Pets and music

Nature gorlax July 25, 2016 0 17
Most people love a lot of music, because they are cheerful. Many cat owners take their cat to the radio on when they go to get away, but do cats do that kind of music? Charles Snowdon, an animal psychologist found that cats actually have musical abilities. Only they do not respond to our kind of music, but in music for cats. According to other studies, dog and goldfish can also perceive music.


Researchers investigated whether cats respond to music. They visited a total of 47 cats and let them hear music. Two classical compositions and two songs specifically for cats. The first classical piece of music called "Elegy" by Gabriel Fauré and the second track is called "Air from Suite 3" by Bach. The compositions for the cats are called "Cosmo's air" and "Rusty's Ballad". On the classical music reacted the cats, but in their music. When the cat's music was on, they gave the speaker cups and they spinden. This indicates that the cats had a strong preference for the music made specifically for cats.

Cats Music

We listen to music that is made to our ears, so music that falls within our acoustic and vocal range. Our music must have a speed that matches our heartbeat. The vocal range of animals is very different to ours because the vocalizations are many animals an octave higher. The rhythm does not totally agree and that is why our music for animals not interesting. Charles Snowdon worked with a composer and together they made music for cats. They examined the frequency of these animals and voted down the rhythm of their heartbeat. Yet not all cats react to this music. Especially young cats and old cats responded to the music, so for the middle-aged cats was difficult to perceive this music. Eventually they decided to sell the created music under the name "music for cats", the songs are on sale for $ 1.99 each.

Dog Music

Making music for dogs is much more difficult than for cats. The size of cats varies from less than the size of dogs. Small dogs have a faster heart rate than large dogs and the vocal range varies too, so when dog music, not all types of dogs hear the music. Research by Deborah Wells, a psychologist shows that some dogs respond to people music. The dogs relaxing classical music and are busy with heavy metal. There were even dogs who reacted emotionally to our music. Dogs react so more music for people than cats.


Almost everyone expects that goldfish do not react to music, but a study showed that goldfish can distinguish between tracks. The researchers had two tanks with goldfish. In one tank the fish got a treat when there arose music of Bach and the other container filled with fish was a treat as Stravinsky stood. Soon had the fish eye when they got a treat. The fish from the tank first swam up right away when she heard a piece of music by Bach and put in a piece of music by Stravinsky them nothing. The second group of fish responded only by Stravinsky and not Bach. Fish can therefore distinguish musical works, but according to the researchers, they have no music preferences.


Finding the tune that keep our pets is not easy. There will probably be in the future more and more music for animals, because people are always concerned with pleasing pets. Of course we want all our pets are happy. According to Deborah Wells is a good idea to play the music in shelters because their animals are calm. It seems that animals have to do with the musical tastes of their owners, as there are only a limited number of tracks made for animals.