Perspiration Smell: how can you treat the best?

Health chichislover August 7, 2016 0 1
Many people are ashamed of wet patches under the armpits and the smell of sweat that occurs frequently with it. One has faster experience than the other. There are people who should change twice a day because excessive sweating. Sweating usually has to do with several factors, including: the type of clothing you wear, nutrition, stress or poor hygiene. Sweat itself does not smell mostly, it's because of the bacteria on the skin which converts sweat into other substances. Often there is a lot to do with the smell of sweat to avoid or limit.

Odour formation sweat

Someone who perspire a lot can be pretty ashamed. Usually accompanied by a sweat perspiration odor. For the environment and for the person that is not pleasant. Sweat is usually odorless by itself, but due to the bacteria on the skin, this moisture is converted into other substances with a sweat odor. The scent we smell a smell of sweat is too old sweat. During puberty arise apocrine sweat glands, sweat this is not completely odorless. The smell from the eccrine sweat glands is odorless.


Also nutrition affects body odor. In people who eat lots of garlic, this fragrance comes from the pores. This is also true for onions, spices such as curry and strong alcohol. If you have lots of caffeine drinks such as coffee or colas, this puts the sweating just going because the heart beats faster and the body must work harder to cool. Because of this sweat is produced, especially under the armpits. Therefore, you can reduce or avoid it better. By drinking lots of water, you produce sweat that smells less strong.


Some people suffer from sweat that smells like ammonia after exercise. This may have to make is trained too hard. The body does not have carbohydrates in reserve and burns more protein to meet the energy needs. This gives a smell of ammonia as a byproduct. Try better to eat before you exercise or train less intensively.

Tips from sweat odors

Big wet spots under your armpits is very annoying, especially if you suffer from excessive sweating. There are some things you can try to minimize sweating or go completely against. Here are some recommendations:
A smell of sweat from the axils can be avoided by washing them twice a day. That goes for foot odor. Go twice a day in the shower and preferably use a PH neutral soap. This removes the bacteria that convert sweat to unpleasant odors.
Wear your clothes one day and wash it off. Once you have a sweat smell in the clothes sit, you get it almost does not matter. It does not help when you are trying to deodorant and perfume to mask the smell of sweat in the clothing. Try to avoid synthetic clothing and use a minimum of fabric softener. Fabric softener makes clothes can absorb more moisture. Exchange also everyday shoes so the shoes can be thoroughly ventilated.
Shave your armpit hair off, even if you're a man. Hair is a hotbed for bacteria, resulting in quicker results in a sweat smell. Shaving the underarms keeps the sweat not against, but it ensures that the longer the sweat starts to smell.
Make sure your deodorant applying only to clean skin. Use an anti-perspirant and deodorant not only against armpit sweat. An anti-perspirant contains substances that cause sweat glands are less active. A deodorant without anti-perspirant only contains a fragrance in order to prevent the smell of sweat under the armpits and has no influence on the sweat glands.
It may sound strange, but sports can be good to avoid sweating. By building your condition will be lower standard heart rate, making you sweat much less at rest.
If you have a lot of stress, you can suffer from excessive sweating. Stress hormones are created, and your heart has to beat faster. If you suffer from stress, try here than work on.


Hyperhidrosis is a condition where you have almost always suffer from excessive sweating, even if you do not exert yourself. People who suffer need to change clothes several times a day because large sweat stains under the armpits arise. A GP can you possibly refer you to a specialist. Often chosen for botox injections, making stops excessive sweating. However, this is a temporary solution and the treatment should be repeated after a while.