Plummer-Vinson syndrome

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Upon swallowing do not you directly from a rare disease as the Plummer-Vinson syndrome. This disease is now only rarely. The cause often lies in a lack of iron and vitamin B. Unilateral nutrition can play a major role. Today, the disease is not much more, but rather it was mainly seen in England and Scandinavia. Symptoms include anemia, cracks in the corners of the mouth, tongue inflammation and esophageal webs. These are webs which have been stretched over the esophagus. This may be more difficult to swallow. Treatment is necessary because there may be cancer of the esophagus, over time.

What is the Plummer-Vison syndrome?

We speak also of Plummer-Vinson syndrome, both mean the same thing. It is named after the American physician Plummer and the US surgeon Vinson. It is a rare disease and is sometimes described as esophageal webs or oesafagus webs. We can also view this disease as a preliminary stage of cancer.


Sometimes, this is congenital syndrome but can also occur as a result of inflammation. Because the disease is so very little, the exact cause is not always clear. It is more common in middle-aged women. Especially in the Scandinavian countries it is seen, but also in the countries of Ireland and England. Certain nutritional deficiencies could play a role. Especially to low iron and too little vitamin B plays a role in this. Also, heredity could potentially play a role.


Noteworthy is a lack of iron and vitamin B. From the lack of iron is said to be both a cause and an effect can be. Iron deficiency is characterized by fatigue, dizziness, paleness and weakness of the muscles. For a large iron deficiency creates spoon nails. The nails are hollow and crumble quickly. Also they look flat out. With iron deficiency can be created less hemoglobin. This is a protein in the red blood cells which is responsible for the transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide. At a serious hemoglobin deficiency anemia results.
Anemia is characterized primarily by weakness and fatigue. Later symptoms arise as shortness of breath and headache. Also, paleness and fainting may occur. The lips and mucous membranes also often look pale. Anemia can also be caused by a lack of vitamin B12, something that has actually caused the Plummer-Vinson syndrome. Anemia is in many cases, again as a result of iron deficiency.
Cracks in the corners we see a lot in this disease. Arise painful cracks that can sometimes bleed and specifically sit in the mouth. Opening of the mouth is extra painful. The mucous membrane in the kond is also often subject to change. There may arise a burning sensation to the oral mucosa. This is also seen in the tongue. The tongrug often looks glossy. Also, sometimes a dry skin.
Typically, the webs that develop in the esophagus. These are membranes that are present in the upper part of the esophagus. They occur as a result of iron deficiency. This is a fleece or a piece of fabric which is stretched over the esophagus. We also speak well of a slokdarmweb. There may be several simultaneously present there. In many cases arise real complaints. In other cases arise just swallowing. Swallowing solid food becomes a problem. Liquid food / drinks is doable. The solid food may be sometimes returned through the mouth and comes out again. If this continues to keep may even be so that liquid food with difficulty can be taken after a number of years. Sometimes you may see ulcers due to esophageal webs.
The Plummer-Vinson syndrome is sometimes seen as the precursor of esophageal cancer. Without treatment will occur esophageal cancer after several years. Esophageal cancer is characterized by dysphagia. feel a lump in the throat, pain and a feeling of fullness around the sternum, vomiting blood or blood in the stool. In the latter case, the stool color black.


The treatment of the Plummer-Vinson syndrome consists of the administration of iron and vitamin B preparations. A slokdarmweb is available through ultrasound or endoscopy. The esophagus can be stretched, which makes it possible again to be able to eat normally. Esophagus Webs may also be broken by means of an esophageal coop.
People with Plummer-Vinson syndrome should especially take care of food with lots of iron. Spinach, organ meats, lean meat, fish and chicken are high in iron. Optionally, tablets are used steel. Vitamin C ensures that iron is well incorporated. Therefore it is important to eat enough fruits and vegetables too. Optionally, vitamin C may also be taken as a preparation. Vitamin B is also essential and a lack of it sometimes happens in this disease. There are eight B vitamins We find this especially in yeast, meat, liver, dairy products, chicken, eggs, nuts and vegetables.