Plastic surgery: The pressure on women

Health liv2die August 7, 2016 0 0
Meanwhile, the documentary by Sunny Bergman is reasonably familiar. Her documentary is about women who have made uncertain by the adverts and fashion magazines, but why are these people anyway? And why are women so quickly insecure about how they look?

Why plastic surgery?

Women and teens often feel dissatisfied with themselves. They find themselves too fat, they have a weird nose, or they find it abnormal that the small labia larger than the large labia. How come that women no longer find it beautiful. There are tests done in ten different countries. The average of these is that 2% considered themselves as beautiful and of those 98% who are not regarded as 25% actually here what wants to do through plastic surgery. In America, about 25% are considering plastic surgery, in Brazil 63%, Japan 12% and in Germany 23% are considering it.
The fashion magazines and advertising make unrealistic picture ?? s what we today call beautiful women. Research has shown that no fashion magazine who his photo ?? s not late fotoshoppen. Meanwhile, we see those images constant. A teenager of seventeen years has approximately 250,000 on beauty-focused images obtained before their eyes through fashion magazines and advertising. Just because teens to influence so easily arises when their insecurity about their bodies.
Is this growing discontent among the women actually justified? After all, we look a lot better than people used. We have beautiful upright teeth. People had earlier they are often jumbled. We now think better our skin. We take a shower every day. Our skin radiates so much cleaner if the skin of the people past and we are ?? morning mass for the mirror to us. Only richer people used to do this.

Popular procedures in plastic surgery.

Liposuction is number one. This means that people their fat deposits it removed. This surgery is most popular, and approximately 18.8% of all interventions consists of liposuction. Breast enlargements were a long time at the top, but now 17% of all surgeries from breast augmentation. Approximately 13.5% lets do a correction. When rhinoplasty is the percentage is around 9.4% and this percentage is an abdominal wall correction around 7.3%.
65% of Dutch women have a savings account. Around 14% of this saving on this bank account for an intervention.

Unrealistic images affect us.

The ideal image, which is actually created by the make-up industry, is unrealistic and simply not feasible for us. It is a manipulated image which shows us what true beauty. An image which makes us unsure as everyone must be really pleased with himself. Teenagers are certainly influenced by these images. They grow up with it. They compare themselves to unrealistic beauties.
Actually, you can say that women can not get independent advice about what real beauty, but only the advice of a body that much money on our insecurities want to bring in. The only advice they receive are photoshopped images from magazines and commercials on TV. This makes women gain self-esteem.

The cosmetic industry

The cosmetic industry is the one who benefits from our insecurities, while he plays a big role in causing our insecurities. The fact seems to like the makeup industry is conspiring with the fashion magazines. Although fashion magazines do not claim to belong to the cosmetic industry, it begins to seem more and more so. It seems like these two together to try to make people insecure and then provide the solution by all creams that do not work to palm, or plastic surgery. People are flocking into stairs.
The question that only the future can answer: Will plastic surgery later the same as you gain make-up or shave legs?