Phlegm in the throat: causes and treatment of throat mucus

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Glue throat may be associated with a burning, stinging sensation in the throat but it does not seem to go away. Therefore you scrape your throat, coughing and coughing to get that nasty phlegm, which feels like a lump, but still working away. But this does not always go smoothly. Cough Drinks and hot beverages can bring relief from the symptoms. Throat mucus usually disappears when the underlying cause, such as colds or flu, disappears. But other causes can longer continue to exert their influence, think of smoking or reflux. With remedies as Fluimucil or Broomhexine can come loose causing the throat mucus symptoms quickly relieved. What can you do about mucus in the throat? Symptoms, causes and treatment of throat mucus.

Phlegm in the throat

The throat is the body through which we absorb our nutrients. One problem with the throat so can seriously disrupt a good dining experience and even undermine your appetite. The same applies to the phenomenon of mucus in the throat. Phlegm in the throat can be annoying when you swallow, when tasting flavors and the food in general. Glue throat may be associated with the feeling of having a lump in the throat, you think there's something in your mouth and throat remains stabbing or paste that you just can not get away.

Keel Adhesive: additional symptoms

Cough and cough
Because you want to remove that nasty throat mucus, go naturally clearing your throat and try to swallow. You want it but rather from his throat because glue can give you a nasty taste and feeling. A bad taste in the mouth then also common. Also cough and cough, typical symptoms that occur in cases of throat mucus, also acting as a symptom of the flu.
Color: yellow, green or red
The throat can also burning and prickling feeling, which is not only food and drinks but also in a constant state can be very irritating. In a very dirty tasting mucus, which can have a yellow or green color, some people also go retch. If you notice blood in the throat mucus, it is advised to contact immediately take to a doctor.

Glue throat: causes

Most common causes
The most common causes of throat mucus everyone knows, since we had there all sometimes suffer from colds, sore throats and flu. Where the throat is dried bacteria can go affect the normal feeling in the throat. A lump in the throat or throat mucus resulting therefrom. The mucus in the throat will disappear when the inflammation of the throat, the flu or the common cold are over.
Other causes
Even occasional acid reflux and you can get the feeling that stays stuck a piece that you just do not successfully eliminate. Smoking is a major factor in the development of mucus in the throat. By the inhalation of toxic substances such as nicotine and tobacco, the throat will be stimulated in a negative way, which increases the chance of glue throat. Some smokers develop really much throat mucus if they stopped smoking; apparently that is a purifying method of the throat to make himself clean again. In very severe cases throat mucus be a symptom of throat cancer.

Keel Adhesive: treatment and tips

Lime juice
"What can you do against throat mucus?" That is a question that can be answered in the first place with a hangover from the old days. A natural method that frequently yields a very efficient result is the use of lime juice. Press a little lime or lemon and pour the juice into a glass until you have about an inch of juice. Mix the juice with a little salt and stir with a spoon. Apply this drink in your mouth and gargle well over the entire surface of the throat. Swallow after ten seconds. The drink will loosen mucus and bacteria from your throat and draining the stomach. Do this two or three times a day and will act fast recovery.
Medications and cough syrups
The classic cough syrups are mainly aimed at the control of pain in the throat, but are also effective for the control of slime. The mucus can be removed if you drink regularly from the cough syrup and at the same time there might be an analgesic effect. These cough syrups are, in most cases required by colds and inflammation of the throat, wherein the throat is slightly or severely inflamed. Additionally there may be prescribed medications that are specifically aimed at loosening the mucus. Examples of remedies that loosening throat mucus include Fluimucil and Broomhexine.
Quit smoking
Smoking is a major cause of mucus in the throat, even after smoking cessation still annoying symptoms may occur. Mucus loose when smoking, can become stuck when you stopped giving you a bit with a nasty lump in the throat can remain. Then the throat will be re healthier and throat mucus probably decreasing in quantity and even stay away.