Peeling, laser injections ... what anti-aging treatment to choose?

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Peeling, laser injections ... what anti-aging treatment to choose?

Cosmetic medicine has never been so widespread. What solution for those who bored me wrinkles, the nose that obsesses me, these breasts drop me? Small decryption of different interventions.

 Contents of this article
  •  Injections to erase wrinkles
  •  Focus on Botox
  •  Peels and laser against skin aging
  •  Cosmetic Surgery: redraw the face
  •  Reshape the body: implants and liposuction

Today, a consumer credit can afford a makeover as easily as a flat screen. "Still not forget that one acts on his body and on his health, said Dr. Françoise Roudil, dermatologist and vice president of the National Union of dermatologists. Whether or not surgical, aesthetic approach must medical stay. This is to define an individualized care from a diagnosis by a doctor. " Wrinkle one is not that of the other.

Injections to erase wrinkles

The vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows, called "frown lines" can be "flattened" by the tightening effect of botulinum toxin. The treatment also benefits horizontal expression lines. And the results are impressive. Botox injections can produce the same side effects as the forehead lift: little natural, frozen eyebrows.

For more dug wrinkles, nasolabial folds which start from the nostrils down or screwed bitterness wrinkles at the corners of the mouth, it is necessary to resort to injections so-called "fillers" to bring the material into the fold . Collagen, a fibrous protein component of skin, has long been imposed for this purpose. But its effects are irregular and too fleeting because it is too fast "digested" by the body.

This is hyaluronic acid which today prevails all favors. This naturally occurring molecule in the skin retains water in the tissues. It is used in medicine as in cosmetology. Its injection side effects are transient. There are no allergic reactions and infection risk is non-existent if the cosmetic doctor proceeds in impeccable hygiene. "There are different hyaluronic acid formulas on the market, whose molecular densities vary from treatment areas: upper lip curling, gaunt chest to bulge or small hands," notes Dr. Roudil. After 300-500 € injection.

Focus on Botox

Before being a substance used in cosmetic, botulinum toxin was a poison secreted into canned spoiled by bacteria, Clostridipum botulinum. Then she became a drug, Botox, authorized to treat muscle spasms and contractions of the face in neurology, ENT and ophthalmology, and recently recognized in the treatment of migraines rebels. It was in 2003 that botulinum toxin has received an authorization to market for aesthetic purposes, exclusively for the treatment of forehead lines.

It acts, in minute doses, by a chilling effect and localized muscle relaxation of the treated area. This produces a tensioning effect comparable to that of lifting. Its use has spread, off-label, the crow's feet or the bitter wrinkles around the lips. But this efficiency sometimes pays a fixed effect or around the lips - very recommended area - a paralysis that causes speech difficulties.

Its action is however transitory, six months and one year. The injections must be redone periodically. Expect 300 to 500 € per session. The Board of the Medical Association in June 2010 recalled that only two specialties, and Azzalure ® ® Vistabel had received a marketing authorization, limited to the treatment of frown vertical wrinkles.

Peels and laser against skin aging

For fine lines that wither the entire face, aesthetic physician, according to his training and equipment, may propose peels or laser treatments. There are three types of peels. The most superficial, with fruit acids, acts only on the top layer of the epidermis: it improves skin radiance and is aimed at even younger women. This light peel treats acne skin, dyed Smoky, pigment spots. The same result can be achieved with a "photorejuvenation" laser through a "flash light" on the face.

Then come the peels "resources" with trichloroacetic acid to the most marked wrinkles, brown spots associated with photodamage. Finally, the most powerful peels, phenol particular, act on the scars and deep wrinkles by a total stripping the skin. They cause a spectacular rejuvenating effect but at the cost of postoperative comparable to those of surgery: hospital overnight sometimes, bandages and nursing for a week for a final result that will appreciate that 'after a few months.

Results equivalent to those of medium and deep peels can be achieved with CO2 lasers or fractionated CO2, which also act on rosacea, solar aging ... The lasers are to be used in a safe and experienced hand: they are for Dermatologists and should be avoided in beauty institutes.

A peel can cost 500-800 €. A laser treatment will be charged € 500 for a zone and € 1,800 for the entire face, but these awards, like all those given here are indicative only and are variable from one practitioner to another. The effect achieved lasts from several months to several years depending on the technique used.

Cosmetic Surgery: redraw the face

An oval face that blurs because the skin falls jowls, eyelids grow heavy ... which are more difficult to bear for some than wrinkles. Only solution: resort to surgery. "In the presence of excess skin, there is no alternative but to withdraw, diagnostic Dr. Jean-Claude Hagège and thus decide for a facelift." Under general anesthesia, the facial skin is lifted, tightened and cut. A facelift costing 5000 to € 6000.

"Refresh" eyes

Falling eyelids or bags under the eyes are all reasons to wish use eyelid surgery, which costs 1 500 and € 2,500. For dark circles, however, aesthetic medicine offers a parade through dermal injections of hyaluronic acid.

Touch up lips

A small permanent makeup by dermopigmentation to redraw them. The gesture can be done by a beautician or doctor, is the artistic quality that matters most. But this technique does not allow for hemming an upper lip or to erase fine lines that spoil the application of lipstick. For this, we must resort to hyaluronic acid injections.

Correct the nose

A somewhat widened nose at the sides by aging can be slightly pumped up by filler injections. Otherwise, if it is nearing its form, it is necessary to use a rhinoplasty, specialized surgery that costs 2 500 to 4 000 €.

The Board of Dr. Jean-Claude Hagège, specialist in plastic surgery, aesthetic and reconstructive

"Regardless of the approach chosen by the therapist, what is important is to respect the face that is entrusted to us. The patients are in a very specific request, 'remove what bothers me', which should not be For one overridden, it is a few wrinkles that harden its expressions. for the other, you just remove bags under the eyes that give it a tired ... What the doctor chooses to inject products fillers or a facelift, priority must be given to the preservation of expressions. The beauty must be designed from the outside of norms and modes. True beauty is unique and is located in the expression of personality and emotions. "

Reshape the body: implants and liposuction

A slight increase of the breasts can be achieved by injection of hyaluronic acid. But it takes € 3000 and make booster shots every year. Finally the surgical placement of an implant, which allows to increase more significantly and permanently the volume of a breast, is less expensive. The laying of breast implants costs from 3 000 to € 4,500.

In aesthetic medicine, is the adipo-reduction that is practiced on small areas of orange peel: The area to be treated is infiltrated with serum and then subjected to ultrasound that break down fat cells to s 'eliminate only in the body. As of € 300-400 per area and per session.

The method is less painful than liposuction surgery which is required when fat is present in clusters, at the saddlebags, abdomen or even double chin. The liquefied fat is removed with a cannula. Counting € 1,500 for an intervention on the face and € 2,000 for the belly and thighs.

Remove hair

The permanent hair removal laser is practiced, knowing that it takes several sessions to exhaust the hair capital of an area and that white or very blonde hair resistant to radiation. Count around € 100 per session variable rate according to treated surface.