Pfeiffer's disease

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Pfeiffer's disease is an infection disease. It is also called "kissing disease" because the virus is caused by the saliva, so maybe is transmitted by kissing. It is most common in people between 14 and 25 years.

The symptoms of mononucleosis

Pfeiffer's disease is a disease fatigue, and it is also known as glandular fever. Pfeiffer is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, which attacks the lymphocytes. Around your 50th almost everyone been in contact with this disease. But most people do not notice anything of the symptoms and are therefore unaware of the infection.
Pfeiffer starts with a sore throat / strep throat, fever and swollen glands in front of and behind the neck. In ordinary sore throat sore throat is often less than a week. Pfeiffer at the throat pain usually lasts longer. Also visible minor bruising on the palate. People with Pfeiffer often also suffer from headaches, nausea, sweating and coughing. Some people also have loss of appetite.
The glandular fever is often caused by the transfer of saliva. That is why it is called 'kissing disease'. Pfeiffer so you can get when you kiss someone with which Pfeiffer, drinking from the same glass, used the same utensils, and when someone close to you to cough, and using the same toothbrush. Most people with Pfeiffer have a low resistance. They become sick rapidly and are quickly ignited by others. People with high resistance will rarely get mononucleosis.
Every year about 1 in 250 people aged between 15 and 25 years mononucleosis. They say that once you've had the disease, you can get more this second time. But this is not entirely clear, as some people claim that they have been the second time we have had this disease. But doctors say you can get the disease but one time, because the virus stays in your body.


The sore throat and fever usually disappear after a few days. The fatigue, tired, can last very long. There are people who only have a week or two weeks affected, but there are also people who have spent months affected. The aftermath can even take years.
There is no cure for mononucleosis. Acetaminophen is the only thing that can help with laryngitis, sore throat or fever. Pfeiffer with you an awful lot of rest and should not be too fanatical. Let things you quickly tired of being omitted until you feel better. Healthy diet is also very important in this disease. Many fruits, vegetables, and fruit juice drink is good. In connection with the liver, it is wise to drink little / no alcohol.
Try to mononucleosis always good to listen to your body. If you feel tired, please pass this to go and lie down. Give it also to your work or your school, if it is not then you can go home.