Patty Hearst: The kidnapping of Patty Hearst

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Patty Hearst was kidnapped on February 4, 1974. It was the first political kidnapping in the US But the strange thing was all Patty Hearst joined her captors. Patty Hearst and the SLA.

Kidnapping Patty Hearst

Patricia Campbell Hearst was the heiress of a very wealthy newspaper magnate, William Randolph Hearst. The then 19-year-old young woman was dragged on February 4, 1974 in her apartment while bullets were flying all over the place. This happened in the state of California in Berkeley. Patty Hearst lived there with her fiancé Steven Weed.

The kidnappers

The kidnappers of Patty Hearst were members of the Symbiosis Liberation Army called SLA. This was a small group of people who used murder and violence to start a revolution.

Ransom of six million dollars

The family of Patty tried to free her by donating $ 6 million to the organization. With that money, the SLA would buy food for the poor in the region around San Francisco. Moreover, the extent was not because there were not even negotiated this considerable amount.

Patty Hearst joins the SLA

A few months after her abduction showed Hearst namely that she had joined the organization that had kidnapped her. Through a tape that was sent to a radio station, this news was home work. Hearst had waived its name Patty and wanted to be called in the future, Tania. This is because a fellow warrior of Cuban guerrilla leader Che Guevara was called so. She said her life goodbye and wanted to know nothing of her fiance.

Bank Robbery Patty Hearst

Not much later, Patty Hearst was photographed while bank seized along with four other members of the SLA in San Francisco. She was in this picture armed with an automatic rifle. Thereafter she was seen again when they riddled a sporting goods store with a gun.

Police Robbery

The actions of the SLA were followed by police action. So ?? s 500 agents besieged the house in Los Angeles where the main members of the group's whereabouts. Six of them lost their lives because they were stabbed or because they suffocated by the smoke. The house was in fact also torched.

Patty Hearst was untraceable

Patty Hearst incidentally, was not among those people for a long time and she was completely untraceable. She sent it ever prove that she was still alive in the form of audio tapes. In it she said among other things that she mourned the death of her compatriots. Further said they never want to return back to her family and she had no good words for the incumbent establishment.


The hostage who had become criminal and banks had raided was arrested on September 18, 1975 by the FBI.

Blindfolded and locked in a cupboard

When she was questioned she told Hearst few weeks was locked in a closet, and that she was sexually abused. According to her she was going to get out of survival instinct of sympathy for the ideas of the SLA.

Stockholm Syndrome

Today the term Stockholm syndrome is used for people who are themselves victims identify with their captors, rapists and kidnappers. The name incidentally comes from a bank robbery and hostage-taking that followed which was held in 1973 in Stockholm. The people who took the hostages after they were released still on for the people who had kidnapped them. During their interrogation, they did not hear a bad word about them.


The lawyers Hearst threw it out that the woman was of unsound mind when they bank robberies meepleegde. She would be extremely brainwashed and thus have participated in the raids. However, the jury shared that opinion. She was sentenced on February 4, 1976 to 35 years in prison. On appeal the sentence was however much less, at seven years. Yet she also did not sit out the punishment. She came free when the president of that time, Jimmy Carter commuted her sentence to a suspended sentence. She was totally rehabilitated on January 20, 2001 when Bill Clinton granted her pardon on his last day of his presidency.

Every Secret Thing

In 1982, Patty Hearst wrote a book about her experiences it ?? Every Secret Thing ?? name. By writing the book, but mainly because she was the heir of Hearst and therefore had enough money, she did not have to worry all her life about her financial situation. She married Bernard Shaw who was her former bodyguard and had two children with him.