Pond: build a garden pond

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Many people want to build a pond in their garden. It is important to bear in mind the advance how you want to have this pond. The pond has a central place in the garden, so this should also be a good place. You can excavate the pond itself and foil resign. When the pond is finished, you can be in release in fish. Read all about it in this article. Many people want to build a pond in their garden. It is therefore important that you take into account a number of things. It can often cost a lot of work to build a pond. Usually it means a big change for your garden. So you need to make room for the pond, for example by taking away or planting to harvest trees. It would also be that you are paving, such as tiles, must remove. It is therefore important that you start there. Remember in which location you want the pond and prepare your garden for that. However, please be aware that you also have a good water supply towards the pond. So make sure you are near a crane, preferably for example in a shed.

Pond construction in the garden

The best time to build a pond in the spring, especially the months of March and April. This way, the environment will again have the opportunity to restore the biological balance. March and April are the months that most plants grow and open themselves again. In this way the garden is another beautiful place in the summer. That is the moment you want to sit in your garden, so keep in mind there. Another good time is in the fall, in the months of September and October. In those months to get little outside, so you have little burden of the garden a little less nice bee. At the same time, it is not too cold to work outside and you do not fear frost.

Pond excavation

You can start with the excavation of the ground. Sometimes you can not process the soil in your garden, but sometimes no room for that. In that case, you can hire a container where you throw in the sand and this is then discharged. You should be aware that excavated sand more space than sand which is part of the ground. So if you a pond of five cubic meters would have to do well to dissipate seven cubic meters of soil.

Measuring groundwater

You will do well to fill the bottom of the excavated pond with a layer of 10 centimeters white sand. This sand offer a secure foundation for the film, but also ensures that groundwater as little as possible through to the pond.
It is well in advance to watch the height of the ground water. You do not want because that groundwater runs in your pond. Otherwise, you must hire separate pumping systems which drain the water and that will cost extra money again.

Lay film in pond

Once you've made the sand to put the film into the pond. You must properly estimate how much film you need to avoid too much or too little used. The film may be unsightly in the corners as long as there is no water in the pond yet. However, this changed when water is left in the pond. At that time the beautiful hiding places for frogs and fish. You can then choose your pond be enhanced with special attributes. Please also note that the pond may well covers, for example against herons that could eat the fish.