Pathwork: the Path that leads to more happiness in your life

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You have an inner longing for a deep happiness and somewhere you know you can achieve it. It is your inner voice that says there is much more to your life than you are currently experiencing and that the key to achieving this is to find yourself in. You will search in this quest and start to follow the Path, which starts the quest for your true Self. The Pathwork learn how the larger consciousness that resides in every human soul, can be activated. It is the search for the core of your being, it is the way to a deep spiritual reality.

The Pathwork

The Pathwork is working on yourself through readings, with the aim of greater self-development, purification, creativity, destiny and enjoy to come and make your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects into one. It is both a personal, psychological way to get closer to yourself as a transpersonal, spiritual way to come closer to God. In Padlezingen with God meant the pure life energy, which is present in all of us, around us and in everything.
This is comprehensive and you can also see it as a way that you're going, any path you walk, where you will encounter various aspects of yourself. You can experience the Pathwork as an adventure, a journey that you go inside, where you experience how fickle, inhospitable, desolate and imperfect, but also how wonderful, amazing and incredible inner landscape can be.
Much of what is in us, and we are not aware what is happening on the surface at the conscious level is just the tip of the iceberg of what is happening in reality. Awareness and treatment of these unconscious patterns are a necessary preparation for a truly spiritual life. It's about realizing the true Self, our original nature. An essential aspect is its own responsibility, also called the law of cause and effect. This means that what you are now and where you are now is the result of conscious and unconscious tendencies of yourself. The impact of events in your life are created by yourself. Through a path to follow if you bring unconscious material upwards, in order to get a tighter grip on your life and insight into processes that have remained hidden until then.

The guide

A guide from a different atmosphere which is also known ?? Guide ?? calls, messages have been transmitted through the medium Eva Pierrakos. According to the Guide, we are part of a cosmic plan, based on eternal spiritual laws that ensure that we end up voluntarily will find our destination in this plan. Our destiny is to go back into the unit, or the Original Source, the Origin. Because we have become increasingly negative and heartless, we do not live at this moment in unity, making us feel separated from the oneness with God. This separation causes pain, which is a source of inspiration to follow a path which leads to unity.

The lectures

In 1957 Eva Pierrakos began to relay the messages of the Guide through lectures. There was a group around her that ?? the Path ?? called. The people in this Padwerkgroep went to work with the readings according to the instructions they contain. This gave rise to an interaction, so that the transmissions were matched to the process of the group. In this way, there was a series of 270 readings, each of which contains a separate subject, but which together form a whole.
Later published three books, which contain combined lectures that deal with a particular topic. In 1987 the first Pathwork book titled ?? Working on yourself or just did not ??, in which a general picture of the Pathwork is given. The second book was published in 1991 with the title ?? Continue on your path; from surviving to living ?? with lectures to help you in the search for who you really are. The last book was published in 1993 entitled ?? Love issues; Pathwork and relationships, which you can understand yourself and your relationship with others.

How to work yourself with the readings

There are several ways in which you can work with the readings. It depends on what you find most comfortable and what you need yourself. You can see for yourself what best suits you and where you have the most benefit. Here are some possibilities for how you might go to work with the readings:
Self study
You can study a number of lectures for a continuous period. You could keep a journal in which you write the lecture that day has focused your attention. You can also do this with a roommate or friend so you can encourage each other in the process while working with the readings.
Try while working on a talk as little as possible to theorize, but look how a personal experience or situation can connect very precisely at the lecture. Write your findings, because writing is an important tool in the process. Writing forces you to shape thoughts, but otherwise as loose fragments remain floating in your head.
Reading Group
A reading group attendance is also a possibility, which you as a group covers a reading or multiple readings chosen around a particular theme. By working together on a theme and share experiences with an open and honest attitude towards each other, one can arrive at deeper insights, which also helps you again to progress in your development.
Choosing a helper
If you have personalized guidance on the path need, you can also choose a helper. A helper is one who for several years has been the training of the Path and through sessions can help you in your transformation process. The attitude of a Padwerkhelper is both loving as confrontational. This makes you take responsibility for your own share, which increases the confidence in your own abilities to positively influence your life.

Pathwork Netherlands

In the Netherlands there is a private Padwerkgemeenschap since 1976. Community days are held and given reading groups. There are also workshops, individual sessions and a training Padwerkhelper.