Platforms for crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding is one of the most popular ways of financing for companies in 2014. This is also reflected in the number of crowdfunding platforms that nowadays is active. Which platforms are and which ones are most suitable?

Various platforms for crowdfunding

In 2014 we see more and more new crowdfunding platforms emerge. This is of course due to the growing demand for resources for this new form of financing. The idea of ​​sponsoring the best initiatives by enthusiastic consumers say very many companies and provides the capital required to realize the concepts. However, the question whether it is true that we no longer see the wood for the trees. Which platforms are suitable in your situation, what are the better and more well-known platforms and which platform has specialized in a particular area?

Specialized platforms

Some platforms focus more specifically on a particular target group or sector. Thus we see among other platforms for sustainable business as Oneplanetcrowd and Share2start. But there are also platforms that are specifically aimed at collecting donations for artists and art projects. Before you sign up, it is always important to check whether your vision matches the vision of the crowdfunding platform and whether you are in the right industry to sign up to make.

Which platform to choose?

In emphasizing the choice for a particular platform, it is always important to consider what platform you are looking for. A common platform or a more specific platform. But if you're interested earlier to a relatively new and small platform or you go for a large platform with more awareness.
A list of the most popular crowdfunding platforms at the moment:
  • Symbid
  • Capital tailor
  • Money for each other
  • We'll get there
  • Crowd about now

Other providers are also:
  • One percent club
  • News post
  • Kickstarter
  • Green Crowd
  • Ulule

For an overview of all active crowdfunding platforms you also check the comparison Douw and Koren.

The crowdfunding app

For providers to compare it is convenient to use the crowd fund app: Crowd Watcher. With this app you have all the information about ongoing projects and the results of your own project together. By studying the platforms and projects you can explore the best that suits your idea and also how you are going to drop by this original inspiration. The Crowd Watcher app you can also save your favorites and contact the companies behind the projects. Crowd Watcher is currently the only app for crowdfunding and can be downloaded for Apple and Android in the App store.