Pineal gland or epiphysis much research

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The pineal gland is a cone-shaped gland which is located in the middle of the brains. The gland gets its name from its shape that is similar to that of a pine cone. The pineal gland is five to eight millimeters long and four millimeters wide and weighs only 200 milligrams.

Liquid in pineal

The upper part of the gland is made up of a hat in the shape of a mushroom. The inner part of mushroom which is in communication with the cerebrospinal fluid and spinal fluid. That liquid is around the brains and spinal cord and is an aqueous liquid. This liquid is intended to protect the spinal cord and the brains and transports nutrients and removes waste. On the outer side of the epiphysis is located blood vessel-containing tissue.

The third eye

The pineal gland has, as an eye, a retina, and is also filled with liquid. Sometimes the pineal gland because of that resemblance is also called the third eye. The name, the third eye, was especially used by ancient peoples. They thought that the third eye had magical powers. The French philosopher Descartes, the gland called the seat of the soul. Also at this time is highly valued in some descriptions of the pineal gland to his spiritual side including the statement that clairvoyance is a question of the presence of an active pineal gland.

Functions, features and characteristics of the pineal gland

Inhibitory effect on sex glands
During the juvenile period, the gland has an inhibitory effect on the hormonal action of the gonads. After about the tenth year, together with a reduced effect of the pineal gland, the production of sex hormones can begin.
Biological clock
Through research it has been shown that the gland has a function as a biological clock that controls the daily rhythm and night rhythm. That clock can also get confused with a rapid movement of large distance to the east or west.
Pineal gland and light
Light plays a major role in the pineal gland. If the light namely, by a pulse current from the eyes takes to reach the gland, the production of the hormone melatonin increasing. The pineal gland is itself therefore a converter of light to melatonin.
Creation three substances
Besides the gland makes melatonin also for the production of serotonin and dimethyltryptamine which is related to serotonin. Dimethyltryptamine has psychoactive properties, and could play a role in visual dreams, schizophrenia, and near-death experiences, but the function of the substance is actually up to now still quite unclear.
Psychosomatic control
The pineal gland is often considered the heart of the psychosomatic control. Psychosomatic is that which has to do with the relationship between the psychological and the physical.
Aging Process
As one grows older is likely to calcification of the pineal gland and reduces the production of melatonin causing the reduction of dust is associated with the aging process.
Negative influences
Of negative influence on the gland have, inter alia, stress, certain radiations, and magnetic fields. Also have a large difference in temperature, high altitudes and nutrition deficiency influence.
Many questions
The biological function of the pineal gland is a long time not been so clear. Although the effect and significance of the gland in recent decades have become clearer, there are still many questions about the function and the overall picture is not yet complete.
Sensitive to noise
Preliminary research has shown that the pineal gland is also sensitive to noise but also there must further be investigated.

Globules of apatite, calcite and magnetite

Also, it has been discovered that crystalline globules in the gland are composed of apatite, calcite, and magnetite. Interestingly, in this context, is referred to as the curative effects of gemstones. So there would be a link in between the mineral apatite and increasing knowledge and see clearly and would be against confusion and a dynamic and exciting life. Calcite was the pep of sensitivity and to have relaxation and magnetite is sometimes used for pain relief especially rheumatism and arthritis.