Paul McCartney wrote a song for his dad: When I ?? m ?? 64 ??

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The Beatles are never hesitated to make songs in the most diverse styles. When I ?? m to ?? 64 ?? Paul McCartney composed in the retro style that made rise in that period.

Musical father

Beatle Paul McCartney lost his mother at age fourteen that father James was forced his two sons continue only to educate. James McCartney, also Jim ?? ?? called, was a born musician, he played piano and trumpet and led his own band, The Jim Mac ?? s Jazz Band. This was mainly asked to accompany silent films in cinemas. Unlike his son, who delivered a huge production, James McCartney wrote only one song, ?? ?? Eloise. It stayed not limited to the music, because a text he had not. Later, when Paul was already world famous, he was to please his father, playing the song in retro style. ?? Walking in the Park with Eloise ?? was recorded in 1974 together with Chet Atkins and Floyd Cramer called The Country Hams.

For dad

As thanks for his commitment to his children, Paul bought in 1964 for his father a house in Heswall, Chesire, and sent him into retirement. His father earned barely 10 pounds per week in the cotton trade. In 1966 he worked for his father at a track he already at the age of fifteen to the Quarrymen, the pre-Beatles, had written. The Quarrymen played it among others in Hamburg as the amplifiers overheating threatened to hit them and they had to turn off or whenever the power went out to fill the time until the problem was solved.
For the album ?? ?? Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ?? he adapted his father at the age of the text and was it ?? When I ?? m ?? 64.

Retro Style

The Beatles were not afraid to tackle different styles and leave the classic rock tracks. She had ever written the first heavy metal song, children's songs recorded, Indian sounds used in some numbers, relied on the blues and early rock and roll and with ?? When I ?? m 64 ?? they went on the variététoer. It was not unique in that period. The New Vaudeville Band celebrated successes ?? ?? Winchester Cathedral, there was Tiny Tim with ?? Tip Toe through the Tulips ?? and the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band stormed the charts with ?? I ?? m the Urban Spaceman ?? . This last song was produced by a certain Apollo C. Vermouth, which later proved to be the pseudonym of ?? Paul McCartney!

George Martin

Beatle producer George Martin, who took the clarinet arrangement for the song itself, was put on his 64th birthday by Paul specially for the occasion. McCartney's 64th birthday at the track was obviously broadcast on all radio stations, but Paul did not have a lot of fun on this anniversary since he was involved in a divorce battle with his second wife Heather Mills.

Too high

McCartney plays ?? When I ?? m 64 ?? almost never live because he was the tone in which it is sung at the plate can not reach. His voice was at the time, namely play faster so that she sounds higher than its range is in reality. The intention was that he would have sounded younger.


  • The children of Paul McCartney took a special version of the song for their father's 64th birthday.
  • ?? When I ?? m 64 ?? was used by the pension insurance company Allstate Insurances in a commercial. Julian Lennon, the eldest son of John Lennon and his first wife Cynthia Lennon, was asked to sing the song in which a very special cover yielded.

Other versions

  • Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen
  • Bernard Cribbins
  • John Denver
  • Keith Moon
  • Frankie Howerd and Sandy Farina
  • Les Fradkin, instrumental
  • Del McCoury Band
  • Cheap Trick