Penalty for no show

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It did not show up for an appointment and more often a motivation for organizations to hand out fines to customers. The financial consequences should ensure that clients stay motivated to keep appointments. This article looks at the consequences of fines for no-shows. A plane ticket, reserve a hotel room or a doctor's visit and agree not turn up without canceling more and more often a reason for organizations to hand out fines to customers. Also called a ?? no-show fee ?? mentioned.


No-shows are generally caused by customers who have forgotten the appointment, or forgetting to cancel. In other cases, the customer is due to circumstances not in a position to fulfill the agreement and the period for a timely cancel all expired.

Terms and Conditions

The no-show fee can be used only if expressly stated in the terms and conditions and therefore customers are aware of getting the penalty. Because customers do not show up, run sales organizations miss, also makes unnecessary costs and organizational planning goes wrong. In addition, a no-show fee an additional administrative burden for the organization.

Rights and obligations

The other side of the coin, however, shows that the client's position is driven from duties and no rights. What happens namely with the client as it appears on the appointment on time, but too late will be helped? The customer can then claim expenses?
The rights of the customer in some industries, such as aviation, gradually more obvious. So travelers can claim to compensation if the airplane delivers several hours of delay. The NS operates this system for extreme delays. However, the rules often remain unclear and organizations are not eager to accommodate customers. Subsequently reveal new entities to help customers flocking back again to get the money from a delayed flight.

Customer care

Friendly is the ?? no-show fee ?? in any case not. Many organizations see it as a necessity and last resort to force customers to fulfill agreements. The occurrence of a no-show seems a better solution for both parties, such as a text reminder. The customer gets no penalty, preventing a negative experience and the organization gives no loss of revenue. In addition, the occurrence of no-show, lead to increased customer satisfaction. The organization thinks with the customer and reminds them to the agreements made.