Pirate Party now to the Netherlands?

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The Pirate Party is a party to be voted on in a number of countries during the elections. It now seems that this party into Netherlands gaatl come to stand for election here. But how this party has emerged and where are they anyway? Can we now look forward to downloading legal?

The Pirate Party

The Pirate Party, a new party was founded in 2006 in Sweden. This party is not entirely agree with how it goes in the world today. Therefore, this party was founded and they have set themselves for election in different countries. They have set election at the European elections. Here they have two seats able to achieve. With these two seats they know how to apply pressure in this parliament. So a number of parties have already adapted their views to overloping the Pirate Party by preventing voters.


When a Pirate Party think you immediately legalizing illegal downloading, but this is not true all the party stands for. The Pirate Party wants'm getting a lot done for privacy, freedom of expression and legal protection. They find that these things are important in society, and therefore want to see fight. Current examples they raise here are the naked scanner, taps, youtube tax and saving personal data. These are things that happen nowadays by the government because they feel this is good for our security.
These things can increase our security, but this is not certain. However, it is so heavy that it is at the expense of the privacy of the people who have. If all data is kept present all information about people in the government are known and there is therefore much less privacy. Not only in our country this is the case in countries such as America, this happens more and more often nowadays all.
The Pirate Party does as great motive that there are few people in the government who know how things are going on the Internet. Here they do have knowledge and they want to do so here as well. Some things they would like to implement are limiting copyright, legalizing the making of a private copy and abolish software patents. They therefore want to improve the privacy of citizens.

In the Netherlands?

The Pirate Party is serious about also to be active in the Netherlands. This is possible at the moment not quite as they still have to collect 11,000 euros for this. They still have a small collection of 600 signatures of people. Provided this succeeds them all yet they have a party leader and they must publish their party. Here they have to compete for them until the end of April to the 2010 elections in the Netherlands.
Copyright organization Stichting BREIN says not to be afraid of it Pirate Party. Tim Kuik has already indicated that he finds these ideas completely ridiculous and not expected to get through the 2nd room.

One issue party?

As soon as the Pirate Party announced to establish themselves also in Netherlands election was already established that this party was a one-issue party. It could only think about the fact to download legally make and raise the copyrights. The Pirate Party itself indicates that they are a modern party that not only doing here. Although they partly downloading want to legalize it is not their intention to abolish copyright. They also say that they want to deal with more issues involved including, in particular privacy, freedom of expression and legal protection. They want to stand up for civil rights and not just engaged in piracy.