oval runs hedgehog directly for his pawn. Who has lost all his tail feathers can just keep playing with it and trying, in a subsequent turn, the other players to catch up.

End of game

Once a player has conquered all the tail feathers of the other players, he or she is the winner of Jakkiebak! Kippenkak!